Observations, Opinions, and Dilemmas

By Wade Frazier

Revised July 2014


The Continuing Challenge of Writing this Site

Opinions, etc. 



The Continuing Challenge of Writing this Site

I began the process of performing the research and writing that became this site in 1988.  My family has a writing heritage, but I began the project with little writing experience.  I look back at my writings from 1991 and shake my head and smile.  My views have not appreciably changed since then, but my writing style had a long way to go.  I published my first website in 1996, and it came down several months later.  Since late 1998, I have continually had a site up. 

I finished my second attempt at a site in 1999.  One reader, who was a professional editor, offered to help turn the “wine” of my site into “brandy,” and I hired her.  For the next several months, I had the learning experience of my writing career via her red pen.  After re-editing my site (and creating the American Empire essay, among others), which was complete in 2002, at least one professional writer doubted that I was my site’s author, so pronounced was the change between the 1999 and 2002 versions of it. 

Another problem was that although I had put many of the horrific experiences of my alternative energy days behind me, I was not fully recovered and may never be.  During my days with Dennis Lee, I saw lives crumble around me, watched people lose their sanity and more than one premature death accompanied my journey, one of which I am partly responsible for, and I received many attacks and betrayals from my friends and family.  Many friendships ended, and close family relationships were permanently damaged.  I believe that my youth and relatively unscarred childhood, along with my spiritual foundation, are largely why I was not destroyed by those experiences.  I also have my personality and ego issues, and getting out of my way was central to the process of creating this site.  

The purpose of writing this site was telling the story of a young, idealistic boy who tried changing the world for the better and what he discovered along the way, in the hope that some would find it useful.  The purpose was not necessarily to tell an objective tale about the American past, for instance, but to tell what I was taught about it, which is a different issue.  The essay that I am publishing in 2014, however, is more of an objective view of life on Earth and the human journey and how to heal humanity and Earth.

It would be difficult enough to write objectively about my role in any event, much less one so much larger-than-life as my years with Dennis proved to be.  I almost wish that I could write about these issues anonymously, but there are several reasons why I need to insert myself into the situations, one of which is that I was a participant and more central to the story than my site discloses.  This site’s essays keep a close orbit to my experiences.  My experiences give me the authority to write about those subjects.  This site was not intended to be an exercise in dry scholarship, even my 2014 essay.  Also, the audience that I am attempting to interest is different than those whom I originally intended to reach, and I am trying to embolden them.  I am not trying to reach the masses; they are simply not ready for the free energy and abundance message.  They will begin to comprehend the reality when somebody delivers a free energy machine to their homes.  I seek people with high levels of sentience and integrity although, so far, the search has largely been fruitless.  However, my 2014 attempt will use the reach of the Internet to seek them.

The energy issue is the most significant one facing humanity; energy consumption has defined the human journey and we are running out of the fuel supply that powered the Industrial Revolution.  Humanity has rarely had a sustainable energy supply, and never a truly abundant one.  I know that free energy technology exists (1, 2, 3), and can bring about an unprecedented epoch of the human journey.  It is easy to become seduced by the situation’s immensity, and I have not always been immune to its lure.  How does one write objectively about such a situation, when one has been in the belly of the beast?  I was there, and could not have created this site unless I had been.  Navigating between the personal and the objective may have been my greatest challenge in creating this site, particularly on such an overwhelming and urgent issue.  Humanity stands on the abyss’s edge, and I live on this planet.  I do not want to live to see humanity destroy itself, and prefer living in heaven on Earth, especially when I know how attainable it is. 

This site’s writings have received a vast spectrum of feedback over the years.  Some have called it “insane revisionism,” others have compared it to the work of Noam Chomsky, David Icke, or Guy de Maupassant, while others have accused me of plagiarism or defrauding the public.  I have been plagiarized, impersonated, libeled, trolled, and attacked on the Internet.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and opinions do matter, at least somewhat.  Our awareness is all that we take with us.  I have taken most feedback to my work seriously, and feedback has helped.  Life can seem solipsistic when sitting at the computer for years on end.  Every essay on this site has been somebody’s favorite part of it.  Most feedback was of the decent and thoughtful variety, although the viciousness of the attacks that I received (especially after the World Trade Center attacks) more than made up for the positive feedback that I received.  I no longer accept contact from the general public because it was not worth it anymore.  The trolls and assailants have prevailed, at least for now. 

