My Journey and Life's Work in Five Pages


By Wade Frazier

Revised August 2014 (first published March 24, 2006)

This essay was initially written to assist readers of a post to a site that discusses the "enigma" of Dennis Lee, where I outlined how his most prominent and persistent assailant since 1996 dishonestly portrayed Dennis’s past.  While recalling my days with Dennis can revisit pleasant memories, the process is usually agonizing.  Repeatedly demonstrating how dishonest Dennis’s critics have been is an unwelcome task, and I decided to make lemonade out of lemons.  Telescoping my life’s work into five pages was difficult, and this essay stands as the most succinct introduction to my writings.  This essay summarizes many hard-to-believe experiences, and if any of them seem too “way out,” I suggest taking the link to the more complete version of the event, to put it in its proper context.

My alternative energy journey began in the early 1970s, when my first professional mentor invented the world’s best engine for powering an automobile.  My first exposure to the real world of alternative energy was when my mentor told me that during the hoopla over his engine, a high-ranking government official told him that if he planned to bring his engine to market, he had better make his funeral plans first.  I had my mystical awakening at age 16, and at age 19, I had a paranormal experience that changed my college studies from science to accounting.  After college I became a CPA, and at age 27 I had another paranormal experience that led me to move from Los Angeles to Seattle and right into Dennis Lee’s company, which was in its death throes.  Dennis had just finished what is arguably the most significant attempt yet made to bring alternative energy to the American marketplace.  The energy interests called in all of their favors to destroy his company in Seattle.  Their efforts resulted in the death of one of his employees, which radicalized Dennis in his pursuit of alternative energy.  The energy interests ran Dennis out of the state and he tried rebuilding his venture in Boston, with the Washington authorities hounding him across the continent.  However, I would not be denied my boyhood dream of changing the energy industry, and I was the only employee to follow him out to Boston.  Dennis had about four hundred employees in late 1985. 

As I was driving to Boston and bringing along his family’s few possessions, Dennis received his first free energy idea.  He wanted to marry his heat pump to a low temperature turbine that he heard about two days before I arrived.  We saw it demonstrated the day after I arrived.  I raised the money to get Dennis’s free energy venture off the ground, and became his partner.  Those were innocent and happy days for me.  We had unwittingly landed in the middle of an energy controversy in Boston over the Seabrook nuclear power plant.  Dennis always thinks big, and offered to buy the Seabrook power plant, never put nuclear fuel in it, and instead use it as a storage device to balance the load from all the free energy machines that would feed it.  Dennis soon had an audience with the Seabrook Association’s chairman of the board.  At about the same time, we received the first offer to buy us out, for $10 million, a sum that I now know was a typical "offer" buy out and shelve innovative energy technologies.  The Boston venture failed, partly due to a media blackout on our company.  In the meantime, I had connected with more capital and some world-class technical talent in my hometown of Ventura, California.  We moved the company to Ventura in June 1987.

In late 1987, my first professional mentor came forward and proposed that if we married his engine to Dennis’s heat pump panels, “free energy” might be possible.  In January 1988, Victor Fischer came aboard, with a similar engine to my mentor’s and had been extensively developed in Australia.  We then tried marrying Fischer’s engine to Dennis’s heat pump panels, and Dennis began making earnest free energy noise.  We also had a highly successful program of selling information kits for making, installing, and manufacturing Dennis’s heat pump.  We were flying high.  Two days after Dennis publicly announced that we were pursuing a free energy prototype using Fischer’s engine and Dennis’s heat pump panels, thirteen armed deputies of the Ventura County sheriff’s department raided us.  During the raid, they stole or photographed all of the technical material from our chief researcher’s office, in a blatant act of theft and espionage.

