Visions of What Can Be

By Wade Frazier

Revised July 2014


Alternate Realities, Visions, and Prophecies

What is and What Can Be

How It Is, and How It Got Here

How It Can Be

Activities that Americans Can Do, and Now


Alternate Realities, Visions, and Prophecies

Nearly every contemporary account of experiences in dimensions beyond the physical plane reports that space and time are attributes peculiar to physical reality, and that they either do not exist beyond this dimension or they take on properties considered bizarre by physical beings, such as spherical time, as opposed to linear.  People who have had Near Death Experiences ("NDEs") report examining every instant of their lives, in great detail, during earthly death events that are only minutes or seconds in length.  Einstein theorized that time is relative, and it may be far more relative than scientists think.

Jane Roberts’s Seth described the concept of probable realities, which science fiction authors have explored many times.  Probable realities, in Seth’s conception, are genuine and populated by alternative “versions” of beings.  For instance, I am living a life that began in 1958.  Probable versions of myself died in 1965, 1976, and 1989, while others will live longer than my earthly life will prove to be.  In some of those lives, my probable selves took other career routes, into the military, chemistry, computer science, and a life of crime.  Seth said that those probable realities are as real as the one that I live today, and those probable versions of myself may be as skeptical of my existence as I might be of theirs.  Jane Roberts and her husband reportedly met one of their probable selves, which took an unpleasant life's direction, and the experience profoundly affected Jane and her husband.[1]

Explorations of those ideas can lead to strange musings about what reality is.  Helen Wambach specialized in mass hypnotic regressions.  She originally performed her research to challenge the notion of reincarnation.  She regressed more than 1,000 people.  To Wambach’s surprise, 99% of the subjects reported detailed descriptions of other lives and the times that they lived in, with arcane details subsequently confirmed by historical research.  Wambach published her findings in Reliving Past Lives and Life Before Life.  Those were published in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  During her research, some subjects reported details from future lives.  Wambach then embarked on her most provocative research: hypnotically progressing subjects to future lives, aiming for specific time frames.  It was the only published research of its kind. 

During both the future life progressions and the past life regressions, Wambach discovered a statistical anomaly that stands as some of the best evidence of reincarnation yet presented.  Today’s mystical path is primarily the province of women, as that discipline uses often-subtle feminine principles.  The statistical anomaly was this: although 80% percent of the participants were women, the past life regressions yielded nearly an exact 50/50 ratio of male and female past lives, which was unexpected if the subjects were “making it up.”  When Wambach performed future life progressions, the ratio of women and men's lives for the period after the year 2300 AD was 50% male, 44% female, and 6% androgynous.[2]  Her progression work’s statistics also suggested that Earth’s human population will decline drastically in coming years.

Wambach died before publication of the future life progressions’ results, but her colleague Chet Snow published Mass Dreams of the Future in 1989.  The future life progressions fell into four distinctly different future scenarios, and were named types one through four.  Type one memories were of people living in space stations or colonies on other planets.  Type two memories were of the classic New Age scenario, where people lived in peace and love in pastoral environments, wearing robes and having powerful psychic abilities.  Those societies were built on love.  Type three memories were of high tech societies, either underground or in artificially enclosed environments.  They lived that way because the industrial excesses of previous generations left the planet's surface uninhabitable.  Type four memories were of remnant societies that survived a holocaust that largely destroyed human civilization.  Some memories were of living in a pre-industrial state in the countryside, while others were of eking out an existence in the rubble of destroyed cities.  For the 2100-2200 AD life progressions, those were the predominant scenarios.[3]  For the beyond 2300 AD scenarios, it was slightly more varied.[4]  The mystical and fringe science ideas on this website were evident in those future life “memories.” 

Wambach’s research results were consistent with Seth’s probable reality concept.  Each person chooses the future that they will experience, and they choose it with the decisions that they make today.  Tomorrow comes from what is decided today.  Seth said that every morning when we open our front doors, we open them to a new probable reality that we have chosen.  This world is a reality that we have all chosen, and by our decisions today, tomorrow can begin “progressing” toward a much different reality, based on what we decide.  This is a co-created reality, with each of us creating it.  That idea is paradoxical and seemingly nonsensical, but most mystical sources agree: each one of us exercised our free will to create this co-created reality.  It is nearly identical to accounts of the astral plane and Robert Monroe’s Focus Levels.  The heavens, purgatories, and hells that await us are also our creations.  A primary difference between physical reality and the astral plane is that creating our realities there is far more obvious than it is here.  We largely create our realities here unconsciously, and there are many “ground rules” that we all had to agree on (such as gravity) in order for this reality to work, which limits a great deal of our “free will” here.  Many choices and innate abilities had to be “left at the door” when we came here.  Earthly masters are simply more conscious than the rest of us, and can create their realities more consciously, and can perform feats that appear to “break the rules,” such as walking on water and doing the loaves-and-fishes trick.

Once the concept of probable realities is understood, prophecy is seen in a different light.  All prophecies depict probable realities, and all prophets know they only describe what might be, not what must be.  When prophecies are dire, the intent is that they be heeded.  If people change their ways, the grim probable future can be avoided.  The best prophet is the false prophet, and Jonah of the Old Testament is the classic false prophet.  He told the citizens of Nineveh that their city would be destroyed if they did not repent their ways.  The citizens did repent, and the destruction did not happen.  Some probabilities are more probable than others, and many prophets have keen insight into future probabilities.  However, dismissing their warnings can bring the “bad” prophesies into being.  As a rule of thumb, any prophecy that seems to carve the future into stone, so nothing can change it, can be ignored.  Earth change prophecies are nearly always related to the environmental devastation that humanity has inflicted on the planet.  If we stop inflicting the destruction, the Earth change prophecies will either not come true or will be milder.  If we continue to inflict awesome devastation onto the planet and each other, worse than the worst of them will come true, as humanity may indeed exterminate itself, a probability more than possible. 

With that caveat, this essay will explore some visions of the near future.  Dannion Brinkley’s spectacular NDE provided a great deal of prophetic information recorded by Dr. Raymond Moody.  As the foretold events kept happening during the subsequent generation, Moody’s skepticism slowly melted.[5]  The 1994 publication of Saved by the Light made the probable future Brinkley saw a public matter, and bringing it into mass awareness also created an alteration of the probable future, as more people became aware of it and could help change it.  That is likely partly why his later prophecies have not occurred as foretold.  The future is always in motion.  The Armageddon scenario that Brinkley saw happening during the 1990s still might happen, as Brinkley was told that the date of everything coming to pass and the world being vastly different was the year 2004.  As I write this update in 2014, a lot has changed, but not all that dramatically, but humanity is definitely on the brink of the abyss.  

Tom Brown's Apache shaman mentor, Stalking Wolf, was shown a series of visions in 1962, and the possible future that he saw was every bit as horrific as Brinkley's, and also foretold events that came true, such as the bizarre notion of “holes in the sky.”  The hole in the ozone layer, discovered a generation later, made Stalking Wolf’s strange prophecy eerily prophetic.[6]  No worthy prophets want to see their dark visions come to pass.

One of the most fascinating bodies of mystical material is Dolores Cannon’s.  Cannon specialized in hypnotically regressing subjects to past lives, partly as therapy for them.  Sometimes she hit the jackpot and regressed a subject to a non-human lifetime, or into afterlife realms.  Two of her most intriguing works came from “accidentally” regressing subjects to lifetimes where they knew Jesus and Nostradamus.  With Jesus, the subject regressed to the life where she was Jesus's and John the Baptist's Essene tutor.  Those regressions are produced in Cannon’s Jesus and the Essenes, which is also a compelling account of the times in which Jesus lived.  His spiritual mastery was evident as a young boy, which the New Testament also preserved.

