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By Wade Frazier

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I discovered Ralph Hovnanian's Medical Dark Ages in 1990.  Reading it was a seminal experience in developing my understanding of how the medical establishment works.  I spent many hours reading Ralph's quotation collages, and in 1992-1993 I copied seventy pages of quotes from Medical Dark Ages into a book that I wrote.   

Ralph's book is more than just quotes, and what follows are not all of them, but the next seventy pages will be a wild ride if you decide to take it.  I have broken it into seven sections, to make it easier to digest.  In Medical Dark Ages, Ralph also summarized the results of hundreds of published studies on dozens of alternative cancer treatments and their success rates, which virtually all had better success rates than orthodox treatments.

In the spring of 2013, I took a break from my career and wrote the most ambitious essay that I likely will write in this lifetime.  At that break's beginning, I spent a month visiting people on a 9,000-mile road trip that covered the USA, from coast-to-coast, from Canada to Mexico, and I planned to visit Ralph.  I called to see if he would be available when I passed by, I and talked to his 96-year-old mother, whom Ralph lived with.  She informed me that Ralph was in the hospital.  I repeatedly called to reach him, but never got through.  When I called his mother again a few weeks later on the day that I began my trip, she tearfully told me that Ralph had died.  Ralph was the second person who died between the time I planned my trip and was able to see them, and I began my trip on that melancholy note.

I met Ralph in the flesh only once, in 1991, in Chicago, but we talked on the phone every couple of years, and he read my original site manuscript that I sent him back in 1999.  Ralph was the type of kind-hearted person that has always populated my Pantheon of great souls.  If you had ever read his Medical Dark Ages, you would have recognized the brilliantly eccentric and well-meaning man that Ralph was.  His wit was extraordinary, and I will always miss it.

Nearly a quarter-century after first encountering Medical Dark Ages, it has aged quite well with me, and Ralph's quotation collage is still a dizzying read.  The quotations are just that, quotations, which at times provided brilliant illuminations of the issues, and at other times further investigation cast a different light on them, but they were always thought-provoking.  For example, the first quote, below, of the circulation of the blood via the heart, has provided plenty of controversy.  The quote comes from the Nei Ching, attributed to China's Yellow Emperor.  In 2001, a scholarly paper (see Nie Jing-bao's "Refutation of the claim that the ancient Chinese described the circulation of blood: a critique of scientism in the historiography of Chinese medicine", New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, volume 3, number 2, December 2001, pp. 119-135) examined the claim attributed to that quote and found it falling short of the physiological finding by William Harvey thousands of years later.  But the process of digging behind the quotes could be an exhilarating exercise, and that paper regarding that Chinese quote is worthwhile reading.  Ralph's quotation collage provided me numerous such diversions over the years.

In Ralph's honor, this quotation collage will be published on my site as long as I have one, and I expect my site to outlive me.  Please say a prayer of thanks to Ralph when you finish reading this page.  


Section 1

"All the blood of the body is under the control of the heart and flows in a continuous circle and never stops." - Chinese writing, 2697 BC.


"The thing that bugs me is that people think the FDA is protecting them.  It isn't.  What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it's doing are as different as night and day." - Dr. Herbert Ley, Commissioner of the FDA, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/2/70. (for more on this quote see this link)


(In response to above quote) "What is the FDA doing? As will be shown by the material that follows, the FDA is "doing" three things:

"First, it is providing a means whereby key individuals on its payroll are able to obtain both power and wealth through granting special favors to certain politically influential groups that are subject to its regulation.  This activity is similar to the 'protection racket' of organized crime: for a price, one can induce FDA administrators to provide 'protection' from the FDA itself.

"Secondly, as a result of this political favoritism, the FDA has become a primary factor in that formula whereby cartel-oriented companies in the food and drug industry are able to use the police powers of government to harass or destroy their free-market competitors.

"And thirdly, the FDA occasionally does some genuine public good with whatever energies it has left over after serving the vested political and commercial interest of its first two activities."  - G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer.


"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance.  That principle is condemnation without investigation."  - Herbert Spencer.


"Beware of prejudice; light is good in whatsoever lamp it is burning; a rose is beautiful in whatever garden it may bloom." - Abdul Baha


"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." - Henry David Thoreau.


"If any man can convince me and bring home to me that which I do not think or act aright, gladly will I change; for I search after truth, by which man never yet was harmed.  But he is harmed who abideth on still in his deception and ignorance." - Marcus Aurelius Antonius.


"There are three things which build and maintain civilization throughout time: pure air, pure water, and pure food.  And as an eternal truth I say unto you, that there are three things which bring the end of civilization, even the mightiest that have ever been and shall ever be, from the beginningless beginning to the endless end of all time: impure air, impure water, and impure food." - Zenda Avesta, c. 3000 BC.


"The cure of many diseases remains unknown to the physicians of Hellos (Greece) because they do not study the whole person." - Socrates, (470-399 BC).


"It is better not to apply any treatment in cases of occult cancer; for if treated (by surgery), the patients die quickly; but if not treated, they hold out for a long time." - Hippocrates, (460-370 BC).


"It is part of the cure to wish to be cured." - Seneca (4 BC to 65 AD).


(Advanced cancer is)" irritated by treatment; and the more so the more vigorous it is."

"Some have used caustic medicaments, some the cautery, some excision with a scalpel; but no medicament has ever given relief; the parts cauterized are excited immediately to an increase until they cause death."

"After excision, even when a scar has formed, nonetheless the disease has returned, and caused death; while ...the majority of patients, although no violent measures are applied in the attempt to remove the tumor, but only mild applications in order to sooth it, attain a ripe old age in spite of it." - Celsus, (1st century AD).


"When (a tumor) is of long standing and large, you should leave it alone.  For myself have never been able to cure any such, nor have I seen anyone else succeed before me." – Abu’l Qasim, (936 - 1013 AD).


"It should be forbidden and severely punished to remove cancer by cutting, burning, cautery, and other fiendish tortures.  It is from nature that the disease comes, and from nature comes the cure, not from physicians." - Paracelsus, (1493-1541 AD).


"Smoke.. makes a kitchen also oftentimes in the inward parts of men, soiling and infecting them, with an unctuous and oily kinde of Soote as hath been found in some great Tobacco takers, that after their death were opened." - James I, A Counter-Blaste to Tobacco, p. 32; 1604  AD.


"Sugar...ingrendreth...cachexias...rotteth the teeth, making them look blacke... and therefore let young people especially beware..." - James Hurt, Doctor, The Family Companion, 1633 AD.


"The Hellish and dismal cloud of...Coal...perpetually imminent over (London) ...that her inhabitants breathe nothing but impure and thick mist...corrupting the lungs and disordering the entire habit of their bodies; so the Catarrhs,...Cough, and Consumption, range more in this one City, than in the whole Earth besides." - John Evelyn, 1661 AD.