My midlife crisis began in 2000 and ended in 2007.  For several years I waited for it to arrive, listening for the doorbell, only to discover that it snuck in the back door.  Mine was not worrying about my aging body, my fading looks, or how my career and net worth were faring, but the notion that my life’s work had been futile.  I reached the second stage of my midlife crisis on September 11, 2001, and for the next five years I experienced the most sustained agony of my life, until I was invited to the White House, which paradoxically was the beginning of the end of my midlife crisis.  All midlife crises wrestle with delusions to a degree, and I still have mine.  My Achilles heel is impatience; it has been a challenge to try to overcome it, and I am not there yet.

I cannot say what part of this site may be the “best” (or the “worst”) but I can say what were the easiest, hardest, and the most and least fun parts to create.  The most emotionally harrowing part to write was my experiences in pursuing alternative energy with Dennis Lee, although the summer of 1999, when I researched and wrote my war essay, was probably the most consistently draining period of writing this site.  After finishing that essay, I realized that I had better stop drinking, and the next year, I did.  I suspect that more effort went into the medical essay than any other, as well as its related fluoridation essay, although the American Empire essay was probably the result of more reading than any other.  The 2014 essay, however, took it all to the next level as far as effort went, with me studying for it for several years in my "spare" time, before spending nearly a year writing it. 

Writing the visions part of this site, along with my abundance essay, was probably the most fun I had.  Writing the spirit essay was a relatively pleasant experience.  Most of the research done to create this web site felt like diving into a sewer every day, and a continuous emotional toll accompanied that long, grinding process.  Finishing the site in September 2002 was a great relief, to only give me a front-row seat to the invasion of Iraq.  

I do not like studying and writing about the darkness in our world.  Until that dark side was understood (and how the masses tend to call it the light), however, I doubted that realistic solutions to our problems were possible.  That is why I did it.  This site is about living the harmless life, and focuses on prevention, and even if prevention fails (in America, it is virtually never even tried), violence is never an answer.  The current cancer paradigm makes that clear.  Medical violence is not the answer for failing to live healthily, but it sure makes heaps of money.  Why have people use prevention by the ounce, when “cure” can be sold by the pound?

My human failings and limitations as a writer are evident in this site’s writings, and I may always strive to improve upon them, although I do not expect to write many more essays after the publication of my 2014 essay.


Opinions, etc.

I doubt that objectivity exists.  While I have tried to hew to the “facts” and keep my editorializing to a minimum, many readers want my opinion on various matters, particularly how I see events and the bigger picture.  I have been presenting my opinions for years now in a forum, so this essay is not nearly as important as it once was, but it is still relevant.

This essay will venture some of those views and will deal with mystical ideas that I cannot “prove” to anybody.  What follows are observations and opinions that some readers may find worth reading, while others will be happy that they are in a far corner of my work, out of the way.

I have never heard of a spiritual master denying that humans have souls.  Also, no master has denied that souls come here more than once, in a concept loosely known as reincarnation, which not even the Biblical Jesus denied, since he stated that John the Baptist was Elijah’s reincarnation.[1]  Although there is a big hole in the New Testament, with more than half of Jesus’s life missing, references to reincarnation survive.  Reincarnation may not have been specifically removed from the Bible as many have stated, but the concept was so widely accepted in Jesus’s day that it was a non-issue.  Jesus did not talk about it much, just as he did not talk about the sky being blue.[2] 

Western materialistic suggestions that Buddha denied reincarnation are not convincing.  Nobody need debate what ancient texts say.  Recovering past-life memories is not difficult.  I have led group regressions where everybody easily recovered past life memories.  When people validate past life memories against historical information, which many have, doubts about reincarnation quickly fade.  People cannot sincerely explore that subject before soon becoming overwhelmed with evidence of reincarnation, and the best evidence is for people to retrieve their own memories and validate them themselves.  Then nobody can take away their knowledge.  Far more convincing than the “knowledge” is the emotional resonance that comes with the memories.  The emotional validation stays with people long after the historical facts have been unearthed. 