Jesus's tutor described the crucifixion and resurrection much as the New Testament does, but deflates the Christian doctrine around Jesus’s death.  The tutor asked how anybody could pay for another’s sins, and rejected the standard Christian notion of his death’s purpose.  He said that we all pay for our own sins.  Nobody can step in and pay them for us.  He said that Jesus never intended to be worshipped.  Remembered and marveled at, yes.  He was here to help guide humanity to fulfilling its potential, not to become an object of worship.  The tutor also discouraged following anyone blindly, and said that the only devil exists inside us.  He said that Jesus would return.  When asked about Jesus's philosophy, the tutor said:


"…he feels that love is the only law that one must abide by solely.  And after that all the others pale into insignificance.  We did not teach him this.  He came to this conclusion through inner….what do I say..? discussions with his soul, and deciding how he feels about certain things.  Love cannot be taught.  It is something that must grow…It is important to not think evil in your heart."[7]


Cannon’s “jackpot” regression of a subject to a lifetime as Nostradamus’s pupil eventually yielded one of Cannon’s largest works: the three-volume Conversations with Nostradamus.  As Cannon guided her subject to her life as Nostradamus’s pupil, he walked into the room of that subject's past life, knew what was happening, and offered to speak with Cannon.  That was very unusual in a regression, when the “target” in the past-life situation was aware of the hypnotist guiding the subject from the future.  When it happened, Cannon "felt the hair stand up on the back of my arms and a cold shiver run down my spine…Nothing like this had ever happened in my work before."[8]  Thus began an astonishing dialogue.  For the next few years, Cannon sent that subject and others to speak with Nostradamus.  The central issue was those cryptic thousand quatrains.  What did they mean?  The Inquisition would not have appreciated not only his prophecies, but also his method of seeing them, so Nostradamus was secretive and cryptic.  Even if made from whole cloth, Conversations with Nostradamus is an engrossing body of work, and some is startling when seen in today’s light.  For instance, in Century II, quatrain 75, is:


"The noise of the unwanted bird having been heard,

"Upon the canon of the highest story,

"The bushel of wheat shall rise so high,

"That Man shall be a man-eater."[9]


The standard interpretation is that it means aircraft, space warfare, famine, and cannibalism.  That is a straightforward interpretation.  In Conversations with Nostradamus, Nostradamus expands on the quatrain.  Nostradamus retranslated it, and said that there would be a famine, but because of war, where the nations that had the wheat could not get it to the ones that needed it, mainly because warfare had interrupted all the shipping, and the price was too high for those nations to afford it.[10]  That was written in the 1980s. 

State of the World's 1997 edition, chapter three, was devoted to preserving global cropland.  In that chapter, the author discussed the problems with industrialization, particularly in East Asia.  Several Asian nations were already grain dependent, which meant that they must import more than 20% of their grain consumption.  Those nations were Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and North Korea.  The threshold of grain dependency is 600 to 700 square meters per person.  Japan was the lowest at 190 square meters per person.  The industrialization trend, where arable land ends up becoming roads and golf courses, is colliding with Asia’s population increase.  By 2020, at current trends, India will be the only East Asian nation of significance not grain dependent, and it will not be far behind.  China was barely grain sufficient in 1995 and at current rates will be grain dependent before 2020 (as of 2014, China had aggressively attempted to become grain independent, and was 97% grain self-sufficient in 2013).  The main grain exporters are the USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, and Europe, and the nations that really need it are in Asia.  Nostradamus's prophecy does not seem all-that-farfetched.  Nostradamus was looking into probabilities, and Conversations with Nostradamus is tantalizing.

This section will conclude with two of humanity’s probable futures.  Michael Roads is a modern-day Dr. Doolittle, and able to communicate with all manner of consciousnesses, including those of animals, plants, rocks, clouds, and so forth.  His odyssey is recorded in a series of four books: Talking with Nature, Journey into Nature, Journey into Oneness, and Into a Timeless Realm.  The events in the final book happened before those in the other three, and the series’ final book is its most unusual.  Readers are advised to read his first three books before his final one, so it makes more sense.  Roads is unpretentious, gregarious, and humble in person, which is a fitting persona for a veteran of his journey. 

In Into a Timeless Realm, Roads described an out-of-body experience that he had that lasted all night and propelled him into his awesome trek through realms of consciousness.  While traveling with his otherworldly mentor, Roads visited two probable futures of the human species, with both about 300 years into our future.  Roads’s mentor stated that the probable futures that they visited were only two of an infinite number of possible futures, but they were toward both ends of the spectrum: societies that did not choose love, and those that did. 

One was worse than Blade Runner’s Los Angeles, while other was a heavenly world that a Disney movie could not do justice to.  At this footnote is a fairly detailed description of those two worlds.[11]

The hellish reality was created because people did not choose love, and the heavenly one existed because its inhabitants chose love.  Love is the only way this reality can begin heading in that direction. 


What is and What Can Be

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.  You may have to work for it, however.” - Richard Bach[12] 

“If you want to be a true practicing idealist, then each step that you take along the way must be worthy of your goal. ” - Seth[13]

“You are not in competition with other species, nor are you in any natural competition with yourselves.  Nor is the natural world in any way the result of competitiveness among species.  If that were the case you would have no world at all.” - Seth[14]

"The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.  Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it...Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate.  In fact, violence merely increases hate... Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.  Darkness cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."  - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Seth’s view of idealism is not a Peter Pan fantasy, but an understanding of how Creation functions.  People cannot kill the “bad guys” and make the world peaceful, because killing always leads to more, as Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others have noted.  There will never be a war to end wars.  Only peace will.  The road to hell is not paved with good intentions, but with acts that violate those intentions.  Seth said that there has never been and never will be a justification for violence, as the means become the ends.  That is the most enlightened message regarding practical action that I ever received from mystical material, and was about the first.


How It Is, and How It Got Here

Human beings are intelligent, naked apes that migrated beyond their natural range millions of years ago, and invented many adaptations of behavior and diet in order to survive in unsuitable environments.  The human journey, ever since it left its primordial home in the tropical forests, has always been about securing and consuming energy.

Great apes are ideally suited to eating fruit, which comprises most of their natural diets.  The intelligent ape steadily enhanced its ability to manipulate Earth's environment, although it also became further estranged from its natural diet and behaviors.  As people improved their weapons technology, there was a 40,000-year period of hunter-gatherer bliss, before the easy prey was rendered globally extinct.  Then the Domestication Revolution happened, probably by necessity, and humans reached new levels of environmental manipulation and devastation, with organized warfare one of humanity’s most peculiar behaviors, as well as the appearance of slavery.  The human population slowly grew from about five million when the Domestication Revolution began, to about 800 million as the next major change happened, the Industrial Revolution.  That revolution helped bring an end to slavery, which began with the Domestication Revolution.  The new revolution took energy exploitation and the means to manipulate and destroy the environment to extraordinary levels. 

The Industrial Revolution began in societies that were conquering the world, and who commandeered the resources necessary to industrialize (the first and most industrialized nation, Great Britain, had the coal and iron ore needed to begin industrialization, but had few other resources, and its imperial practices were designed to plunder foreign resources and labor).  Europe's imperial peoples were by far the world's most violent, which was why they prevailed.  They mercilessly exploited the conquered lands, and as more imperial aspirants came to the table, the world was not big enough to sustain imperial industrial practices for all who wanted to play, so the 20th century saw awesome wars waged over which colonial powers could plunder the planet.  The USA came out on top, with virtually unchallenged global hegemony.  The USA called the most devastating war earth had ever seen the “good” one, and capped it off with gratuitously dropping nuclear bombs onto civilians.  Industrial wars inflicted devastation onto peoples and environments of such magnitude that they threatened to destroy all civilizations.  In industrialized societies, the ruling classes had limited ability to inflict violence onto their domestic subjects, and they no longer could really fight each other, so they inflicted virtually unlimited violence onto their colonial subjects, and the manipulation of the imperial class’s minds became a science during the 20th century.