"Disease is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of morbific matter." - Thomas Sydenham, (1624-1689).


"Nearly all men die of their medicines, not of their diseases." - Moliere, (1622-1672).


"He's the best physician that knows the worthlessness of most medicines."

"God heals and the Doctor takes the fee." - Benjamin Franklin, (1706-1790).


"An enormous mass of experience, both of homeopathic doctors and their patients, is invoked in favor of the efficacy of these remedies and doses.  But the regular profession stands firm in its belief that such experience is worthless and the whole history is one of quackery and delusion." - William James (1842-1910).        


"You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the allopaths (orthodoxy) to destroy it." - Mark Twain (1835-1910).


"The doctor of the future will prescribe no drugs but will interest his patients in the care and nutrition of the human frame and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


"To protect herbalists from persecution by the Company of Physicians and Chirurgeons. Company of Surgeons in London, minding their own gain, and doing nothing for the profit or ease of the diseased, have sued, troubled and vexed honest persons (herbalist) ... Said persons have not taken anything for their pains and skill...Surgeons have small cunning, yet take great sums of money and do little for it." - Act of Parliament, 1512 AD. Appendix 2, chapter 2. p.2.


"The answer of Richard Guy, certain insidious Falsehood and Reflections upon his Method of Curing Cancers without Cutting...London 1764 AD.  100 cases Successfully treated..Breast...incipient easily in that State they are remediable by Care and Proper management;...the cancerous Humor is a Virus...the lymphatic vessels are the immediate instruments of its Circulation...carried and those more remote ('glands')." - Richard Guy, Practical Observations, 1762 AD.


"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship...To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science.  All such laws are un-American and despotic..., and have no place in a republic...The Constitution of this Republic should make special provisions for medical freedom as well as religious freedom." - Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of Declaration of Independence; member, Continental Congress; B.S. Princeton U.


"...This large and expensive stock of drugs will be unnecessary.  By...doses of...medicines...multiplying...combining them properly, 20 to 30 articles, aided by the common resources of the lancet, a garden, a kitchen, fresh air, cool water, exercise, will be sufficient to cure all the diseases that are at present under the power of medicine." - Dr. Benjamin Rush.


"Samuel Thomson (1769-1843, herbalist) so upset New Hampshire doctors that they persuaded the state legislature to pass a law specifically naming him, not for practicing medicine 'illegally' ('the usual charge with which to charge non-allopathic practitioners') but to prevent him (from) healing people without charging them." - Donald Law, A Guide to Alternative Medicine.


"The entire medical profession of the United States in so far as its organization is concerned, is today at the mercy of one man and a board of trustees that is subservient to him." - Editorial, Illinois Medical Journal, Dec. 1922, p.478.


"The efforts of the medical profession in the US to control:...its...job it proposes to monopolize.  It has been carrying on a vigorous campaign all over the country against new methods and schools of healing because it wants the business...I have watched this medical profession for a long time and it bears watching." - Clarence Darrow, (1857-1938).


"A conspiracy, not a profession...Every doctor will allow a colleague to decimate a whole countryside sooner than violate the bond of professional etiquette by giving him away."

"... I was a member of the Health Committee of London Borough Council, and I learned how the credit of vaccination is kept up statistically by diagnosing all the re-vaccinated cases (of smallpox) as 'pustular eczema, varioloid' or what not - except smallpox." - George Bernard Shaw, (1856-1950).


(allow access of cancer patients to) "unconventional therapies, (i.e.) any method used for the control and cure of cancer which has not been approved by the Federal FDA." - Cancer Therapeutic Research Bill of 1981, State of Florida, HB747 passed by legislature, vetoed by governor.


"(The AMA is) "just another mean trust." - Harry S. Truman.


"...the right of the individual to elect freely the manner of his care in illness must be preserved." - Dwight D. Eisenhower.


"(Doctors) collectively have done more to block adequate medical care for people of this country than any other single group." - Jimmy Carter.


"I've heard drug experts say they believe if penicillin were discovered today, the FDA wouldn't license it." - Ronald Reagan.


"But the doctors in the past, as the review of the evidence showed, branded Jenner, Semmelweis, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Pasteur, Lister, Koch and Keen as charlatans...Napoleon said that war is too important to be left to the generals.  We go on the assumption in the Senate that foreign relations are too important to be left to the diplomats...this question (on a novel cancer cure) is too important to leave purely to doctors..."

"It's a terrible thing that we cannot really trust the FDA or NCI (National Cancer Institute).  We need, therefore, an independent scientific investigation." - US Senator Paul Douglas, Congressional Record, 1963.


"Yet, not only has the FDA done everything it could to discourage ('a good or better and non-toxic') treatment of human cancer, but also the NCI appears to have been negligent in not pursuing this whole line of investigation."

"Government controlled medical research, which verges on monopoly, may possibly delay medical advances

"There has been very little emphasis in NCI on relatively non-toxic approaches, some radically different."

"..serious shortcomings in the administrative practices...of the FDA..there is no appeal to the courts in cases involving medical research." - US Senator Edward Long, "Enzyme Treatment of Cancer", Congressional Record, 1966.


"The hearings have revealed police-state tactics...possibly perjured testimony to gain a conviction,...intimidation and gross disregard for the Constitutional Rights...(of) First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments, (by the FDA)

"The FDA (is) bent on using snooping gear to pry and invade..."

"Instance after instance of FDA raids on small vitamin and food supplement manufacturers.  These small, defenseless businesses were guilty of producing products which FDA officials claimed were unnecessary."

"If the FDA would spend a little less time and effort on small manufacturers of vitamins...and a little more on the large manufacturers of...dangerous drugs..., the public would be better served."  - Senator Long from various Senate hearings.


"(It) could involve the AMA and others in an interstate conspiracy of alarming proportions..."

"Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair, to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals, and scientific research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations."

"The record in the Federal Court discloses that (the NCI) took sides and sought in every way to hinder, suppress and restrict...(a) treatment of cancer." - Benedict Fitzgerald, Special Counsel to the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, "A Report to the Senate IFCC on the Need for Investigation of Cancer Research Organizations" 1953.


"I and many other Members of Congress have received a large volume of mail from individuals...benefited from Laetrile treatments,...who believe the Government is party to a conspiracy to suppress an inexpensive, non-toxic and effective anti-cancer drug. ...public confidence in our Government has not been strengthened by the highly unusual actions of the FDA in first advising...that clinical studies with Laetrile could be initiated and then terminating this authorization..."

(There is a) "deeply held conviction of a large number of Americans that they are being forced by their Government to leave the country in order to obtain therapy with a drug that is both safe and effective for the control of cancer... (A) review should be done by cancer experts who have no conflicting interest and who are able to evaluate the evidence objectively...In light of the tremendous sums of money that have been spent with relatively little productivity..., I find it very surprising that the NCI has not sought on its own initiative to do further animal testing with this drug which apparently has shown some activity in the tests sponsored by the McNaughton Foundation." - US Congressman L.H. Fountain (in a letter to HEW Secretary), 1971.