We all live forever.  Far better news than that, however, is that physical existence is creation’s most unpleasant plane.  Most extra-physical dimensions experience conscious levels of God’s energy, love, that are truly unimaginable to earthly humans.  Most accounts of the human afterlife, significantly those retrieved during these days of sophisticated emergency medicine, when people die and are revived, report feelings of love a million times more intense than anything felt on Earth.  I want to experience that, or as close as I can come to it, while I am here.  I am less than happy that I live in a dimension so far removed from what is so obvious nearly everyplace else.  That is the cruel part of being here, and sources that I respect the most, Michael among others, acknowledge how cruel earthly life is.  All that I can seemingly do while here is to make this existence less cruel.

According to sources that I respect, souls come to earth from heavenly and hellish realms, and many places in-between, based on how they have been living.  The motion pictures Ghost and What Dreams May Come are not very fictional, nor is Star Trek.  While spiritual birds of a feather flock together on the other side, Earth hosts many different levels of spiritual attainment.  Some are on loan from heaven, more are on leave from hell, and most are middle-of-the-road souls just trying to get through life, and they usually end up in heaven’s suburbs, and fairly quickly, after they pass over.

Physical reality is where souls can make the most “progress.”  Progress to what?  Why would we come here, if everyplace else seems so much better?  Am I one of the foolish fallen ones?  I wonder.  I respect the notion that somehow I screwed up to get here.  Michael's notion of leaving the Tao, or religious concepts of The Fall, or The Course in Miracles’s author saying that this is not what the Creator intended, may well be accurate.  So we messed up, or God did not put up good guardrails in Creation and wayward souls ended up falling into duality and physical existence.  If physical reality is a form of rehabilitation for lost and fallen souls, it makes sense.  It is difficult to imagine a loving, just, and intelligent creator whipping up physical reality, just to see what it was like.  If that was the case, then this resident wants out, or at least a good peek at the bigger picture and what I came here to do.

When Dannion Brinkley had his spectacular NDE, he was told that humans were mighty spiritual beings, among Creation’s most courageous, coming to Earth to help create with God.  That theme can be found in many channeled works, including some pretty good ones, such as Kryon and Zoosh.  In years after 9/11, Kryon gave pep talks to his readers.  Kryon, as with many others, said that Earth is a unique experiment, and makes statements that can either be interpreted as arrogant or reason for hope, such as:


“Someday you’ll understand that Earth is unique, the only place where God resides inside the biology called the Human Being.”[3]


Zoosh said that humans are becoming the “Explorer Race,” and that when we learn to solve our problems, we will help the rest of the universe do the same.  Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians said that many humans are here today to bust Earth’s systems, bring love back to physical reality, and help seed the universe with it.

I have been dismayed by some post-9/11 channelings.  I think that there was plenty of “channel distortion,” as the earthly personalities doing the channelings have been under stress.  Some channelings have seemed quite naïve, while other times it seemed that Pollyanna was being channeled.  Maybe that was my midlife crisis talking, but when a prominent channel said that Bush and gang invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein was some kind of personification of evil, my respect for his work declined.  That channel is Jewish, and that may have something to do with his Middle East channelings, or maybe he watched too much Fox News.  By 2010, I had pretty much stopped reading channeled material, as I largely lost interest in it.

Whether those “cheer up” channelings are arrogant ravings or accurate observations, whether humans are soulless bags of chemicals or creation’s idiots, falling into duality and earthly experience because they gave away their free will and experienced The Fall,[4] and humans are either among Creation’s most derelict souls or among its bravest, the answer to all those possible realities is clear: love is the only answer worth contemplating

Even if all the mystical material is invalid, love is obviously the best of all possible feelings, and the one that most would want to experience as often as possible.  By love, I do not mean the highly conditional love that Christians often sparingly dole out to other Christians (or even only to those of their particular sect), or the romantic lust people feel and call love, or the “tough love” that parades as love these days, but the unconditional love that Jesus spoke of and lived, the love that loves the enemy and can raise the dead, the love that forgave Judas, even as Judas betrayed him, and the love that was behind Jesus asking his god to forgive his murderers, for they were blind.  That is the kind of love I mean. 