The USA has been the heart of industrial imperialism since the late 19th century.  It has Earth’s most brainwashed people, because their opinions do matter, as their government is nominally democratic.  During the year 2002, form prevailed over substance to the extent that Orwell’s dark prophecy has largely come to pass, with most living in the nightmare incapable of even seeing that it came true, which was also part of Orwell’s vision.  With the current War on Terror declared virtually perpetual by America’s Secretary of Defense, with nearly half of Earth’s nations on America’s hit list, as it secures all lands with oil and other coveted resources, with the USA's president and Vice President unabashedly owned by the energy interests, the nightmare had come to pass, and is rushing headlong toward a future that may be immensely worse. 

In the words of the USA's unelected, semi-literate president (whose brother may run for president in 2016, and against the wife of a previous president – shudder…), America is by definition good, and its resisting victims evil, and that president threatened the entire planet as he declared that everybody was either “with us, or against us.”  The document that theoretically limits presidential power, the Constitution, has been rendered a meaningless relic, with the unelected president given virtually unlimited power to wage war, and as of August 2002, open discussion of invading one of the world’s most oil-rich nations took place with scarcely a hint of opposition or irony (the September 2002 “debates” in Congress were more over how to get the job done, not to question the nature of the undertaking, which is typical – it as largely a debate between hawks, without a true dove to be seen).  Iraq had already suffered a genocidal destruction that the United States inflicted, begun by the current president’s father, and by 2009, several million Iraqi citizens had died prematurely since 1991, and they were mainly children.

Orwell’s continual war has been declared.  War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.  Reality has been turned upside down, with vices turned into virtues.  Powerful figures publicly and proudly display behaviors that five-year-old children are taught are unacceptable, and few seem to notice or mind.  Orwell wrote that the masses could throw off the elite manipulators as a horse shakes off flies, if they woke up.  Flag-waving replaced thinking, also as Orwell predicted.  The USA plans to militarize space for offensive purposes, with potential consequences nearly too horrific to contemplate. 

In the more “rational” world of science, there is blindness of a different sort.  The most blinding assumption of today’s science is that there are only five senses, and they tell us everything that there is to know (or extensions of our senses, such as telescopes, microscopes, radio telescopes, etc.).  The so-called skeptics are ardent defenders of materialism.  All of science’s giants were mystical in their outlook.  Today’s materialism is an ideology, just as nationalism is, just as communism and capitalism are, just as all organized religions are.  Materialism is perhaps the most seductive of all; it seems to conform to what our senses and rational minds tell us.  As Seth stated, our senses are lovely liars.  The Silva class shattered the materialistic assumptions of many scientists.  Once people realize that the five senses tell only part of the story, new vistas beckon.

As energy sources were depleted and new ones discovered, oil became the new big game at about the same time that an ideology that exalted greed was invented.  The same man who quickly took over the new oil industry engaged in social engineering soon thereafter, and his efforts not only created the institution that dominates today’s economic ideology, but also today’s medical paradigm, and he became involved with banking and other institutions, which further corrupted them.  More than a century ago, the man who invented the means to electrify the world was also pursuing free, non-polluting energy, and another robber baron pulled the rug out from under him.  As I discovered firsthand, alternative energy has been ruthlessly suppressed, on a global scale, since the early 20th century.  Free, abundant, non-polluting energy and anti-gravity technologies do exist.  People close to me have had those technologies demonstrated to them.  Some may be related to reverse-engineering captured extraterrestrial spacecraft.  Free energy is already here, but is not simply suppressed; virtually nobody even suspects that it has been, and even some of America’s most enlightened groups have ideological objections to the notion, deriding such facts as a “conspiracy theory.”  Their materialism blinds them, and their ineffectiveness is partly due to the fact that they are economically impotent.  They have not yet glimpsed a world where the economic pie can be a thousand times larger than it is today, so they can stop fighting to try preserving the tiny slice that the poor have.  When the pie is a thousand times bigger (and free energy would catalyze the biggest and most democratic redistribution of wealth that the world has ever seen), no people would need to fight for their slice.  For all of their brilliant radical perspectives, most activists are still largely hacking at the situation’s branches, not its root.

It is time for the world’s people to take their economic destiny into their own hands and end the Zero-Sum Game.  Humanity’s survival may well depend on it. 

The vision presented below will be radical, and “radical” means one that attempts to burrow to the heart of the issues and address them at their root.  All worthy radicalism attempts that, but America’s Orwellian establishment has made “radical” into a disparaging epithet.  Nearly every human group on Earth has been blinded to one degree or another by its ideology, all of which assume scarcity.  The problem with ideologies is not that they exist, but are mistaken for reality.  Every ideology is simply an involved theory, which is an artificial way of viewing the world, and every theory is wrong, as Einstein was candid enough to admit.  Ideologies blind their adherents when dogmatically held, with the ideology’s founding assumptions mistaken for reality, and never again questioned.  Questioning the dominant paradigm’s assumptions has led to all of science’s major breakthroughs.

The paradigm that humanity has been operating from for the past 10,000 years I call the Zero-Sum Game, and is based on an assumption of scarcity, particularly the scarcity of energy, where the world is seen in terms of “I win, you lose,” and “If I do not kill you, you will kill me.”  All land grabs and other exploitations of land and humans have been primarily about securing control over energy supplies (food, wood, oil, etc.).  Along with energy supplies, human intelligence and manipulative ability - the three factors that led to humanity’s rise - have been the subject of elite control since the dawn of civilization.  The only true energy is love, and the energy (power) struggles humanity has seen have everything to do with learning about love.  If we choose love, the heavenly future that Roads saw will be closer to becoming reality for the majority of today’s humans.  If we continue to choose fear and unconsciousness, then the darker future is more likely to come to pass, or even worse, as we might wipe out our species and take the planet’s ecosphere with us.  No matter how unconscious humanity might seem, what will happen is our choice


How It Can Be

Note to readers: While I will not discard the visions below, I made a different version of them for my 2014 essay, and the section is here.  Readers may find that section a better read than this one, even though I also revised it in 2014 to be more consistent with the 2014 essay. 

As the concept of probable realities posits, no future is carved into stone for anybody.  The future that we will experience is dependent on what we do today.  What we do is dependent on what we see and think, and this section is all about what we can do, and what we can create, if we care to.  In 2002, this section was aimed at Americans and Westerners, but in 2014, I am targeting a relatively small group that is scattered across the globe, and my work is intended to attract them. 

With free, abundant, environmentally friendly energy, the Zero-Sum-Game paradigm can topple, and unlimited abundance for humans and all earthly creatures is possible.  Without free energy, the paradigm shift cannot happen.

The choices facing humanity are obvious, regarding its long-term survivability.  These are a few possibilities. 

  1. Humans revert to living in their natural environment (the tropical forest), eating their natural diet (mostly fruit), and living in their Edenic state.  Earth can support probably no more than a million people in that fashion.

  2. Humanity reverts to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, which it adopted after migration from the tropics.  When people exterminated all of Earth’s easily killed big animals, there were about five million of us, and the limit that Earth can support using the hunter-gatherer lifestyle is not much greater.