"Amygdalin ('Laetrile')..has been employed medically for many centuries.  Ancient herbal pharmacopeias recommended the bitter almond for the treatment for a variety of illnesses..."

"Six patients with advanced cancer were treated with amygdalin at dosages similar to those employed by Laetrile practitioners....intravenously... (and) orally...No clinical or lab evidence of toxic reaction was seen (by us)."

"One patient had severe pre-treatment pain resulting from skeletal 5 weeks after the onset of (laetrile and metabolic) therapy, she claimed complete relief..." Charles Moertel, MD, (and 3 MD's and 2 PhD's), Dept. Oncology and Comprehensive Cancer Center., Mayo Clinic / Foundation, "A Pharmacologic and Toxicological Study of Amygdalin." Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), February 13,1981.


"Amygdalin (Laetrile) is listed in the US Pharmacopeia of the Grandfather Clause in the Food and Drug (and Cosmetics) Act prevents FDA from claiming jurisdiction.  The US Court of Appeals, 4th district, #71-1243, May 23, 1972, upheld this..."

" listed in (FDA's) GRAS (Generally Accepted As Safe) list.." - Walter Ermer, International Health Council, inserted by Senator Edward M. Kennedy into Banning of the drug Laetrile from Interstate Commerce by FDA, Hearing, 1977.


"Most shocking, from the point of view of scientific ethics, is...that...every one of their (SRI - Southern Research Institute) errors was in the direction of lowering the efficacy of the (Laetrile) treatment (of animals). ...There is essentially zero probability that such a system of misrepresentation is inadvertent.  There is no doubt to give anyone the benefit of!" - Dr. Bernard Kenton, City of Hope National Medical Center, in Harvard Political Review, 1977.


"...The NCI...retrospective analysis...of Laetrile(:) ...among 67 case records that were all submitted...the NCI...could find complete responses in only two patients..."

"The NCI...prospective trial...of...Laetrile could be neither controlled and randomized nor blinded...The lack of concurrent controls was partially offset by the fact that all patients were in advanced stages of a disease known to be almost uniformly and rapidly fatal.  Any objective responses in tumor size or prolongation of survival could be identified by comparison with historical controls." - Arnold Reman, Editor, New England Journal of Medicine, "Closing the books on Laetrile" 1982.


"The (Laetrile) efficacy tests...clinically in humans..(by) the US NCI...were obviously conducted so that a negative result could be formulated.  The limited number and types of human cancer cases selected...the omission of necessary additional measures ('e.g dietary'), the far too short observation periods, and the undefined chemical properties of the (Laetrile)... all contributed to devaluation of...conclusions."

"The oral (Laetrile) had been 'toxified' by adding cyano-urea in the NCI...(NCI's) Mayo (Clinic) dismissed well responding patients to discard them from statistical evaluation...This kind of fraud which I expressed...and which was openly published...has...not resulted in any denial." - Hans Nieper, MD, President, International Academy of Preventive Medicine; Director, German Society for Medical Tumor Treatment; author of over 200 articles, listed in Who's Who of World Science, and many other credentials.


"...About Laetrile...we submitted two articles.  The editor turned the article over to his medical advisor and received the same advice that had been given to another (another magazine): Don't touch it."

"...We were told that owners of drugstores, a vital outlet for paperbacks, had been notified that any druggist who displayed my book on his paperback racks, would not receive any more prescriptions from members of the AMA."

"...After years of paying my income tax without any problems, in 1964, after my Laetrile book came out, I was summoned by the IRS for an audit...It took three years...Again (in) 1974.  The year before I had (written) a book about corruption in Congress.  I was summoned for another (IRS) audit, and there went another three years.

"...The Salk polio vaccine (:) When the final report of the (Salk) tests was ready for publication, there were no takers in the scientific field.  The report was handed out at a press conference..." - Glen D. Kittler, (author of 40 books, and articles in Reader's Digest, The Saturday evening Post, etc.) Laetrile: Nutritional Control for Cancer with Vitamin B-17.


(In)" 1970, in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania....Bruce Butt...convened a meeting at which he showed...Nature's Answer to Cancer.  The film was made by the International Association of Cancer  Victims and Friends (IACVF)....(The) attorney...defending Mr. Butt (said):  Mr. Butt is criminally charged with 'unlawfully procuring and showing the film, Nature's Answer to Cancer, which the state of Pennsylvania claims 'constitutes dissemination of false or misleading advertisement, concerning the efficacy of Laetrile , as a cure or treatment for cancer'. (And) this constitutes a misbranding of a drug, ...although ...all parties ("stipulate") that no drug ("Laetrile") was sold or offered for sale!  Present at the preliminary hearing were...USDHEW, and the FTC,...and FDA... Again when the film was advertised for showing in a public theater in San Jose, the owner was threatened by the DA's office with a criminal charge, arrest, and seizure of the film." - IACVF, Cancer News Journal, 1964.


"The slight variations in extracting procedure cause many of the amygdalin (Vitamin B-17, Laetrile) molecules to change to a form unknown to nature(:) isomers...There are ...purveyors who label their 'iso-amygdalin' products 'amygdalin' contrary to all of the recognized specs...For commercial or political purposes, they certainly cannot justify such a fallacy...This scientific heresy and commercial fraud...(is) tremendously reducing the effectiveness of amygdalin therapy. ...To mislabel iso-amygdalin as amygdalin is scientifically, medically, and morally indefensible." - Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. discoverer of vitamins B-15 and B-17.

"..Dr. facing the possibility of a jail sentence stemming from violation of a 1977 court order not to speak publicly about Laetrile" - Voice of Medical Freedom, April 1981.



"Dr. Ernest J. Krebs, Jr., (and his secretary) ...began serving a six-month prison term in May (1983) in the San Francisco County Jail.  (They) were found guilty of continuing to promote the merits of Laetrile in cancer therapy in violation of terms of probation they had originally secured following their 1973 conviction." - Choice, spring 1983.


"Five hours after presenting a ...lecture on cancer before an audience of about 400 in L.A., the windshield was shot out of my car on the road back to San Francisco.  The next night the glass window in the tailgate (the back window) was shot out (300 miles removed from the first shooting)...The late Arthur T. Harris, MD, was threatened by two men with assassination if he continued to use Laetrile." - Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr.


(FDA's ban on Laetrile is)"arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, and as a matter of law, unsupportable." - Dec 1977

(What) "disturbs me the willful, deliberate denial (by the FDA, of) our own citizens, a fair chance to use Laetrile, when all the record (shows) it is not toxic, ... is safe, ... and is effective."