People who are pacifists for purely ethical reasons, peacefully living the Golden Rule simply because it is the right thing to do, may be the most advanced souls of all.  Only by caring for each other can the optimistic visions come to pass.  As Neale Donald Walsh’s god said, what is required is a revolution in consciousness.  Nothing else will do it.  No ideological system can, no technology can, no trick can, except awakening the human heart; the mind will then follow and our blindness will end.  Others argue that the head needs to wake up first, and then the heart will follow.  Some are head people, and others are heart people, but the hells of the astral plane are filled with brilliant people.  I want my heart in charge, not my head, while I will not deny that there is an interaction and one can help the other.  As far as I have seen, however, love is queen and the mind but a prince, and one that readily strays without the queen’s guidance.

Many bodies of mystical material describe humanity’s spiritual state, and Michael’s concept of soul ages is common.  No age is better than any other, although the younger ages are the most self-centered ones, just as children are usually the most self-centered humans.  Younger souls thereby incur the largest burdens of negative karma, which they spend their later lives paying back.  I doubt that anybody likes being called a Baby Soul, so I will use a soul-stage concept, using stages one through seven to correspond to Michael’s soul age concept, where stage one equals Infant Soul, and stage seven equals Infinite Soul.

Michael's emotional detachment and seemingly sterile observations, where he observed that if humans destroy their planet, they will “merely” find another suitable life form (probably without the means to manipulate its environment), and continue their evolutionary journey, can be unsettling.  Even with such non-judgmental detachment, Michael admitted that the evolutionary process is one way, and love is the greatest goal while in physical reality; the love that accepts everybody just as they are, which Michael called agape. 

Similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, stage-one souls are into survival.  Stage-two souls believe in following rules.  Stage-three souls believe that winning is everything.  Stage-four souls explore their emotions, and stage-five souls explore love and acceptance.  Each stage can choose love or fear, although earlier stages are more vulnerable to fear and being locked into their negative overleaves, such as the warrior who coerces rather than persuades, the king who plays tyrant instead of master, the pragmatist who is dogmatic instead of practical, the soul exploring aggression who is belligerent rather than dynamic, and the idealist whose perspective is naïve rather than integrative.[5]  Michael said that the physical plane’s great hazards “trip up” most souls, and in only about a third of its lifetimes will an older soul manifest its true stage of development.  The USA is a stage-three culture, and stage-five souls usually fall prey to a stage-three culture’s conditioning, and rarely manifest their stage-five soul awareness, with their life’s goal being winning more than loving.

Religious fanatics, nationalist flag-wavers, and many others from the political right are operating from stage-two soul awareness.  Nationalism is a form of false consciousness, generally used to herd and control people, something obvious to Orwell, Einstein, Twain and others.  As the USA began acting more at variance with its founding ideals, ideologists began concocting symbol worship.  Just as America completed one of history's greatest genocides, it began worshipping the American flag and pledging allegiance to it.  Flag worship, Bible worship, and other idolatry are largely stage-three ruthlessness used to manipulate stage-two inexperience.  The people running the White House, corporate America, and other parts of the world’s power structure often (if not predominately) operate from the negative pole of stage-three awareness, and humanity today is at the cusp between stages three and four, which Michael said is the greatest transition that any ensouled species makes, as it turns the corner from the outward journey to the inward journey.  Michael said that a third of time an ensouled species that can manipulate its environment does not “turn the corner,” but instead destroys itself, a third of the time by warfare and two-thirds of the time by destroying its environment.

America’s radical left is largely operating from stage-four awareness.  Although they often manifest the emotional depth typical of their stage, and have mostly rejected America’s triune faith of capitalism, nationalism, and organized religion, they still largely wear stage-three’s materialistic blinders, which keep them locked into the Zero-Sum Game.  They often believe that their mission is mainly about tackling the corporations, governments, and others abusing their power.  They have yet to realize it is power those abusers have been given.  Protestors of abuse by the powerful are mostly addressing evil’s branches, not its root, and their ideology (believing in “structural analysis” to the extent they deny the idea of conscious manipulation of the system), has helped blind them to the possibilities of free energy, why it is suppressed, and how they can truly be an agent of change.  They can open their eyes to a paradigm of abundance and love that few can imagine today.  They also believe in violence as a solution.[6]  They are so close to “getting” it, and this website was partly aimed at them.

The mystical community is trying to bring stage-five awareness into play, and that they are mostly women is no accident.  There can be naïveté and other problems in that community, and most mystical charlatans are men.[7]  I am always suspicious when a man channels, “sometimes, you just need to kill people.”[8]  So, when is that?  I prefer what Seth says about the subject to what any man channels about it.  Male hormones can get in the way, and Jesus’s temple tantrum showed that even masters are susceptible to its seductions. 