  3. Humanity adopts something like the Pacific Northwest culture, which was one of the few environmentally sustainable civilizations that Earth has seen, where people farmed the oceans by establishing villages next to rivers where fish came to spawn.  There were perhaps millions of natives living in that culture before the white man arrived and destroyed it.  There are few places on Earth that could sustain that method of subsistence today, as those ecosystems have largely been destroyed.  If Earth could recover its razed forests and the climate stabilized to its pre-warming stage, there are many places on Earth where a fish-based economy could flourish, and perhaps support 50 million or more people in that fashion, although it is not the ideal human diet.  We could engage in fruit cultivation and gathering activities to supplement that lifestyle.

  4. Adopt the practices of other North American natives, such as the Great Plains bison economy, or the environmentally gentle agriculture-hunter-gatherer economy of the Eastern Woodlands or the sustainable milpa methods of today’s Mexico.  The Caribbean culture of the Taino also appeared fairly sustainable, with a combination of sea harvesting, gathering, and agriculture.  In short, agricultural practices that do not deforest the land and disturb the soil are the most sustainable.  Many pre-industrial peoples had that practice in the New World (largely because there were no draft animals to pull plows).  Earth might be able to host hundreds of millions of humans using those environmentally gentle practices of the plains, woodlands, and milpas.  The Amazon rainforest may also partly be a consciously created and husbanded environment.

  5. About 99% of the human race awakens and gently throws off the shackles that the elite fraction has placed on it, and humanity begins to use free, abundant, environmentally harmless energy.  We could use our intelligence and manipulative ability in increasingly enlightened and refined ways, and create a culture that is harmless to the environment and humanity’s fellow creatures, and the relationship with nature and each other is even mutually beneficial.  Using technology that already exists or is close to being developed, an environmentally harmless world society can be created that could feed and house more than ten billion people, at a standard of living that is orders of magnitude beyond what exists today.

  6. The rest of this essay is largely devoted to showing how that last option can come to pass.  In order to happen, humanity needs to begin healing and opening its collective heart, begin caring for each other and refuse to be manipulated by those on the spiritual dark path, who play with humanity as if they are puppets and toy soldiers.  Waking up can be initially painful, but staying asleep will be far more painful, and even suicidal.  In 2014, I only need 5,000-7,000 people for this idea to work, which is 0.0001% of humanity.  I like those odds, and do not seek to create some mass movement, but a nugget of heart-centered sentience that can catalyze and support an effort to develop that free energy technology so that it can be given away to humanity.

Alternative and free energy has been suppressed by a worldwide, clandestine effort, as the energy oligarchy not only keeps the energy racket intact, but also the greatest lever of manipulating the human species.  Many alternative energy pioneers have suffered greatly at the hands of the energy oligarchy, and theirs has been a lonely path, but their greatest adversaries have been the inertia and indifference of the masses and the betrayals of their allies.  If 50 people had supported Dennis Lee as Mr. Professor and I did, the world might have free energy today.  If 100 did, it would have been easy.  There may not be 100 people to find who would commit themselves at that level, so this website is devoted to a different strategy: getting as many people as possible to comprehend what is at stake, what is possible, and if merely 0.0001 it can either attract the 100,000 that will be needed to support an independent free energy development effort, or it can catalyze the release of those technologies that already exist, and there will not be any more hero/martyrs. 

With free, abundant, nonpolluting, environmentally harmless energy, here are the short-term, intermediate-term and long-term possibilities of what it could produce and catalyze. 

Short Term

  1. There would be an immediate cessation in creating the primary human-influenced greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.  Whatever the alternative theories may be, the radiation-trapping properties of carbon dioxide are real, denied by nobody not owned by the oil companies, and are the ultimate reason for today's global climate.  The immediate cessation of greenhouse gas production will halt the component of global warming due to it.  The catastrophic threat of Global Warming could immediately end.

  2. Control over the world’s energy sources is the primary preoccupation of the criminals that run the American Empire, and their current War on Terror (the latest phony rubric) could easily ignite World War III, which could destroy most of humanity.  With free energy, the motivation to hold that hammer over the world’s head would evaporate.

  3. The energy industry’s elimination would put perhaps a quarter or more of America's cash flow back into its pocket, while the short-term effect of making free energy machines would be an economic boom and redistribution of wealth of unprecedented proportion.  The decline in America’s standard of living would quickly end, and free energy would create a global economic boom of a kind never seen before.  While there would be short-term “losers,” the same awakening that would manifest the possibilities of free energy can also bring to awareness the need to lessen the short-term discomfort of those relying on fossil fuel revenues.

  4. Burning fossil fuels causes most air pollution, including acid rain.  Virtually all air pollution would immediately disappear.  Global respiratory problems would largely cease, as would stress on trees and other plant life, which makes them susceptible to diseases and is killing off forests today and is acidifying the oceans

  5. Oil spills, the environmental devastation of oil drilling, coal mining and other energy-acquisition practices would immediately cease.

Intermediate Term

  1. Because the entire human journey has been about the acquisition, preservation, and consumption of energy, and the supply has always been scarce or finite, a paradigm has accompanied the human journey for the past 10,000 years, which I call the Zero-Sum Game.  It is the idea that the only way to improve one's station in life is to exploit others.  No other event could help shatter the illusion of scarcity and the Zero-Sum-Game paradigm better than free energy.  If people begin seeing beyond the Zero-Sum-Game blinders, vistas scarcely imagined today can be glimpsed.

  2. Humanity seems to be an intelligent, sentient species.  Ending the Zero-Sum Game can also end the lives of quiet desperation that most people lead, and help open their hearts, which will also unleash the potential of their minds.  Today, there is a system designed to purposely dumb Americans down, but if Americans begin waking up, those games will end.  To one degree or another, all people on Earth have similar conditioning.  Human intelligence in the service of an awakened heart is a force that most people today cannot imagine; with the awakening that free energy can catalyze, intelligence and imagination can be used as never before.

  3. Many simple things can be done immediately to improve people’s lives.  For instance, more than a million Americans live in their trucks, making the American consumer system work; the technology exists today to easily make it so every driver could sleep at home each night.  By 2030, there will likely not need to be human pilots for any terrestrial vehicles.  The only barrier has been ideological blinders, such as the threadbare and increasingly unviable capitalistic ideology.

  4. There are many existing cures for the diseases that Westerners fall prey to, and they are currently being suppressed in the name of greed.  The vast majority of people have been easily manipulated to their graves.  An awakening West can almost immediately embrace sane, gentle, and healthy paradigms, instead of the deadly ones purveyed today.

  5. Humanity’s water-use practices are currently unsustainable, with water tables plunging worldwide, largely due to over-pumping for irrigation.  It is creating widespread environmental devastation, including soil salination.  With free energy, done intelligently, environmentally harmless desalination plants could exist in the oceans, desalinating ocean water and pumping it to land.  The most enlightened first use is filling back up the depleted water tables.  The two biggest killers of children worldwide today are polluted water and air.  Although the greed-based World Bank and IMF are behind privatizing the world’s water supplies, even in the USA, which has led to disease outbreaks already among the poor, that desalinated water would also make universally free and pure water available to all humans.

  6. With free energy, there is no barrier to setting up machines to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and bring those greenhouse gases down to their pre-industrial levels.  There are even mainstream organizations devoted today to that issue, but they usually need to burn fossil fuels to get the energy to extract carbon dioxide, which partly defeats the purpose.  Those extracted greenhouse gases can be put to better use in the chemistry revolution, as discussed below.