" say...that Laetrile should not be continued to be used by those who are suffering from terminal cancer, I would have to hang my head in shame." - Aug 1980

(The FDA is) "to refrain and desist from interfering with terminal cancer patients, in their use of Laetrile acquired through the 'Affidavit System." - May 1981, Judge Luther Bohanon, US District Court, Oklahoma City; Rutherford vs US.


"Dr. (Donald R.) Cole (formerly of Sloan-Kettering and St. Vincent's Hospital in New York) was charged with three counts: giving false hope to the terminally ill, using experimental drugs illegally, and practicing medicine in an unlawful and dishonest manner....The illegal drug charge was defined as the use of vitamins, enzymes, and Laetrile. ...Dr. Cole administered Laetrile at the request of patients in the legally prescribed manner with a signed affidavit....An oncologist from Rosewell Park (Memorial Institute) who was brought in by the hearing panel...could not substantiate a single case of incompetence or negligence. ...Dr. Cole's license was revoked." - CCS, Cancer Control Journal, January 1978.


"Dr. Emory Thurston, PhD, ScD, (lecturer, College of Pharmacy, USC; member APA (American Pharmaceutical Assoc.), Executive Secretary of Nutritional Research (had) ...inspectors from the Calif. Food and Drug office armed with a search warrant, (who) raided his business office.  They confiscated several bottles of Laetrile...and every piece of literature that contained the word 'cancer'.  (They) serve(d) a warrant for the arrest of Dr. Thurston on the charge of selling Laetrile and practicing medicine without a license.  He was taken to county jail..." International Association of Cancer Friends and Victims, Cancer News Journal, 1973.

"The (MSKCC) Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center report on amygdalin, or Laetrile(:)  It is incomplete because at least half a dozen experiments with amygdalin performed at the (MSKCC) between 1972 and 1976 have been omitted from the report.  (These,) the positive experiments (showing effectivity against cancer) with amygdalin, carried out by veteran researcher Kanematsu Sugiura appear to be valid and are not successfully challenged by the report.  (In contrast,) there are numerous errors in many of these (reported) experiments which allegedly prove amygdalin's ineffectiveness as a palliative or cure for cancer." - Second Opinion, Special Report: Laetrile at Sloan Kettering, 1977, published January 1978.


"In 1977, when the Laetrile bill was first introduced to the North Dakota Legislature, I was the only MD to testify for it...After that, my successful tenure...was ended and I was called before the State Medical Examiners Board in ND, for using vitamins and Laetrile. ...I work...with Dr. Davis, Dr. Cole, and Dr. Manner...When I returned...I was refused re-instatement to the medical staff...We are being investigated by the (state) attorney general's office because our methods are not 'usual and customary'."

"The doctors at M.D. Anderson (Hospital) in Houston...were recently developing a cancer prevention program for Texas, the money and direction for which were appropriated by the Texas legislature 40 years ago." - Brian Briggs, MD, in a letter, 1981.


"Toxicity of Laetrile in dosages currently employed for human cancer is assumed to be minimal." - NCI Clinical Protocol for Laetrile.


"Despite intensive effort over many years, the FDA, the AMA, the ACS (American Cancer Society), the NCI and independent researchers have been unable to find any scientific evidence that Laetrile has any effect on cancer." - FDA (press release, Feb 17, 1977.).


"The cyano group of vitamin B-12 (cyano-cobal-amin) is more labile and potentially more harmful than the cyano group found in Laetrile.  Yet we know how safe and essential vitamin B-12 is." - Dr. R.A. Passwater, testimony, FDA docket # 77N-0048.


"On the very day that the NCI announced Laetrile's alleged worthlessness..., West Virginia became the 24th state to allow the use of Laetrile...In signing the bill into law, Gov. Jay Rockefeller said the study, 'made no difference at all.' - National Health Federation, July, 1981.


"..The woman...had been relieved of her cancer by Laetrile.....In the hospital they would not inject Laetrile as it was illegal.  She died.  This so incensed the editors of the Santa Ana Register (Dean and Martinez) that they wrote ("Laetrile Story") a series of articles on cancer and the true story for the first time was sent by UPI to (almost) every country in the world."          - Howard H. Beard, ScD, PhD, Yale U. The Anthrone Test.       


"... The cancer statutes (are) discriminatory against the cancer patient.... No other disease is so restricted by politics....  It is also discriminatory against the Negro because Laetrile helps sickle cell anemia.... It is discriminatory against the poor because the poor can't afford to go to Mexico or Germany (for therapies outlawed in the US)..."

"...In July 1974  About 15 agents (of Cal. Food and Drug) arrested me on the charge of selling Laetrile and other substances in the diagnosis, cure and alleviation of cancer.  In Citrus Municipal Court, West Covina, on Feb 3, 1975, Judge Sam Cianchetti declared this statute unconstitutional.  On Oct. 1974, I received a phone call from...police at 1 (AM, Saturday morning) and he told me that my office was broken into.  I went down to my office...and 2 agents arrest(ed) me on a felony charge - conspiracy...The law states that before you are even arrested, they must give you a hearing (Cal. Health Code 1707.4)  (Another) judge denied this motion for a ...hearing and he gave no reason." - Dr. James Privitera; Roswell Park Memorial Institute,; Scripps Clinic; "The Nutritional Battle."


"...testifying for Dr. Privitera...To these 19 cancer victims, the enforcement of (California) Health and Safety Code Sect. 1701.1, the denial of them medical treatment, albeit unorthodox, albeit unapproved by a state agency, must surely take on a Kafka-esque, a nightmare quality.  No demonstrated public anger, no compelling interest of the state warrants an Orwellian intrusion into the most private of zones of privacy." - California Supreme Court Chief Justice, Rose Bird, dissenting opinion


"In 1964 (we) conduct(ed) an intensive investigation of Laetrile...conclud(ing) that there was no justification for making (it) illegal...Yet, 16 years after... , doctors are still being jailed for (it).  Dr. James Privatera,... was recently released from 55 days...much of it doing hard labor...on a road gang...If he were solely interested in making money, as he points out, there is a great deal more to be made from traditional cancer treatments, than by use of Laetrile." - Santa Ana, The Register, April 13, 1980


"Does it make sense that a (Laetrile) smuggler who is supposed (by the Medical Establishment - Ed.) to be making millions of dollars off of what he is smuggling, would spend five years of his life trying to legalize it.?" - Frank Salaman, grad., northwestern U.


(In)"1970, the Pennsylvania Health Dept., swooped down on a meeting...after the movie Laetrile,...was shown.  The film was confiscated and the association president arrested." - Michael Culbert, Vitamin B-17, Forbidden Weapon Against Cancer.


"Important Elements of FDA Policy: Encourage local medical licensing authorities to investigate and take appropriate action to deal with the use of Laetrile by physicians in their practice." - FDA Division of Federal-State Relations Director, 1974.


