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In January 2011, I was surprised to see a new forum mounted by Bill Ryan, who interviewed Brian O’Leary and me in 2009 with Kerry Cassidy.  Bill became familiar with my work around 2001, through Peter Meyer’s site, which helped inspire Bill and Kerry’s efforts with Project Camelot.  Bill’s forum is a controlled one, where would-be participants undergo an application process, and unruly participants are ejected.  Bill also realized what a dead end the “free-for-all” Internet forums are.  I had never before participated in a forum where I was not attacked (sometimes by professionals), banned, the forum erased, and so on.  I was planning on eventually mounting my own forum (which I finally established in August 2014), where the participants were invited, and Bill also went through the problems of “all-comers” forums and the associated mayhem, and came to the same conclusions that I did: a productive forum cannot allow in just anybody, not for the subject matter that we deal with.  Bill’s forum is where I primarily interact with the public.

I joined Bill’s forum, and when I originally wrote this in June 2011, there were more than 700 posts to the thread devoted to my work, with more than a third of the posts being mine (in August 2014, there were nearly 4,000 posts, with more than half of them mine).  Unless a reader has followed the thread since the beginning, it would be quite a task to read the thread.  I have repeated myself through the thread many times, as many forum members have asked similar questions. 


My Avalon Forum Discussion

Below are my posts to that thread as of June 2011 that I felt were more pertinent to the message that I am attempting to impart, to make it easier on my readers.  The below summary is for posts through this one.  The posts since then have largely been variations on a theme, although from late 2013 to August 2014, the posts were partly related to my big essay as it was in progress. 

My introductory post summarized my background and intentions.

Early on, I clarified my position, and how I saw free energy fitting into the world paradigm, and I made posts periodically that tried to keep the thread centered on my intentions  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). 

I have been making posts that envision what a world based on free energy could look like (1, 2, 3).  They are obviously about a lot more than free energy, but free energy makes those visions feasible.  Without free energy, most of the abundance visions promoted around the world today are marginally feasible, if at all.  Free energy would allow us to leap the octave to an abundance-based world.

A key contention in my work is that many social advances were deeply rooted in improving economic conditions, which were greatly dependent on the energy surplus that the civilization enjoyed.  I updated one of my essays to reflect that issue, before my June 2011 interview with Scott Jordan (1, 2, 3) on the lessons that I learned on my journey, and the principles for mounting a free energy effort without risking lives.  The sociological aspects of the free energy conundrum may be the key ones, and I discussed various facets of the free energy conundrum.  I also address issues that very few want to discuss, such as if humanity is worth saving, and the dark side and despair that usually accompanies the free energy journey.  Those topics need to be addressed head on. 

Many posts have dealt with my chart of the free energy onion, the many levels of free energy awareness and reaction that I have encountered over the years (1, 2, 3, 4), and my progression through the levels.  I have found it a useful framework, although there are certainly other valid ones.  I discuss how the mainstream scientists, and even many alternative ones, miss the boat on free energy, and even are hostile to the idea of free energy. 

I discussed a little free energy physics (1, 2) and the mystical orientation of the greatest physicists.  I also discussed some of the science behind paradigm-shifting biological and medical breakthroughs, how they are assailed, and the state of Western medicine (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  I discussed “precious” metals a little.

The most common questions that I have fielded so far were those about this or that inventor and if he “had it.”  I strongly doubt that the standard inventor/capitalist path is a productive one for bringing free energy to the world.  Here is the first such post.  I also address the free inventors that have been out there for a long time, and why they might be still at it.  I also deal somewhat with the issues that I saw on my free energy journey (1, 2), and made numerous posts to try to get the reader’s orientation away from the inventor/capitalist approach, taking on the “bad guys,” mass movements and so on (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13).  As far as I have seen, those are dead ends in the current environment, but watching the spectacle of inventors trying to scale the ramparts is about the only orientation that observers have (and I have been there, too - 1, 2), unfortunately, and I am trying to develop a different approach to the problem (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  I strongly discourage garage tinkerers from thinking that they can make a free energy prototype in their garage and bring it to the world (1, 2).  I also addressed the notion of the kind of risk that I may be exposing myself to with this kind of public action, and the kind of risks that I am actively avoiding (1, 2, 3). 