  7. The West’s dominant paradigms are truly insane.  The only power sold to Western consumers is the power to consume.  Mining Earth, consuming part of it, and then throwing the rest away (and dumping the waste onto the world’s poor), is about the most destructive and suicidal ideology ever invented.  By itself, there is nothing wrong with consumption (although Americans are history’s fattest humans), but the awesome destruction it has inflicted on humanity and Earth's ecosystems is far from healthy.  Free energy can catalyze both the means and motivation to begin undoing that damage.  All of humanity’s toxic dumps and other repositories of waste can be mined (even nuclear waste), not only cleaning up an immense problem, but the recovered material can be made as good as new, and used for raw materials for new goods.[15]

  8. With the end of the Zero-Sum Game, people can also began thinking about how they can reduce the harm their existence causes others, which leads to the long-term possibilities.

Long Term

The rise of the human species was dependent on exploiting new energy sources by using intelligence and manipulative ability.  The new paradigm can be catalyzed by free energy (there is nothing else more likely to do it, or so close to becoming reality), and then unleashed intelligence and manipulative ability in the service of a healed heart can create an incredible future.  Pondering the possibilities of free energy since 1986 has led to many realizations, and here are some possibilities that are not far off.  That future heavenly world Roads saw is not so seemingly fanciful.  Humanity can make huge steps in its direction during my lifetime.  This section is devoted to exploring some of them.

  1. Most chemistry today is performed in the service of greed, with the profit motive paramount.  With free energy, a new paradigm of chemistry can appear.  Most substances used to clean things, such as chlorine in the water supply, laundry detergent, and other soaps, bleach and other household cleaners, can be replaced with hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, and ozone.  Those three chemicals “deteriorate" into water and oxygen.  They are infinitely recyclable and of zero environmental impact, and they are creatable in virtually infinite amounts with free energy; a primary reason why today’s toxic agents are used is that they are chemically persistent.  Chlorine in the water will stay there, killing microorganisms.  With free energy, ozone could be continually created and put into water.  The USA's government is today demanding that ozone purification replace chlorine purification within, which created the same effect without the persistent poison in it.  Even that is an intermediary vision (desalination distillation can leapfrog the entire issue).  The basics of using hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, and ozone are simply using free energy to increase the electrons’ energy and use it for cleaning purposes.  Such a practice would introduce zero pollution and keep human environments spotlessly clean and non-toxic.  There are new horizons of chemistry that await the awakening that free energy can help catalyze, and go far beyond cleaning agents.

  2. Humans have been able to artificially reproduce manipulative ability and intelligence.  Reproducing manipulative ability began with the rise of machines, and the reproduction of intelligence began with the computer age.  Both ages are still in their infancies.  Most mainstream environmentalists have austere solutions to humanity’s energy issues, such as riding bicycles.  Free energy can blast those austere blinders to shreds, and should.  The heavenly world that Roads saw was technologically advanced, and they were particularly masters of the loving manipulation and use of energy.  The hellish world that he visited was also technologically advanced.  It all depends on whether love or lack of it is the underlying motivation.  With love, intelligence and manipulative ability can rise to currently undreamed-of levels, and can begin to approach that heavenly future that can await most of us, if we want it.  I am a believer in computers, and especially their potential when wedded with machines.  Popping the Zero-Sum-Game paradigm also will unleash amazing levels of genius that exist today, but are suppressed in the name of greed, as Roads’s mentor stated.  Robotics is in its infancy, and free energy, machines, and intelligence can create marvels that today’s science-fiction authors can barely imagine.  Today’s scientists are able to manipulate material at the atomic level as they make computer chips ever smaller and faster, while our energy production methods are not far removed from the cave days.  That contrast is one of many mind-bogglers in today’s world, and could spur people to begin thinking about what is wrong with that picture; with the increase in robotics sophistication, no human need toil on behalf of another, unless that is what they want to do.

  3. Although people can seem clever, it is probable that our high-tech revolution was at least assisted by extraterrestrial technology, either given to us, or we stole it.  The same people who have covered up free energy have covered up anti-gravity technology.  I know people who have had it demonstrated to them in underground conditions, people that I know and trust.  Those in the know understand that today's military possesses technology that is about ten years ahead of what is publicly available, but the spook world, the realm that has supranational security (even the American president is an uninformed stooge) has technology about a century ahead of what is publicly available today.  Among the technologies they possess, besides antigravity and free energy, is the ability to create holographic Illusions, similar to the Holodeck on Star Trek, according to sources that I respect.  Only those with developed spiritual abilities can tell the difference between the holographic illusion and the real thing, which is another reason for people to begin pursuing their inner world and developing their innate abilities.  Once awakening humanity blows the lid off the spook world, and we gently take our responsibility back, technological quantum leaps are possible.

  4. The Domestication Revolution was the beginning of humanity's creation of artificial environments.  A house is an artificial environment.  A farm is an artificial environment that grows artificially manipulated plants that can provide useful calories to humans.  The reason for those artificial environments is that humans are poorly suited for life on Earth, at least in numbers of more than a million.  If more than one million humans happily live on Earth, they must do it using artificial methods.  By itself, there is nothing wrong with that.  Unfortunately, humans have created their artificial environments at the expense of all other living creatures.  It does not need to be that way, here is why.

  5. Earth’s best and nearly only soil-builders are forests.  Soils are the basis for all land-based life, and humanity’s prodigious forest destruction could lead to the end of land-based life, at least for a time, until the oceans (if they are not also rendered devoid of life) can generate the conditions of several hundred million years ago that made life on land possible; trees are the greatest introducers of energy and nutrients into land-based biomes.  What have humans done to forests, and why? Originally, humans, as with all primates, lived in the forest.  They left that forest and the tropics, and when they finally killed off their extra-tropical food source, their only option was to begin to turn the forest into useful energy.  Consequently, forests were chopped down, and the trees used for energy as they were burned.  The energy that went into making wood was used to build dwellings and other structures, and sunlight that formerly fell on forests instead fell on plants to raise for human consumption, or pastures for human-consumed animals.  Razing the forests also killed the hydrological cycle that trees created, which made life on land possible, and agricultural practices eventually destroyed the soils the forests created.  The so-called Fertile Crescent, where those activities first happened on a large scale, is largely desert today, as deforestation, plow agriculture, and irrigation destroyed the soils.  The dynamics today are what the Fertile Crescent experienced.  It took the Fertile Crescent thousands of years to turn to desert.  Modern industrial methods are making that transition happen much faster elsewhere.

  6. Every use of wood today can be replaced with free energy, intelligently and lovingly used, and even the land used for forests would not be needed, and the forests can all grow back, even “farmed” by enlightened humans.  The practice of using wood for energy would immediately vanish.  Complementing the free energy and chemistry revolutions would be a materials revolution, which had also happened in both future worlds that Roads saw.  The main reason for why mining practices are so destructive has been, once again, the limitations of available energy.  Earth's crust is about 85% oxygen, silicon, aluminum and iron, in nearly the exact proportions that it could all be turned into glass, steel and aluminum, with no waste byproducts, lasting virtually forever, and all infinitely recyclable; because of energy scarcity and the dominant paradigms, driven by greed and other deadly sins, virtually nobody is even thinking in the directions that chemistry could go.  It is likely that all mining on Earth would cease, and the asteroid and Kuiper belts would be mined for materials, and maybe even a little from the other planets.  It is not much of a leap to quickly approach something like the replicators on Star Trek, where the toilet feeds them, mass continually being recycled, with energy added and the elements recombined in useful ways.  The food-to-waste-to-food cycle is how our ecosystems operate, with the sun’s energy adding the needed boost.  It could all be artificially provided, but still letting life do its thing.  Humans are a long way off from creating life, and today’s genetic engineering is potentially suicidal, but simply providing the energy and nutrients that plants and microscopic organisms can use to grow healthily can be extremely beneficial.