"Not that there are not real quacks in the field of cancer... But legitimate MD...with a thriving practice and after years of study and faithful service would give all that up to become a quack and subject himself and his family to Hell..." - John Richardson, MD, Laetrile Case Histories.


"I had to stand three expensive trials in California courts, where in all three actions against me, the charges were dismissed.  Then I had to stand and even longer and more expensive trial in Federal Court in San Diego, where I was convicted of 'conspiring to smuggle Laetrile' and was fined $30,000. ... Cal. then revoked my license. - John Richardson, MD.


"The ...Times..headlined the Assistant US Attorney...grand jury investigation of myself, six months before the grand jury was even selected. ...Soon after Bantam printed 200,000 copies of our book, ...Times bought the serial rights to it. ...After sitting on the serial rights for a suitable period, the ...Times...unctuously begged Bantam to be released from their gentlemen's agreement, and the serial market had been destroyed. ...Most libraries will not accept a book that has not been reviewed by the ...Times or its affiliate..." - John Richardson, MD, Richardson Newsletter, 1979.


"Federal, state, and local police raided Dr. (John) Richardson's Clinic,...beat up a(n) aide, manhandled a nurse, and dragged the business manager off in handcuffs."

"20 Federal agents in 13 undercover cars...arrested and...jailed...Robert Bradford (President, Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy.)...on leave from Stanford University...and two Mexicans..on charges of conspiracy to smuggle (Laetrile)."

"The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic ACT,...defines any article 'intended for use in the diagnosis, ...treatment, or prevention of disease' as a 'drug' an individual dying of thirst could called a 'drug." - Michael Culbert, Freedom From Cancer.


(This MD)"utilized (Vitamin B-15 & 17) as therapeutic agents in the treatment of cancer.  (These) are not recognized vitamins in human nutrition. unsafe for self medication..."

The management of cancer patients the exclusion of...conventional modalities is an extreme departure from the standard practice of medicine."

(MD)"Certificate...of John A. revoked." - California Board of Medical Quality Assurance, 1975. - the four paragraphs above in John Richardson, Laetrile Case Histories.


"What water is to thirst, so normal metabolism is to cancer." - John Richardson, MD, Richardson Newsletter, 1978.


Section 2           

"In early 1978 I sent a serious article on approaching trends of unorthodox cancer treatment to a major British doctor's publication,..., to which I had frequently contributed before.  It was declined, as was the editor's privilege.  This decision I accepted without comment...But when I published a similar article for a more general readership in a non-medical publication, the Deputy Editor of ... published a most offensive attack on me and my views. ...This year another major medical publication, Doctor, was pleased to accept and print my views.  A huge correspondence from doctors seeking further information ensued."

"The violent disagreements and vehement proclamations of different 'experts' at cancer symposia are now well-known, as each defends his own pet programme."

"In most European countries amygdalin (Laetrile) has never been illegal...Bitter almond, ...peach (are some) sources of amygdalin.... Celsus in ancient Rome used almond to treat 'putrid flesh'.  Largus, another Roman, used it for bladder tumours.  Galen,,,used almonds for 'scirrhus of the liver'. ...Avicenna also used (almond) oil for tumours of uterus, spleen, stomach, and liver."

"The psychosomatic cancer causation and treatment.(:) Gendon in 1701, Burrows in 1783, Nunn in 1822, Walshe in 1846, the famous Sir James Paget, describer of Paget's disease, in 1879, Snow in 1893 and Elida Evans in 1922, are the names of just a few (Doctors). - Dr. Dick Richards, Kent Private Clinic, England, The Topic of Cancer: When the Killing Has to Stop.


""...HH Beard has perfected ...3 excellent (urine) cancer tests, all of proven accuracy of 95% or better..... in 1942 and onwards."

"The enzyme beta-glucoronidase is necessary to ...'trigger off'.. laetrile.....after the laetrile injection, we injected directly into the tumor...beta-glucoronidase.  The result was white slough which encompassed the (tumor) growth.  ...The slough resorbed and was replaced by normal (tissue)." - Arthur T. Harris, MD, U. Edinburgh (under John Beard); PhD, Med.; DSc, Biochem.


"Early one morning in 1946 our lab was mysteriously destroyed by fire....We then established a lab at ...our present location.  Then again one morning in 1947, this lab was set on fire and completely destroyed." - Howard H. Beard, ScD; PhD, Yale U. Porter Fellow, Physiology;MA, Columbia U; Professor and Director., Biochem Dept., author of 150 articles and three books, etc., etc. Director John Beard Lab of Clinical Biochemistry.: A New Approach to the Conquest of Cancer, Rheumatic and Heart Diseases.


"...Medical mankind in particular, were supposed to be waiting for the advent of some new scientific discovery concerning the nature of cancer... ...The physical martyrdom was lacking; but there are, as I can testify from experience, many more ways than one of burning a scientific man at the stake." - John Beard. D.Sc., The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer and its Scientific Basis. c. 1911 AD.


"Dr. (Howard H. )Beard 'was ...charged with...mail fraud...rendering fake and medically worthless cancer reports...Postal Investigators satisfied themselves the reports were willfully falsified...' On Oct. 30, 1967, Dr. Beard was sentenced in US Federal Court, Ft. Worth, Texas, 'to...mail fraud...He alleged he could detect the presence of cancer in urine in 95% of all tests made." - FDA Papers, 1967-1968 (in ACS, Unproven Methods of Cancer Management, 1967).


"Arthur Harris (MD, PhD)..was soon forbidden to use Laetrile on hospitalized patients. ...In...1953, Harris reported: 'Of total number of cases (82) treated with Laetrile, 43 have been pay patients, many have paid only a part of their bills...'  ...Dr. Harris...received a summons from the LA County Medical Association to appear for trial...for unethical conduct in overcharging 3 patients for Laetrile...Files showed that the (3 patients) had not paid a cent of their bills....Harris received notice that he had been expelled from the county medical society." - Glenn D. Kittler, Laetrile: Nutritional Control for Cancer with Vitamin B-17, c. 1963.


"Why is it that the US Supreme Court says physicians may perform abortions on the ground that the physician - patient relationship is inviolable; but that the same physician is not permitted to prescribe Laetrile for his patients...but not to destroy life but to save it?  Why are we told that a patient has the "right to die with dignity", but may not take Laetrile in an attempt to live?" - Alan Stang, American Opinion (from Princeton paper, "The Political Implications of Laetrile...").


"The average citizen in this country does not have...the background that will enable him to make enlightened decisions concerning the selection and use of therapeutic agents." - Acting director, National Cancer Institute.