The previous year had already been very stressful, but after the raid it began going rapidly downhill for me.  I was the company controller, and the sheriff’s department seized all of my records and refused to provide us copies of them.  After six weeks of sixteen-hour days to try surviving their carefully aimed deathblow, I began going into general physical collapse, and that was the beginning of the end of my days with Dennis.  I left the company to try recovering in May 1988.  At about the same time, Dennis received the second offer to buy us out.  A CIA man representing European interests made the offer, and Dennis could have asked for a billion dollars and they would have paid it.  Dennis refused their offer, and the next month Dennis was arrested with a million-dollar bail.  When the big carrot did not work, they brought out the big stick, and then the nightmare truly began.

Little did I know it while growing up, but Ventura County regularly makes the top-ten list of most corrupt police forces and judicial systems in America (it is the home of the Rodney King beating verdict), and I discovered it firsthand.  I became familiar with evil during the Ventura nightmare, with the sheriff’s deputy in charge of the “investigation” bringing me to my pivotal momentInstead of getting a shotgun and “cleaning up” Ventura County, I mortgaged my life to give Dennis a slim chance of avoiding life in prison, and probably being murdered while in prison.  My quixotic gesture worked, and Dennis was released from jail on April Fools Day, 1989.  With the nightmare over, my legal fund helped secure the services of the most prominent Constitutionalist attorney in America, who gave the IRS a black eye in the U.S. Supreme Court the year before.  Kangaroo court still prevailed, however, when the judge took Dennis’s attorney hostage, and Dennis was forced to plead guilty to a civil law infraction.  A parking violation was a more willful breach of the law, but the courts violated his plea bargain all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and Dennis did hard time in the state penitentiary, and was nearly murdered in there.  Dennis’s case set precedents all along the way, even to illegal parole conditions. 

I began waking up fast when I was at Dennis’s company in Seattle, but when the dust cleared in Ventura, I was radicalized.  I would never again see the world in the same way, and I then spent 12,000 hours of unpaid labor creating my 1,200-page website, which I finished in 2002.  I saw many lives destroyed during my journey with Dennis, including mine.  I buried one of the few heroes of Dennis’s journey in 2002, and I do not want any more adventures in alternative energy, and seek the quiet life these days.

Dennis, however, is like no human being that I have ever known or heard of.  I met him immediately after he was released from behind bars both times, and he began going back at it more fervently each time, as if his stints behind bars gave him a chance to rest.  I could only stand back and watch with awe as he went back at it.  I was there, and I have a difficult time fathoming what Dennis has lived through.  For several years, Dennis kept trying to coax me back into the saddle with him, but I was in no mood or shape to walk back into that hurricane.  My years with him comprised a learning experience like no other, but such learning experiences are rather hard on the pupil.  When Dennis was released from prison in 1994, he surprised me by quickly getting a national profile by trading largely on his credentials gained by what had happened to us in Ventura.  I joined back up with him in November 1996 in New Jersey, but it only lasted a few months, and I nearly went to prison for my trouble.  The years have been hard on me, and I do not have the recovery capacity or incredible persistence that Dennis has, and in April 1997 Dennis allowed me to return to Seattle, where I was born.  I have lived here ever since, and have no plans to ever leave. 

I also discovered firsthand during my days with Dennis that the American media is an integral part of the power structure, and brainwashing the American people is perhaps its primary function.  That was not fun to discover, but a byproduct of creating my website was the realization that most of my “education” while young was a pack of lies.

From 1990 to 1996, all of my spare time was spent reading a vast spectrum of material, and just before I joined up with Dennis in 1996, I hastily completed and published a 600-page website.  Soon after I published my site, I met Mr. Skeptic in cyberspace, who had published a website the day after Dennis’s Philadelphia show, where Dennis put 5,000 people into a sports stadium to talk about free energy.  I tried educating Mr. Skeptic about Dennis and what we were doing.  I had studied the “skeptics” at length as part of my research, so my optimism was guarded about his ability to comprehend the free energy milieu’s reality.  I had seen shocking dishonesty displayed by Carl Sagan, the leading light of the “skeptical movement,” and I had seen many instances of “skeptical” minds so closed or locked into linear thinking that it astonished me.  Perhaps the most closed-minded “skeptic” that I saw was James Randi, and he was Mr. Skeptic’s mentor.  I came to realize that the “skeptics” are usually fundamentalist materialists who adopt a “skeptical” attitude to everything that does not conform to their “faith.”  There are few scientific geniuses in their ranks.  The giants of physics were almost all mystics.  My first professional mentor invented like Tesla did, with his inventions coming to him complete in his mind’s eye, and Dennis’s mind works similarly, except that his inventions were mainly in the marketing and entrepreneurial field. 