  7. Buildings made of glass and steel, that do not need to take up ground space, can easily be made if free energy, anti-gravity, and advanced materials technology were available.  Dwellings, even cities, could be made on stilts, or even underground, with the land undisturbed (or the land below them used for orchards and playfields, with light and water provided), or ten-mile-in-diameter cities could float on the oceans, totally stable and stationary (if stationary is desired), and vast environments could be created for living, recreation, and perhaps most importantly, agriculture.

  8. Such buildings would have perfect climate control, with their rooms, even independently, made as warm or cold, wet or dry, light or dark as desired.  Those domed cities and farms would have perfect environmental controls, the air always clean and fresh, and crops growing in perfect environments.  Those domes could have protective force fields surrounding them, so that not even a bird could be hurt by flying into it.  It could have a holographic covering, making it look like a mountain.  It could be on a kind of antigravity buffer, activated during earthquakes, so there would not even be environmental catastrophe risk.

  9. The “raw material” for the soils for those indoor farms has already been washed down the world’s rivers by deforestation and agriculture, and it would not be difficult to “mine” that silt (a lot of it is in the way anyway), leach out the man-made toxins and ocean salts, and use it as a starting point for making those soils (and hydroponics could also be used), or it could be made from scratch from asteroids and comets.  An indoor, perfect environment, for raising fruit and other live foods that humans are designed to eat, and could be in the basement of the mobile homes that humanity would live in, or multistoried farms like that could pepper Earth, where the humans living in them had their own food supply, and no human would be dependent on imported food, as is seen in the West today.  Cities and farms would become one; completely self-sustaining homes in Antarctica are possible, or anywhere else on Earth, or even floating in space.  Large cities would disappear, as there would be no need for them, nor would anybody desire to live in one.  They could all be recycled into the smaller communities, and even Manhattan Island could be turned back into forest.

  10. A major reason why environmental devastation is happening, Americans are so fat, so easily brainwashed, easily succumb to preventable diseases, and file to their deaths at the hands of modern medicine, is their disconnection from the natural world.  American children were told that Big Macs grew in hamburger patches, and similar fairy tales.  Americans need to reconnect with nature, and a great beginning is to start having a hand in raising the food they eat.  Those domed, multi-storied farms might be a generation off, but beginning to go in that direction is possible even today.  All animals are designed to eat live food, and my ultimate eating experience has always been eating fruit off the tree and berries off the bush.  Not only is it how we lived in the tropical forests, no food has ever tasted better or been better for us.  The American food supply is degenerate on several levels, and locally grown fruit, harvested by those who eat it (or getting it the same day or week it was picked) can go a long way toward not only improving humanity’s health, but also reconnecting minds and spirits with nature, to begin seeing the world with healthy eyes and hearts.

  11. As discussed above, forests are largely responsible for the existence of today’s land-based life.  With free energy and the materials revolution, the uses of wood for fuel and buildings would disappear.  It would also disappear for furniture.  Already, America is on the brink of eliminating paper for printing information.  I rarely use my computer’s printer anymore, and read everything on my computer.  Words can be on computer screens, LCD tablets that look like books, projected onto sunglasses, walls, and even the retina.  They can even be spoken aloud by voice generation; with just a little ingenuity, we could eliminate paper for information transmission.[16]  All plant fiber is simply water and air that photosynthesis turned into cellulose and lignin; all animal fibers such as wool are other transformations of sunlight energy.  Already, synthetic fibers have eliminated much of the need for using cellulose and animal fiber; some organic fiber can still have some use, but could be provided by cotton or hemp, grown in those indoor environments; there could still be some use for wood (although in 2014, I doubt it), but it can be taken from newly dead trees, in environmentally harmless fashion.  Even toilet paper can be replaced by laser-guided warm water, perhaps with a little hydrogen peroxide or other sterilizing agent present (and a blow dryer!).  That would not be much of a technical feat, in light of these other dynamics.  In short, every use of wood and paper could become obsolete, and humans would not even need the land the forests stood on for their energy needs.  Then forests could become what they used to be; homes for forest denizens and places for humans to recreate.  I want a forest experience like Roads had.  There can be some places where it is not forest, but human-tended “flatlands” as he also saw in that heavenly future, but there would not need to be much for it.

  12. Mining would largely disappear, as discussed above.

  13. With such abundance, the Zero-Sum Game will end, and nobody will need or want to keep score anymore.  In that heavenly future that Roads visited, they had no money, and economic ideology (or any ideology) did not even exist.  Today’s Star Trek depicts a future where money and striving for material possessions became relics of humanity’s primitive past.  Gene Roddenberry was not depicting a future that was all that fantastic.

After long years of imagining what is possible, and looking into the areas deeper, no idea presented here is outlandish.  When the lid of suppression is taken off and humanity allows its heart and mind free reign, that world that Roads saw is only 300 years into our possible future.  Glass domes instead of electromagnetic domes would become an achievable feat in my lifetime. 

Such a vision can seem overwhelming and impossible to achieve, particularly with the situation seen in today’s world, but if I can amass my "choir," it might be easily achieved. 


Activities that Americans Can Do, and Now

Note to readers: This section is rather dated, as Americans are not my target audience as of 2014, but this section is still relevant to what Americans and other Westerners can do to begin their awakening process. 

Unplug – The USA has history's most sophisticated and subtle brainwashing system.  People who wanted to control humanity, and turn Americans into mindless pawns, designed it.  That is not even a so-called “conspiracy theory,” but easily researched social engineering that began more than a century ago.  Americans have been “dumbed down” like no people in history, and Orwell's world has largely come to pass. Both the brainwashers and the brainwashed deny this, and Orwell also foresaw the denial.  America’s indoctrination process nearly begins in the cradle.  Mass murderers and thieves such as Christopher Columbus and George Washington are held up to American children as heroes, with national holidays in their names, and outright fairy tales told about them.  The history that American children are taught is a fabrication.  Unsavory facts are left out or spun out, while the few good facts are overemphasized or even made up.  The news produced by America’s corporate media is largely fairy tales for adults.  Nearly the entire American media system is pernicious, but the most effective brainwashing tool is television (and there is probably subliminal brain manipulation happening, even beyond the insipid program content and ads).  Turning off the tube may be the most effective thing an American can do to begin unplugging from the brainwashing machine.  Ceasing consumption of the mainstream media in its other forms is the next best thing to do.  Immersion in alternative forms of information, primarily those not corporately owned, is probably part of the awakening process.  Nearly everything that we have been taught is a lie.  Once people have broken away from the machine, they can go back later and take a look, and can easily recognize the brainwashing rubbish served up; it will no longer seem so tasty, and they will never go back to it.  Because the manipulators have been trying to create mindless, childish, and easily manipulated consumers, part of the unplugging process is also unplugging from mindless consumption, which Americans excel at.  Simplifying our lives and disengaging from the consumption squirrel wheel is part of the process.

Clean up - While the above vision has plenty to do with cleaning up Earth, everything starts at home.  The cleansing of minds, bodies, and spirits is an essential part of the healing process.  Unplugging is part of cleaning up the mind.  Adopting a largely live food diet, and adding regular fasting to the American regimen are two behavioral changes that can go a long way toward cleaning up American bodies, as will regular exercise, preferably in nature.  Giving up deadly comforts such as tobacco and alcohol is part of that cleansing process, as is drinking pure water.  There is no argument that an industrial waste is dumped into America's water supply and called medicine.  Looking into the history of fluoridation is horrifying.  Although the evidence has been suppressed since World War II, the fluorine ion damages the human brain, and scientific careers have ended when it has been experimentally demonstrated.  It is legitimate to wonder if fluoridating the water supplies is part of a mind-control program, especially with the other undeniable mind control activities.  Calling the fluorine ion a medicine is the height of insanity at best.  If more people become aware of the facts, just maybe we will stop adding a brain-poisoning, tooth-crumbling industrial waste to our water and calling it medicine.