"In a study of 252 people who attended a Laetrile symposium sponsored by the CCS (Cancer Control Society), we found that those attending were predominantly white, female, rural, and highly educated." - Gerald E. Markle and James C. Petersen, Professors of Sociology, Western Michigan University; editors of Politics, Science, and Cancer; the Laetrile Phenomenon.


"Nearly 8 out of 10 persons agree that, 'since we don't know how to cure cancer, if Laetrile is harmless, people ought to be able to buy it if they want to use it.' Reinforcing this view are public doubts about the FDA and other government health agencies." - Lou Harris Poll of 1600 Americans, July 1977.


"A nationwide Harris Poll showed that the public favoured the use of Laetrile by a 30% margin. ...In over 250 cases of cancer with which I have been associated, all of whom used (Laetrile, vitamin) B-17, not a single one had side effects as a result...." - Leon Chaitow, ND, DO, Member, British Naturopathic and Osteopathic Association., An End to Cancer?


"Such letters...from the FDA, are, filled with objectively demonstrable lies, practiced deceptions and deviousness, red herrings, directed misinformation, misdirected information, etc. ...Once FDA-NCI-AMA-ACS...concedes that Laetrile anti-tumor efficacy was indeed even once observed...a permanent crack in bureaucratic armor has taken place." - Dr. Dean Burke, co-founder, National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cyto-chemistry section: open letter July 3, 1973.


"I was about the most negative person in the country about interferon." - Dr. Frank Rauscher, Director, NCI, vice president, ACS (American Cancer Society) in Time, 3-31-1980.


I would certainly not turn off Laetrile if it had an iota of activity that we could pinpoint.  Unfortunately, there's no evidence at all." Dr. Frank Rauscher, 60 Minutes 3-31-1974.


"We don't have any pesticides showing up in the food chain anymore." - NCI Director and ACS vice president, Dr. Frank Rauscher.


"...there is no basis for the use of Laetrile in man based on data derived from experiments on animals.": - Dr. Jesse Steinfeld, Surgeon General, US Public Health Service.


"The data provided by the McNaughton Foundation certainly indicates some activity (of Laetrile) in animal tumor systems.: - Dr. Carl Baker, Director, NCI 1970-1972.


(Laetrile)"may be useful in sickle cell anemia...(Laetrile) used in animals with tumors show: a decrease in lung metastases; slower tumor growth; and pain relief." - Lloyd Old, MD, vice president, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, at FDA 7-2-1974.


"When results of the (Laetrile) toxicity tests at Loyola (University, Chicago) were complete, (Dr. Harold Manner, Chairman Biology Dept., author 50 articles, 5 texts) asked NCI to publish the findings in Journal NCI.  This the agency refused to do.  Publication in other journals was also denied him." - in National Health Federation, Bulletin, Nov. 1977.


"When Dr. Manner reported on the total remission of breast cancer in lab animals (Using 'Laetrile in conjunction with vitamins and enzymes')..., ACS President, Ben Byrd, criticised (him) for making his announcement in public, and said such announcements should be made only in a proper scientific forum."

"But, as all scientists know, there is a time lag of 12 to 18 months between the time a manuscript is submitted and the time it is published in a scientific journal."

"...Delay, says Dr. Manner, is a luxury which people with right-now cancers cannot afford." - Paul Harvey, "Cancer Remission with Laetrile", LA Times, 10-10-1977.


"...The ...experts of the FDA have declared Laetrile to be worthless...quackery and fraud...These experts are the professional descendants of experts...confident that mental illness should be cured by drilling holes in the skull, the better to let the demons out. ...This is the Orwellian fashion in which the medical establishment throws its weight around...." - James Kilpatrick, Washington Star, 1976.


"For some places you want harsh regulations backed by full weight of the law - (we) have had IND's (request to test on humans and Investigational New Drug) for Laetrile, for example, and other hoax remedies...Sometimes we say it is proper to hinder research."

(The FDA has)"what some people call the worst personnel in government...Open drunkenness...for months...intimidation...tittering in corners, throwing spitballs; I am describing physicians, (who) slouch down in a chair, not respond to questions, moan and groan with sleeping gestures, a kind of behavior I have not seen in any other institution as a grown man." - FDA, Bureau of Drugs Director, Dr. J. Richard Crout.


"Dr. Helen Calvin...spearheaded...Indiana to approve Laetrile, and then she used the Laetrile and metabolic program...until the FDA arbitrarily and illegally held up her Laetrile shipments...patients started dying...When four of them had died, Dr. Calvin ended her own life." - Arlin Brown, Cancer Victory Bulletin, Oct.  1978.


(Maurice Kowan, MD)"served three months in jail, paid a fine of $3,000, and was forbidden to see a cancer patient...for three years.  Before sentencing, it had been suggested to Dr. sign a statement that...Laetrile...had proved no benefit....He refused any 'deals'..." - Betty Lee Morales, "The National Health Federation, Do We Need It?".


"The jury had never been allowed to see any evidence that Laetrile actually worked.  (Yes Virginia, they can bury medical breakthroughs in court this way also.) Dr. Kowan...was...age 70..." - G.E. Griffin, Cancer Control Journal, 1977.


"...In treating approximately 100 cancer cases, most ...terminal, (Dr. Kowan) was able to achieve dramatic relief from pain in virtually every single case. ...Several patients told...that the fees Dr. Kowan charged were ridiculously low.... Dr. Kowan was sentenced (including) 30 days in the workhouse..." - David Martin, Staff member, US Senate Internal Security Committee, in Cancer News Journal, Jan 1971.


"In a free society men and women should not be prevented by Government from seeking medical remedies which they believe will be effective. ..."

"Despite the fact that a predicted 350,000 persons in the US will die of cancer this year, the cancer bureaucracy keeps a closed mind. ...the basic issue is not the efficacy of Laetrile, but the infringement of freedom in what amounts to a life and death question."

"Freedom of choice must be brought to bear upon the US Medical practice." - US Congressman Philip M. Crane, Congressional Record, 1975.


"More than half of all great remedies known to medical history have come from empiricists...'irregulars'...of no or little scientific training.  There is no reason to believe that conditions have essentially changed." - Dr. Alex Carrel  1912 Nobel Prize in Medicine, "in recognition of his work on vascular suture and the transplantation of blood-vessels and organs."


"Patients have been cured almost instantaneously of...lupus...,cancer ...,ulcers..., tuberculosis ...In a few seconds, at most a few hours, the symptoms disappear and the anatomic lesions mend.  The miracle is characterized by extreme acceleration of the normal process of healing." - Dr. Alexis Carrel,


"...the influence of the factory upon the physiological and mental state of the workers has been completely neglected."

"The modern city consists of...dark, narrow streets full of gasoline fumes, coal dust, and toxic gasses, torn by the noise..."

"Enormous amounts of money are spent for publicity.  As a result, large quantities of alimentary and pharmaceutical products, at the least useless, and often harmful, have become a necessity for civilized men." - Alexis Carrel, Man the Unknown.