If “Utopia” comes into being, it does not mean that all of humanity’s problems disappear, or that stage-two souls instantly become stage-five souls, but everybody can begin operating from the positive poles more often (operating from love).  Desperate people do desperate things, and then operate from their negative overleaves, even seemingly frozen into them.  If we eliminate human desperation, a lot will immediately change.

For those who think that life is all about survival, everybody dying is not a success.  For those who think that life is all about following the rules, whose rules?  Rules drilled into out heads by rote so that we could be controlled, or rules we discovered by our experience?  How about the rule of love?  For those who think that life is all about winning, what kind of prize is it if everybody loses?  What if everybody won?  For those who think that life is an intense emotional trip, how about if our lives were a trip of intense love?

About the only flag worth rallying around is the one below, courtesy of Alice Weiss. 

It is the life flag.  Every being with DNA can salute it, and honor every other creature with DNA as a fellow traveler. 

Real wealth is health, cleanliness, pure and alive food, a secure and healthy environment, happiness, fulfilling relationships, free time, etc.  Gold is fool’s wealth and a mere symbol of it.  Amassing piles of toys or “capital” is on one hand slightly less foolish, but also can be the ticket to hell, and is quickly destroying the planet.  To possess nothing, but to have use of whatever is needed, is an ideal that the “primitive” natives lived that the European explorers encountered, and how the people depicted on Star Trek live.  The ideas put forth in the optimistic visions can take humanity’s real wealth to levels that economists cannot begin putting numbers on.  Such a transition would collapse many economic card houses, where assumptions of greed and scarcity simply evaporated.  Rockefeller’s University of Chicago would become unrecognizable, and might also vanish.  The Zero-Sum Game would end, and humanity would begin to understand true abundance, which begins in the heart.

The best solution to toxic waste is to not create it in the first place.  In the optimistic visions, there would be no creation of toxic wastes, and what little might be created in intermediate steps can be easily isolated in safe environments and combined or reduced back into harmless substances.  There would be no fluoride ions introduced to the environment, no persistent organic pollutants, no radioactive materials, and so forth.  An intelligent and loving chemistry would be practiced, not the greed-driven and spiritually blind chemistry of today.

Creating and joining hierarchies may be how humanity lost its divine awareness and took The Fall.  Hierarchical social, political, and economic structures are a dark path initiate's dream, where the lever over it all is the coveted prize.  The steeper the hierarchy, the more the dark path people like it.  That hellish world that Roads visited was steeply hierarchical, literally, with those at the food’s chain’s apex living in the penthouse.  The world in 2014, where 85 people possess as much “wealth” as the poorest half of humanity, is the wonder of capitalism and a dark path triumph.  Native American societies, such as the arguably stage-five Iroquois culture, had little hierarchy, and no one person was vested with much “power.”  Their form of government became the model for the U.S. Constitution, but inventing the executive branch was the monarchical Europeans’ first and greatest corruption of the Iroquoian system, and the executive branch has been the primary vehicle of undermining the American government.  One way to tell if the USA really begins maturing is when it abolishes the executive branch altogether.  Corporations are also steeply hierarchical institutions, and their abolition (or a radical redesign of them, making them vehicles of service of Creation, not as servants of greed and exploitation) will be more evidence that humanity is growing up.  Ideologists have labored long and hard to make corporations and governments seem forces of nature, and as unchangeable, but they are human-constructed systems, often designed to exploit the many in favor of the few.  They can be reconstructed or deconstructed as well.

There are no hierarchies in heaven, and nobody rules there.  Zoosh said that the being Christians call Archangel Michael prefers to be known as Uncle Mike, and he likes putting his feet up on the table at gatherings of his pals.  Yes, he may be “older,” vaster and grander than earthly souls, but Uncle Mike would never say that he was better, nor would he want to be “in charge.”