Dennis is obviously a controversial figure, and has had no shortage of critics since I first met him in 1986.  However, as I discovered firsthand, integrity is Earth’s scarcest commodity, and almost without exception, Dennis’s critics were either people who tried to steal from him and failed (or they did steal from him, and realized that their booty was not as lucrative as hoped), people who were being paid to beleaguer Dennis, as the BPA Hit Man was, or people who fired potshots from their comfortable armchairs.  In addition, many people have been caught in the crossfire of all the mayhem that has surrounded Dennis’s efforts, and many have lost their life’s savings and had their lives ruined.  I have seen a great deal of carnage over the years.  However, nobody has suffered more in Dennis’s adventures than Dennis himself.  He has survived combat, murder attempts, paralysis, medical negligence, starvation, malnutrition, and prison.  Second place in the suffering department has been the people closest to him.  When I helped bury Mr. Professor in 2002, it was obvious that his premature death was directly related to his years with Dennis.  Mr. Financier had his life ruined in Washington, as Dennis’s company was destroyed.  I will always be picking up the pieces of my shattered life.  Dennis is not exactly living on the Riviera with his ill-gotten millions.  Nearly his entire adult life has been lived in poverty, with the clothes on his back purchased in thrift stores, losing his teeth because he could not afford dental care, and so forth.  However, with his unforgettable style and all the merciless libel and derision aimed Dennis’s way since the 1980s, he is the face that people remember, and he gets blamed for many things that were not his doing.  The energy interests, both global and local, and their eager minions owe an awesome debt to humanity, not the least of which are all the people who were hurt as they overtly or subtly derailed Dennis’s efforts.  An amazing fact is that Dennis has been hurt more by his “allies” than he has by the Global Controllers and their agents (Dennis admitted that to me when I saw him in 2013).  Dennis constantly treads in dangerous territory. 

I do not believe in ideological approaches to the free energy issue, of which Dennis’s religion approach was one, as was his Patriot approach.  I doubt that those approaches will work, but Dennis works with what he has and what he is.  Persistence and integrity are two of the most vital keys to making free energy happen, which Dennis possesses in great abundance, so he can never be totally counted out of the game.  Personally, I am not into “faith” and have faint hope that messiahs can save us from ourselves, and I doubt that I want them to.  I think it is time for humanity to begin demonstrating self-responsibility and manifesting personal integrity.  It may be the only way out of our self-created mess (but our ET friends may help).  However, I have never seen a public criticism of Dennis’s efforts that was informed, intelligent and, most importantly, honest, at least until I read Sterling Allan’s comment on Dennis’s efforts.  A fair number of his observations I tended to agree with, and I contacted him, which led to writing this essay.  However, people who are fixated on criticizing Dennis, without pursuing the lessons to be learned from his preposterous journey, are missing the point.  The goal is free energy, which has already been done many times.  Whether Dennis is a crook or not, or has a prayer with his approach or not, is not really the issue.  It is about somebody’s getting over the finish line. 

Dennis is obviously a fast-talking combination of P.T. Barnum, a preacher, and an entrepreneur.  That is his public image, and there is significant truth behind it.  I have seen him called a “snake-oil salesman” since the 1980s.  But does he have criminal intent?  I have yet to meet a person who cares more for humanity than he does, and Dennis has always put his life where his mouth was.