"Dr Alexis Carrel,...(:) After his book was published in 1935, titled Man the Unknown, he was eased out of the Rockefeller Institute of Research, and he went to France...When he arrived, he was arrested on a false charge and put into prison...Two months later he died.: - Professor Hilton Hoptema, Health Research Sheet.


"The discovery of radium by the Curies was facilitated by observing a witch doctor treating sick people by burying them up to their necks in radium-bearing mud." - Donald Law, A Guide to Alternative Medicine.


"Everybody should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud, and that the NCI and the ACS are derelict in their duties to the American people who support them." - Linus Pauling 1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for"his research into the nature of the chemical bond and its application to the elucidation of the structure of complex substances.", and 1962 Nobel Peace Prize.


"..The truly fraudulent claims must be discarded.  But novel methods of therapy should not be rejected because they are novel, or because they run counter to some generally accepted belief ("which may just be biased"), or because we do not understand the mechanism of the proposed treatment, or because it has come from an unconventional source." - Linus Pauling


"'Cancer dialogue '80'...(was) sponsored by the Omega Institute, and co-sponsored by the American College of Preventive Medicine, and the American Holistic Medical Association....The New York Times reported on Oct. 13, 1980 that 9 of the 27 (speakers: NCI Directors, Drs. Arthur Upton and Frank Rauscher, Sr. V. President of ACS; Dr. Emil Frei III, Director, Sidney Farber Cancer Institute; et al)..had withdrawn about two weeks before the opening...from this discussion of traditional and 'alternative' approaches to cancer treatment...Some of the speakers said that pressure had been put on them...the Medical Tribune (Oct., 1980) 'Most of the 8 dropouts received influence-wielding phone calls from (the) chairman of the ACS's committee on unproven methods of cancer management, or other ACS officials.'" - Linus Pauling


"...Terminally ill cancer patients,...100...who took 10 grams of Vitamin C daily lived four times longer (from date of diagnosis as 'untreatable', than controls)...Dr. (Linus) Pauling submitted these findings in a scientific paper to Journal of the AMA, and New England Journal of Medicine, and both have refused to publish this illustrious Nobel Laureate's work." - D. Ian Thierman, Yale U. Grad., (in International Association of Cancer Victims and Friends, Jan. 1979).


"Dr. Anthony Verlangieri, ..Rutgers U. ..., was refused funds for...reducing athero-sclerosis with Vitamin C. ..Dr. Jorgen Schlegel (is) combatting cancer with vitamin C at Tulane Med. ...And Dr. Eli Seifter (discovered) that vitamin A (fights) cancer tumors of viral origin.  Yet both distinguished scientists have been refused funds. ...Dr. Linus Pauling,...two time Nobel Prize winner..., has found it impossible to get federal funds for his research in treating cancer with...vitamin C." - Jack Andersen, "Tired Blood in Federal Health Research". Rocky Mountain News, 1975.


"The American Cancer Society tried to ruin my research foundation." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, discoverer of vitamins C and P, 1937 Nobel Prize ," for his discoveries in connection with the biological combustion process, with special reference to Vitamin C and the catalysis of fumaric acid.".


"(The National Cancer Program is) a bunch of (obscenity)."

"The American public is being sold a very nasty bill of goods about cancer." - James Watson, co-discoveror of the DNA double helix, and 1962 Nobel Laureate in Medicine for that discovery and related work.


"The American Cancer Society has done the American public a really great disservice." - Dr. David Baltimore, 1975 Nobel Laureate in Medicine for, "their discoveries concerning the interaction between tumor viruses and the genetic material of the cell.".


"...cancer...there is no disease whose prime cause is better known...In the meantime, millions of men must die unnecessarily." - Otto Warburg, Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 1931 "for his discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme.".


"But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of unbelief will succeed in obstructing the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field.  In the meantime, millions must die of cancer unnecessarily." Otto Warburg.


"...It would be possible to make much more progress than has been made if the NCI knew its job better, knew how to make discoveries...The NCI really does not know how to make discoveries....So long as the NCI is not willing to follow up ideas that seem good to people who have had experience making discoveries, the work of the NCI is going to be pedestrian." - Linus Pauling.


"...What kills science in this country now, (is) that you must tell in advance what you will find, and what you will do exactly, and what you will spend your money on.  And if you knew it all, then you wouldn't need to do it. ... And so you cannot have (any) new discoveries.: - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.


"Money appropriated for FDA in 1945 (was) $3 million; in 1968, $66 million.  Number of employees in 1945, approximately 850; in 1968, 5100.  Seizures of foods in 1945, 2504; in 1968, 384.  Injunctives for violative foods in 1945, 26; in 1968, 3....Prosecutions for violative foods, in 1945, 278; in 1968, 70. - US Congressman L.H. Fountain (In Beatrice T. Hunter, Mirage of Safety.


"Anyone may logically wonder why this information has not been put into proper investigative format and presented toward various medical bodies.  The answer is simple.  With the powerful alliance of the media, the federal agencies and orthodox medical groups, anyone attempting to present such...would be destroyed with orchestrated cries of 'Quackery.'  There is ample evidence to document this beyond question." - US Congressman Larry McDonald, MD.


"When it was first introduced, the claims for penicillin were also a minority view, and it (penicillin) was suppressed for 11 or 12 years. - Congressman Larry McDonald, MD. (in Steven Fredman, MD and Robert Burger, Forbidden Cures.)


"No one seems to care.  Certainly, no one in the million dollar fund-raising cancer clinics are excited over the almost miraculous ...record of...Krebiozen..."

"Maybe the raising of millions of dollars of funds for charitable projects has become 'a racket', and the longer they remain in the test-tube stage of development, the longer patronage and job payrollers remain in their soft berths."

"...this charity...They quibble too much over procedures...while we seek a cure.  They complain too loudly against another who, seemingly, has perfected a work that the public expects its charity dollars to do.  Maybe we should investigate the American Cancer Society's operations."

"..Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, (is) the champion of the scientific doctrine of freedom of research, which has suffered in recent years through the falsity of certain politico-physician leaders of the AMA, who faked reports, suppressed honest information, brutally slugged the opposition, both physically and through pressures, used to prevent the truth about Krebiozen reaching the American people." - US Congressman Roland V. Libonati, Congressional Record, 1959.


"...Whereas spontaneous cure (of cancer) remains a scientific curiosity with a rate of 0.00001%, the administration of Krebiozen has given a recovery rate of 12.5% or a 1,250,000 fold increase." - Steven Durovic, MD, post-graduate at U. of Vienna, and Pasteur Institute,; "Cancer and Krebiozen...", Today's Japan Orient/West, May 1961.