Conspiracism is one of the many yawning pitfalls that await free energy aspirants, and I try to stay away from too much speculation on what has been suppressed.  Organized suppression is real, and interested readers should know something about it, but obsessing about it leads to paranoia and other problems.  I know that plenty has been put under wraps, but other than imagining what free energy and related technologies can do to transform the human journey, I do my best to stay close to what is documented and non-controversial, at least to the extent that subject matter like that can be.  I also deal with the fate of academics who involve themselves in the forbidden topics

The nature of consciousness is deeply conjoined with the free energy conundrum, and is discussed in the thread fairly frequently, as well as my experiences in the mystical community, including healing (1, 2, 3), and I contrast what I consider enlightened mystical information with popular New Age material, and the controversies that arise (1, 2). 

I deal with the path of my radicalization a number of times in the thread, and the various interventions, seemingly divine and otherwise.  I also deal at length with the personal aspect of my journey, including my personal foibles  how my patience gets tested (1, 2, 3), and I also reveal anecdotes from my journey that I have never published before.  I also cover some of my family’s journey, and how the West enjoys relative abundance, but it is not the real thing.  I also provide never-before-revealed autobiographical information, such as some crazy adventures that I had in the mountains when I was far younger, the identity of some players who have remained anonymous until now, how I hide out in the corporate culture, and how I am wired

The dialogue has been going fairly well in the forum, with some members understanding my approach (1, 2, 3) and others are trying to.  It is not easy to understand, mainly because people have to discard much of what they “know.”  If I only found five people who understood, the effort would have been worth it, and I am likely a ways past there.  Once in a while, I meet fellow free energy travelers and those who came to the forum from my site. 

Although many of my posts can be called my opinion, my opinions are informed by my personal experiences, many years of research, deep reflection and so on.  Once in a while, I venture my opinions on the big picture of our past and what is happening on the grand stage these days. 

I also make some comments on current events, such as the Fukushima catastrophe (1, 2), establishment hacks,  and the state of the environment.  I also discuss some of the other Project Camelot witnesses when others have brought them up, and the phenomenon of insiders in general. 

I deal frankly with the imperial behavior of the USA (1, 2) and how economics is always central to the imperial game.  

While much of my site is historical in nature, those topics have not arisen often in the thread, but it has some, and also I discuss some site revisions that I plan



My first public interview was with Carol Brouillet in 2008.  My second was with Brian O’Leary, Bill Ryan, and Kerry Cassidy in 2009

Joining the Avalon forum spurred more interview activity.  Scott Jordan invited me onto his show, and I did two interviews with him and his co-host Tom Theofanous, published in February and May of 2011.  Scott put the first interview on YouTube, accompanied by pictures that he gleaned from the Internet.  The first interview was more about my adventures and how I saw the terrain that lies before free energy activists.  We did a second interview, which was about some of the technologies that I was involved with and knew of, back during my days with Dennis (which has also been posted to YouTube, with some visual aids 1, 2).  Scott did a third interview with me in June 2011, which was when I covered the subject matter that is more important to me, which is how to mount a free energy effort without risking lives.  In preparation for that interview, I revised the advanced stage part of that section.  That part, together with my brief summary of Earth’s energy revolutions, comprised the most succinct preview of my big essay.

My interviews with Scott and Tom led to Brian O’Leary and Jeane Manning also appearing on their show, and Adam Trombly also did the showI have been the warm-up act for Adam before, and it is an honor to be a warm-up act for people like them.  There are not many like them out there.

I also did some interviews with Brian and Jeane on David Gibbons’s show.  I also appeared on James Gilliland’s show on July 9, 2011I have been to James’s ranch a few times, watching UFOs. 


Future Activities as of August 2014

Brian was planning on promoting my free energy plan in the summer of 2011, but he died on July 29, 2011.  I greatly miss him, and published an essay about him in April 2012.

I took more than a year break from my career and wrote my big essay, which will likely be the last like it in my lifetime.  I began my forum in August 2014, and that big essay will be the centerpiece of that forum, where I attempt to build a "choir" that can provide an atmosphere to help free energy technology manifest.  We will be learning and singing the song of abundance. 



























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