Be gentle - As Elisabeth Kübler-Ross documented, unpleasant situations or inevitabilities, such as death, are originally met with denial, to evolve through anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, and can lead to transcendence and enlightenment.[17]  Regarding what happened as of the summer of 2002, virtually all Americans were in denial or anger, or combinations of both.  The crazed flag-waving after the World Trade Center attacks was a textbook example of trying to reduce cognitive dissonance, where people tried drowning out the reality of why America may be hated around the world with waving the largely meaningless symbol of America’s secular religion.  Such people need to be dealt with gently, if for no other reason than they are frightened and dangerous, and ever more stresses have come in the 21st century since then.  In addition, harsh methods will not help wake them up, but will spark further games of denial, and many carry weapons.  These are the days when heretics can burn.  As Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi and others noted, violence will only beget more, and gentleness is the salve we need.  America has tens of millions of Young Warriors, and their primary delusion is that might makes right.  Perhaps the human race’s only hope is trying gentle solutions to our problems; it may be the only thing that will work.  I advocate removing criminals from power such as Bush and friends, but not unethically or violently.  There is no argument that George Bush the Second was not even elected, and the U.S. Supreme Court criminally intervened to put him into office.  The invasion of Iraq, with its justification built on a mountain of lies, was at the very least an impeachable offense.  There are legal and gentle means to remove them from power, such as a national referendum.  Dismantling the executive branch and even dismantling the USA should be on the table of possibilities.  Thinking that the average American will wake up to that degree might seem hopeless, but the means will become the ends.  Harsh methods will only make things worse.  The dark path people pulling the strings want people to react in fear, hatred and violence, as it ultimately keeps them in a negative spiritual spiral that can be exploited.

Go within - Every religion has betrayed the teachings of the master that it was modeled after.  However, that does not deny the masters’ enlightenment, and they all realized that the inward journey is the path to enlightenment.  The materialistic West is outwardly focused, and this is largely why it is so degenerate.  The Silva Method can quickly teach a person how to attain deep meditative states, without religious baggage attending it.  Robert Monroe, Bruce Moen, and others have blazed trails that anybody can follow, but it is an inward journey.  It is not an intellectual process, and largely defies Western attempts to describe it, but meditation and prayer can help lead to enlightenment, and there is a greater need today for enlightened people walking Earth than ever before.  Just becoming aware of our internal light has a powerful effect on anchoring enlightenment on Earth.  Some of the most powerful acts people can do today are what they can do inside their heads and hearts.

Remember - Related to going within is becoming more mindful.  It is an act of raising human consciousness.  For older souls, memories of other lives are more available, and mundane memories of current lives can be better recalled by the inward journey, and people can remember the more important things.  Much of what Americans have forgotten are life’s basics, which Robert Fulghum said were taught to us by age five.  Much of the remembering does not have to be mystical, but just remembering what is important, such as love, truth, and integrity.

Act - Living one's enlightenment on a mountaintop is easy.  Far more challenging is living it in the world, and especially today’s.  As never before, there is need for enlightened action.  In the West, people often equate “action” with violence.  Gandhi was active, as was Martin Luther King, Jr.  Calling violence “active” and pacifism weak or inactive is an example of a false dichotomy.  There are more opportunities for gentle, enlightened, healing action than ever before.  It is best pursued, however, by people whose hearts are whole.  Action in the service of fear is the path of disaster, particularly now.  Action in the service of love is perhaps the most important thing anybody can do today, and with people’s hearts awakened, they will know what to do.  Nobody need tell them.  Anybody who advocates violence is not operating from an enlightened perspective.

Forgive - Today's world is full of misery, violence, and exploitation.  There is plenty to forgive.  True forgiveness is not about being a “spiritual heavyweight,” and able to “forgive” violations, but realizing that every “violation” is a co-created experience.  With true forgiveness, the dynamic of those past events can be healed and set aside, and the victim perspective can be shed.  That can make room for a creator’s perspective to come into play, and a new dynamic can appear, which is immensely more fun and loving.  The heavenly world that Roads saw did not come into being by imposing “justice” on others, vengeance, or related acts.  True forgiveness can help release the fear and hatred in today’s world, and particularly forgiving ourselves.

Those are activities that Americans can do now, and although they may seem nebulous as far as making a difference, they can go a long way toward healing humanity and the planet.  Raising our awareness may be the only way out of this mess, and then taking action related to our increased perceptions.  On an ancillary link are some frank observations about what I think is happening and what is possible, in the near term, as well as observations on what it was like to make this site.  Free energy is the essential step toward the visions presented in this essay, and raising awareness of what is at stake, and how close the planetary healing can be, is this website’s main purpose.  It is up to us. 



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Roads staggered from the dairy, full of disgust and revulsion.  In his out-of-body state, he could also sense the mental-emotional states of those in that world.  From the cow units came an intense feeling of discord and misery.  Roads shuddered to imagine the effect that such milk would have on those drinking it.  Roads and his mentor then visited the farm where the cow units’ feed was grown.  The field was brilliantly green, with the grass-like plants growing before Roads’s eyes, and being sucked up into a big “lawn mower” that continually glided over the field.  Roads turned his spirit eyes toward that scene and he was again assailed by a deep feeling of discord, which that time emanated from the plants.  He stepped back, looked around, and realized that no nature spirits were in the vicinity; those devas that help nurture all plant life on today’s Earth.  Roads encountered nature spirits throughout his journeys, but that was the only reality that he ever saw where nature spirits had entirely abandoned it.

Roads turned rejected an offer to visit a hospital in such a society, but his mentor took him to visit a city.  As with the genetic engineering wizardry that the dairy evinced, the society was technologically advanced.  However, it resembled Blade Runner's vision more than Star Trek’s.  That society created an alloy of plastic and steel that was virtually indestructible and unbelievably strong.  They built their cities far into the air.  The bottom levels of the city looked like Blade Runner's Los Angeles, in perpetual twilight, and there was a heavy stench in the air.  It was impoverished, and virtually all people in the lower realm were young.  When Roads asked why there were no old people, his mentor replied that medical treatment was reserved for those with enough “credits,” which was that reality’s money.  When anybody in the lower levels became ill or infirm, a pill was provided them at no cost, which gave them a painless death.  That reality was built upon the principles of greed and indifference.

In that reality, organized warfare ceased to exist, because each person was everybody else's adversary.  Roads and his mentor ascended through the city’s levels and they became progressively brighter and less impoverished.  They reached levels where the wealthy lived, and it was astounding.  Vast parks laden with flowers beckoned.  Sweeping vistas of verdant plains, distant mountains, and ever-present rainbows danced before Roads’s eyes.  That was more like it!  What he was seeing should not have been possible, on top of a skyscraper.  His mentor then told him to look with his spirit eyes again, and Roads saw that the extraordinary scene was an elaborate holographic illusion.  The rich people strolling by, seemingly blissful, were in a drug-induced stupor.  If people could afford it, they could buy a fabulous, illusory existence.  Most people on that level believed that they were experiencing reality and not a carefully contrived illusion.  They could not tell the difference between the holographic illusions and “reality,” and lived in a perpetually deluded state.  They were that society’s “winners.”  Roads said that the people in the hellish lower levels were more in touch with reality than those rich, deluded people, to which his mentor replied with a smile, “What is reality?”