The full vision would have perfect environments to grow crops, largely fruit that would be eaten live.  Human waste would be recycled, and not like the Chinese night-soil method, but in a way that would be as clean as everything else in that potential world.  Human crops would have everything they needed to grow perfectly, and human love directed toward plants would be part of what those plants thrived off of.  Creating a healthy and nutrient-rich vegetarian diet would be child’s play in that potential world.  There might be some need for artificially “fixing” nitrogen from the atmosphere and making other nutrients artificially available, as a raw material for plants and microscopic organisms to use, but the awesome pollution seen today, such as the huge “dead zones” in the oceans, would not accompany that process.  Soils would not be destroyed, nor would they blow and wash to the oceans as they have for the past several thousand years.  The world's soil levels, one of the greatest measures of real wealth on Earth, would increase greatly, and could support a myriad of life even greater than existed before the rise of domesticated humans.

The housing industry as known today would disappear.  Dwellings could last thousands of years, or be completely recycled, with zero environmental impact.  Imagine swimming pools with ninety-degree water, distilled, and continually being recirculated and purified.  Every home could have one, with a robotic lifeguard, among its other functions, and homes could be made however the inhabitant wanted, as they flexed artistic muscles not used today.

With free energy and an awakening of the human heart, those realities are not far off.  In the future worlds that Wambach's subjects saw, there was even a community that stopped eating.  Touching a musical disk every day gave those people all the energy they needed (that is close to what I have called Level 19).  Beyond electron energy is the healthier photon energy (the energy of light), and technology can literally become alive at some stage of our awakening.  There is plenty of channeled material that speculates along the lines of this site’s vision, and some has influenced me somewhat, although most of my vision is simply the fruit of pondering the possibilities of free energy since 1986, and what it could catalyze.

For instance, in the Alexander material, some of the communication revolution’s possibilities were discussed.  There can be interplay of technology and consciousness, where one assists the other.  That heavenly world that Roads saw was like that.  As the human heart opens, so will the abilities of human consciousness.  Telepathic abilities are already returning.  Alexander said that communications technology can assist that evolution, and people could have a chip in their heads that can be part of a global communication system, linking everybody to everybody.  It would not be subject to Big Brother control, but a tool of an awakened humanity, which would be discarded as our full telepathic abilities return.  Language may have been invented when humans lost their mind-to-mind communication abilities.  As with those two worlds that Roads saw, high-tech can be used for good or evil.  I would not want anybody putting a chip in my head in a nation that George Bush the Second ran, but in an awakened humanity, I might sign up.  Also, I do not trust any of today’s genetic “engineering,” because the heart is not in charge in today's world. 

Paddy McMahon channeled a version of Utopia in his The Grand Design series.[9]  In that vision, earthly Utopia began in a small nation that formed from stage-five souls, which created a political entity that does not exist today, of a few million people.  They had no weapons; they raised the world's healthiest food, and showed the rest of humanity what was possible.  The vision given McMahon was not long into our future (after the big karmic blowout that may be just around the corner, which I hope as many survive as possible).  That Utopian culture was largely vegetarian, because carnivorism and violence are directly related.  Humanity began realizing what was possible through their example.  Evil-minded people simply could not handle the “vibe” there, which is why truly enlightened beings never need weapons.  Our so-called “space brothers” from nearby star systems have defensive technology, but it is truly defensive, not adhering to the human adage that the best defense is a good offense.   If beings come at them with hostile intent, their defensive technology can put the assailants to sleep, and they wake up with their weapons missing.  Also, love the enemy works.  Those on the dark path have no idea how powerful love is. 

The dark path people want the so-called light workers to fight them.  The simple act of seeing them as bad guys and wanting to fight them already makes the dark path team the winners, as it immediately adopts the victim paradigm.  If humanity stopped being such easy meat and simply awoke to our own divinity, the dark path people could no longer play their games and they would go away (and some might even abandon the dark path and seek rehabilitation). 