When Dennis is playing pitchman he embellishes events, and I have told him so, particularly when he embellishes the facts around my participation or those I brought into the operation.  The tale told in this essay is obviously quite dramatic, even ludicrous, and the straight truth is plenty spectacular enough.  In Dennis’s books, particularly My Quest and The Alternative (both largely written when he was behind bars and could slow down), when Dennis related the facts of his journey, he told it straight and even conservatively.  For those who want a web-based rendering of the facts of Dennis’s life and efforts, videos exist on the Internet, and I have a quiz on my site that links to the pertinent facts of Dennis’s past.  Dennis’s writings regularly veer into right-wing conspiratorial theorizing, which I believe is far from the most important aspect of the free energy conundrum.  The Global Controllers are definitely out there and have been actively mischievous, and Dennis has borne the brunt of their machinations, but they can only play their games with the power that humanity has given them.  Dennis plays showman, but that attracts people who come for the show.  The very same people who gave Dennis a standing ovation one day would cheer at his lynching the next, as that was a good show too.  Crowds like that seemed to be little help in making free energy happen.  Any effort to bring free energy to the world will face many obstacles, but the inertia and easy manipulability of the masses presents the most formidable hurdle.  The enemy is us. 

This essay will now deal with Mr. Skeptic’s dishonesty.  I present the facts of my relationship with him at this link.  I also inserted a lengthy footnote discussion of just why Mr. Skeptic’s Skeptical Inquirer article was dishonest.  It was not libelous because Mr. Skeptic was hasty or sloppy or unintelligent.  After months of interacting with him, it became obvious that he was desperate to attribute criminal motivation to Dennis’s efforts.  That Skeptical Inquirer article was published months after I stopped interacting with Mr. Skeptic.  The article was only about two pages long and was the crowning moment of his skeptical career.  The only cited sources in it were from two libelous and obscure newspaper articles that presented false “facts” about the prosecutions and convictions of Dennis in Washington and California.  Those articles stated that Dennis pled guilty to having criminal motivation, and that was what Mr. Skeptic sought.  Mr. Skeptic had easy access to the official documents.  He even published on his website part of my original website, which outlined the facts and documents, and Dennis’s books also reproduce them, books that Mr. Skeptic claimed to have carefully read.  The official documents contradicted those easily disproved lies.  Attributing criminal motivation to Dennis was the only thing that made Mr. Skeptic’s crusade appear the least bit credible; accordingly, Mr. Skeptic knowingly lied, which was a criminal act.  He even called his libelous article “funny” on his website, and only escalated his accusatory rhetoric over the years.  That is the point of this essay. 

Mr. Skeptic attacked me in an Internet forum in 2003, and I am familiar with his disinformation style.  His initial post at the site is representative of how he plies his trade.  He began by stating that Dennis pled guilty to multiple felony counts, to make it appear that Dennis had criminal motivation.  If Mr. Skeptic can make the reader believe that, then his job becomes easier.  His statement about Dennis’s pleading guilty is technically accurate, in a limited sense, but misrepresents the situation.  Disinformation specialists usually use “facts” to establish their cases, at least a few of them.  They then add supposition, rumor and half-truths, stripped from their context, and then construct their house of cards, hoping that uninformed audiences will be duped by it.  Telling outright lies is unprofessional and can backfire, as it is doing here, which is another reason why I believe that Mr. Skeptic is probably an amateur.  However, he replicated the British style of propaganda that Goebbels remarked on: tell a Big Lie repeatedly and forcefully, even after it has been exposed, and many will still be deceived by it, even though the liar risks appearing asinine to the discerning.  I am about half convinced that Mr. Skeptic is free-lancing his efforts, and is not a paid provocateur as Bill the BPA Hit Man was (although events in 2008 made me reassess the situation, and I now more than half believe that he is being compensated for his attacks on Dennis, although it is more psychologically interesting if his ego was responsible for his behavior, rather that him just doing his job).  When I read Mr. Skeptic’s article, I realized that he was dishonest, and his behavior since then has only reinforced that notion.  I will never interact with him again.  As a wise man once wrote, never debate a liar or a fool, as the audience will have trouble distinguishing who the liar or fool is.

























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