Roads thought that at the higher levels of the city, the people were better off, when everything was taken into consideration.  Many elderly lived in the rich areas, appearing quite healthy, and the children lived naked in the warm, safe environment there.  Even if drugged and living in a holographic reality, was it not pleasant?  Roads’s mentor told him that the lower levels were left to rot, eking out their lives, but the rebels of that netherworld were where change for the better would come.  Their shame of their world’s callous indifference was the only saving grace that that reality had.

To make his point clear, Roads’s mentor then took him to the city’s “penthouse.”  It was at the very top, and opulence scarcely imagined surrounded Roads, with castles spun from rainbows and gardens to take the breath away.  Roads’s mentor said that on the top level it was not all a holographic illusion, but a carefully manufactured reality, with synthetic soil and other techniques that created a realm that was mostly “real,” and only slightly helped by holograms and other high-tech tricks.  At that level lived people whose wealth in credits was beyond measure.  A family walked by, and they all had shimmering, multicolored auras.  They looked like gods to Roads, but his mentor stated that their condition was due to extremely involved and expensive genetic manipulation, which was orders of magnitude beyond a Beverly Hills facelift.

Then Roads’s mentor took him to that reality’s final destination: a social gathering in one of the penthouse palaces.  As Roads looked at the milling people, he noticed that some were not human, but grey-looking humanoids.  They wore a holographic disguise, and the humans took them for normal people.  Those grey beings were that reality’s shepherds.  They manipulated the entire society from its highest levels, keeping everybody in misery, as it created an emotional energy that they fed on.  They were at the very top of that reality’s food chain, but Roads’s mentor said that the grey beings were losers too, as their negative harvest kept them locked into a hellish baseness of spirit.  In that reality, everybody was a loser.  The grey beings did not create that reality, but were opportunists who took advantage of that greed-based reality.  They set themselves up at the hierarchy’s emotional-food-chain apex.  Roads’s mentor told him that as long as greed and indifference are in human consciousness, realities like that one would be created.  We all create our realities, and that was merely one of infinite realities that exist, and one that some of today’s humans will experience in about three hundred years.  Roads thought it ironic that humans, who are beings made of love and light, could create such a reality for themselves.

Elements of the Blade Runner-ish reality are easily seen in today’s world, with that dairy being the goal of some of today’s genetic engineers, with today’s factory farms raising animals in conditions not far removed from that dairy’s.  Many of today’s urban hells could compete with that Blade Runner-ish world.  The notion of feeding off of people’s negative emotions and being in holographic disguises, helping shepherd humanity, can be seen in today’s mystical literature, phenomena that are happening right now, on Earth.  Today’s predominant economic ideology, capitalism, is based on greed, and has become more overt through the years, with outright gangsters running the White House.  George Bush the Second and friends were almost certainly puppets of those pulling their strings, who stay in the background, playing the power-behind-the-throne game.  They will never take the fall for anything that their puppets do, and use new puppets when the others break or outlive their usefulness. 

After that harrowing experience, Roads was ready for something more pleasant.  He and his mentor visited a reality as far into Earth’s future as that Blade Runner-ish one, but beings that chose love populated that one.  As they began descending into the other reality, the very atmosphere radiated peace and joy, which Roads’s mentor said was due to the love energy that the beings in that reality radiated.  As they approached a city in that reality, the trees lining the street looked like spruces, but with silver needles.  Roads thought that they looked artificial, but the life energy emanating from them was far too strong to ignore.  Roads examined a tree and saw that the needles slowly swayed, like sea anemone tentacles.  His mentor confirmed that that tree was the result of genetic intervention, and that sea anemone DNA was indeed involved.  However, it was done with the tree’s consent.  That reality also had genetic engineering, but done with the utmost respect and cooperation with the life forms involved.  The trees enjoyed the movement that their silky, silvery needles provided.

In the Blade Runner-ish reality, Roads and his mentor were ghostly beings and unseen by that reality’s inhabitants.  When they appeared in that new, loving reality, the people could see them and knew Roads’s mentor, as he was a regular visitor.  A group of playful teenagers invited Roads and his mentor to their school.  To a casual observer, the teenagers looked remarkably like those god-like people in the rich levels of the Blade Runner-ish world, but they needed no drugs, genetic tinkering, or holographic crutches.  Those teenagers were highly developed, both spiritually and mentally, and love increased their abilities to astonishing levels.

The teenagers took Roads and his mentor on that city’s equivalent of a bus: it looked like a rainbow running down the street.  As soon as Roads stepped on it, it whisked him away.  It responded to his mind, going where he wanted, as rapidly or slowly as he wanted, and before he knew it, he had already disembarked at his destination.  The school was in a park setting.  The lawn was a kind of fern-ish plant that smelled faintly of lemon and never needed mowing.  The area emitted a feeling of tranquility, as if it was a specifically induced atmosphere.  In the park was a domed building that housed the school, and the teenagers invited Roads inside.  Each lay down in a bed that adapted itself to the student, and they received an education where information was fed directly into their brains while in a meditative state.  The students’ entire bodies were involved, with each cell participating in the learning experience.  The students experienced what they learned, and they learned more than fifty times faster than students in today’s schools learn, so that by age six, a child knew nearly everything there was to know about the human body, and how to be healthy.

Roads was disbelieving at first, but he saw that the students were all physically perfect and radiated robust health.  As Roads goggled, his mentor reminded him not to compare that reality to his world, and his mentor made a statement that nearly summarizes this website:


“You are living in a time when the great potential of many brilliant individuals is suppressed.  Your people are stricken with disease, war, famine, and suffering on a level that rivals anything in your historical past.  All your true geniuses who develop the means for holistic health and a global abundance of food are persecuted, ridiculed, restrained, and controlled by rampant corporate greed and consensus reality.  However, as always, the greater the suppression, the greater the resulting explosion… You live in a time of great cataclysm, a time of an explosive upheaval in consciousness.  This can be seen environmentally in the unprecedented speed of change.  The times you live in will be the determining factor of your next reality frame.  Some of your humanity will incarnate into the reality that we visited earlier; some will incarnate here.  The big majority, however, will probably incarnate back into a reality frame that is a continuation of your present mode.”  (see Roads, Into a Timeless Realm, p. 227)


In the heavenly reality that Roads visited, there was no disease, sickness, or hospitals.  Utopia barely begins to describe it, and Roads only saw a sliver of it.  Then Roads’s mentor took him to a forest outside of town.  Roads is a veteran of many incredible mystical experiences, where he has communed with nature and all manner of consciousness, but that forest experience was one that a Disney cartoon could not begin to portray.  Birds and butterflies flew everywhere, nature spirits abounded, and trees talked to him.  The entire planet had a rainbow expressway that webbed it, and connected city to farm to wilderness.  The rainbow was just one form of transportation.  The most common form of long-distance travel looked like a huge soap bubble, which was made of electromagnetic energy, and everybody over age six had one.  The bubble responded to the “driver’s” mind, taking each one wherever he/she wanted to go.

Their last visit in that reality was to a farm.  As with the Blade Runner-ish world, the farming was automated, but as the grain was harvested, it nearly leapt into the harvester, with the grain emitting a deep sense of fulfillment.  The farmland had larger versions of those traveling bubbles, but those protected crops, and could cover up to a square mile of land and provide a perfect environment, including temperature and moisture control, while the surrounding land would be unaffected.  Those bubbles were made of electromagnetic energy and were nearly invisible, but the most powerful tornado could not have dented one.  That reality had no pets, but animals and people could become each other’s companions if both wanted to.  Of course, vegetarians entirely populated that reality.  No animal was abused or killed by humans in that reality. 

I made a more complete summary of that chapter in my forum, here

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