If Americans choose to wake up, they can help bring the world of this site’s vision into being, and far beyond it, and soon.  It cannot happen as long as people refuse to accept responsibility for their lives as they play the victim.  People have karma, families have karma, and even nations.  America's karma is dark and heavy, and the World Trade Center attacks and economic collapse of 2007-2009 were relatively gentle compared to what may be coming.  The ethical bankruptcy of George Bush the First, self-righteously defending mass murder, is not the kind of behavior that will bring a healed planet into being.  A sign of America's growing maturity will be when we acknowledge our vast crimes and seek to repair the damage.  This site’s vision is something that Americans are in a better position than anybody else on Earth to begin to make happen.  There are not yet death squads openly roaming American streets to murder people such as me, as they have done in American client states for generations.  Americans have to do little more today than just be willing to wake up, realize they have been lied to since their cradles, throw that garbage out, begin finding their inner strength and live by their hearts and the truth.  Everything is easier said than done, but Americans are uniquely blessed in many ways, and are in the best position to begin turning earth into a true paradise.  In my 2014 effort, Americans are no longer my target audience, as my effort is global in reach.  I finally concluded that Americans are so brainwashed that I no longer seek their attention.  The USA might wake up and lead the way, but I no longer am trying to help them.  All I ask is that my home nation does not murder me, run me out of the country, or further wreck my life. 

One paradox of today’s world, and it has been this way for a while, is that the people who can least afford to raise children are the ones having them.  Africa, Latin America, and Asia have the world’s highest birth rates, while Europe, North America, Japan, and Australia have the world’s lowest.  Why is that?  The colonial dynamic easily explains it.  When Europe raped the world they commandeered most of Earth’s humanly available resources.  The subject peoples, for those who were not simply exterminated and their continents taken from them, have suffered from severe privation ever since.  In the imperial world, children are seen differently than in the colonized world.  In America for instance, children are a big economic investment for no payoff (parents no longer live with their children when they get old, or use them as farmhands), so people have children for reasons other than economic gain and security.  Most of the industrialized world has birth rates below population replacement rates.  In the colonized world however, the long grind of colonial and neocolonial exploitation has rendered them so impoverished that children are the only assets they can enjoy; being exploitable labor when young, and pension plans when the parents get old.  If all people lived an industrialized standard of living or higher, birth rates will continue to fall

An awakened humanity might decide that a billion people are all that should be on Earth, or perhaps fifteen billion people living lightly on the Earth and throughout the solar system is desired so as many souls can evolve as possible, in as positive an environment as possible.  If the colonized peoples get away from the ragged edge of survival, they will no longer be motivated by desperation to have children.  Children can be cherished for who they are, not seen as exploitable assets.

With love, anything is possible, and vistas we cannot imagine today can come into view.  The future we will experience is up to each one of us, and will develop from what we do today.  We all possess tremendous power to change our world for the better.  Will we use it?



[1] See the gospel of Matthew.

[2] See David Moore’s The Christian Conspiracy, for instance. 

[3] See Kryon, given through Lee Carroll, Sedona Journal of Emergence, September 2002, p. 30.

[4] See Paddy McMahon’s The Grand Design for more on that idea. 

[5] For an easy-to-read table of the positive and negative aspects of overleaves and roles, see José Steven’s Earth to Tao, p. 254.

[6] The radical left usually subscribes to Enlightenment ideals and generally believes in materialism, with deism about as spiritual as any of them get, David Edwards being an encouraging exception to that rule.  Consequently, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Michael Albert, Ward Churchill, and others in my Pantheon of great souls all believe in violence.  It was not their first answer by any means, but they all believed in its power to do good, to counter the “bad guys.”  Churchill and his co-writer sounded like Machiavelli in finishing their The COINTELPRO Papers, where the FBI’s evils were laid bare, by writing, “Under the circumstances, the FBI and its allies must be combated by all means available, and by any means necessary.”  See Churchill and Vander Wall’s The COINTELPRO Papers, p. 328.  Once the materialistic blinders are shed, violence can be seen for what it ultimately is: an attack on ourselves.  We all reap what we sow.

[7] I was once asked if I knew of even one man in the mystical community who did not use his power and position to have sex with women seekers, make a pile of cash at the expense of others, or other abuses of his positions and “powers.”  I had to think long and hard, and the few I thought might have achieved that level of integrity I did not know very well.  The New Age community has been more than 80% women, and the few men there, if they are not very strange, have alternative hairstyles, mystical jewelry, and other trappings; few can hold down a job, and the most accomplished often use women in the way that hummingbirds flit from flower to flower, sampling the garden.  I have seen countless women look high and low for “enlightened” men in the “movement,” and virtually all become bitterly disappointed when their search comes up empty.

[8] Neale Donald Walsch and Paddy McMahon have channeled variations on that theme.

[9] See Paddy McMahon’s The Grand Design, especially pp. 166-201, in volume 2.
















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