"...All the TV stations in the NY-Philadelphia metropolitan area refused to sell time to Timex to permit public showing of a documentary it had produced on Krebiozen. ..Where the AMA previewed the documentary..." - American Jewish Ledger, 1964.


"The FDA and much, but not all, of the orthodox medical profession are actively hostile against vitamins and minerals... They are out to get the health food industry...And they are trying to do this out of active hostility and prejudice." - Senator William Proxmire (in National Health Federation Bulletin, April, 1974.


"This dogged, same track approach (by the NCI) is even more astonishing..."

"This total failure to address the diet/cancer relationship is most disturbing to ...those...informed..."  - Senator George McGovern.  1978 Subcommittee hearings on Nutrition.


"Even though the nutrition  research budget has increased 21 fold in the last four years, it still remains less than 1% of total NCI budget, even though one half of all cancers are diet related...Does the peer review simply turn into a 'buddy' system for awarding grants? - Senator Bob Dole., 1978 Subcommittee hearings on Nutrition.


"Eminent nutritionists have traded their independence for the food industry's favors." - US Congressman Benjamin Rosenthal.


"There are only three proven ways - and only three- to curb cancer: (1) X-ray, (2) radium, (3) and surgery, either singly or in combination..." ACS , Cancer Facts, 1955.


(Why is there frequent criticism that the cancer research system is unreceptive to unorthodoxy?) "Because its true.  Not cancer research, all research systems.  It's a very important issue...The entire system...tends to exclude people from the fringe who have ideas that are radical departures, and we ought to pay a lot more attention to them....I try." - Dr. Vincent DeVita, Jr., Director NCI.


"Non-acceptable type of therapy, including Laetrile, Krebiozen,etc." - NCI 1976 SEER Code Manual.


"Because of the vast areas of ignorance that still exist in our understanding of the cancer problem...areas of basic research are essential...This...must be supported at an adequate level." - Report of the President's Cancer Panel, 1975.


"The main criterion for an award (of a research contract from the NCI) is the capacity to demonstrate the relevance of the project to the program's target.  But the only sure way to prove this relevance is to have, in fact, already proved it." - June Goodfield, FRSM The Siege of Cancer.


"During the 1960' showed no gain from mammography to women under 50, ('yet') all women over 35 were invited to participate in the (Breast Cancer Detection) Demonstration Project (of the ACS &) NCI..."

 "In 1973, Alan S. Rabson of the (NCI) Division of Cancer Biology and Diagnosis (said) mammography was the real risk, (the test itself causing cancer).  William Pomerance (Chief, Diagnostic Branch, same NCI division, wrote:) '...At a meeting of some contractors, ...I made the statement...I would change the initial age to 45...They 'fell on me' and went so far as to decide (to) start at age 30...Their reaction is hysteria..." ...John Bailer III (of NCI) published in Jan. 1976...that for women under 50, the risk...might equal the chance (of detecting)..."

(When)"the controversy became public....An independent NCI committee (found:) Of 1850 women diagnosed (by mammography) as having cancer, the review of the (pathological) tissue showed that 66 did not have cancer at all...NCI 'reclassified' (18) cases.  For the remaining 48 cases, there appears to have been no evidence of cancer; 37 of 48 women have undergone mastectomies.  The National Women's Health Network...complained...Dr. Vincent DeVita (Director), NCI responded (in) 1980, that NCI chose not to inform the women...' and that 'NCI does not acknowledge that 'there were serious problems' in this program.'" - Susan Rennie, National Women's Health Network News, March 1981.


"...When I submitted my manuscript for clearance, I was to the office of my (NCI) director.  He said, 'Now, the medical official of the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) objects against that.  They said there are quite other reasons why uranium miners develop cancer; it's not radioactivity.  You shall omit that from your presentation."

"My...studies on occupational was forcefully and abruptly brought to a halt in 1952 by an order of the Surgeon General...(This followed) a protest by the Public Health Service (PHS) by....(an) industry...alleg(ing) that my activities were detrimental to their interests...I was forbidden (by PHS) to contact, thereafter, state health departments and industrial concerns on all matters of occupational cancer.  (I was) to discontinue all field work..." - Dr. Wilhelm C. Heuper, Chief, Environmental Cancer Section, NCI (In Larry Agran, The Cancer Connection).


"The problem with 'prevention' is that it does not produce revenues.  No health plan reimburses a physician or a hospital for preventing a disease." - NCI Deputy Director, Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention; and of Diet, Nutrition and Cancer Program.


"...Search for the cause may be a hopeless pursuit because most disease states are the indirect outcome of a constellation of circumstances." - Dr. Rene Dubos, Rockefeller Institute.


"The evidence is truly overwhelming that disease is pluri-causal." - E. Cheraskin, MD, DMD, Professor Emeritus and of Medicine and Chairman Dept. of Oral Medicine, U of Alabama Med School, in Diet and Disease.


"In 1906,...Upton Sinclair's sensational novel, The Jungle, (appeared)...Meat consumption in the US fell by 25% in the year following publication of The Jungle. (In) ...1967, President Johnson signed the Wholesome Meat Act into law.  Upton Sinclair, in a wheelchair, was at his side. ...130,000 cattle carcasses were held back by federal inspectors in 1969 for removal of carcinomas and cancer eye."

"On fatal poisoning, in Dade County, Florida, the under 5-year (old) group, pesticides were the leading cause of death.

"...Environmentalists...rarely leave energy in reserve for monitoring enforcement...The constituencies mobilized by the original event tend to equate enactment of a program with solution of the problem...FCC Commissioner Nicholas Johnson...(to) Senate Subcommittee:'...Then the pressure starts - on those who have been handed the job of investigation and reform.  Corporate interests that will be adversely affected will move to delay, to water down, to remove 'dangerous people', and then finally to participate in the final whitewash." - Harrison Wellford, Cambridge U., England, and a bunch of other credentials (Sowing the Wind).


"The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination." - Dr. Robert Bell; V. President International Society for Cancer Research, British Cancer Hospital.


"Dr. David Grasetti...said, 'The spread of cancer in astounding after they are given a dose of Rifampin'...a miracle 1973, (a manufacturer of Rifampin) Dow Chemical, received almost $900,000 in contracts from the NCI.  (the) research (results were) permitted to remain confidential." - Health Writers, Health Newsletter, 1974.


"During three different strikes by MD's (in) the mid-1970's (in Israel, Columbia, and California), death rates fell between 18% and 50%..." - Peter Chowka, "The Failure of Specialty Medicine", Journal of the Nutritional Academy.


"Doctors...make periodic surveys of their techniques.  I don't know why.  After they're done, nobody seems to pay much attention to them..."


"One of the first controlled community studies on tonsillectomy (in Rochester, NY, in 1922), showed it had no effect...; yet this past year (1970), 1/3 to 1/5 of all children hospitalized in that same area (Rochester) were admitted for tonsillectomies!" - Leonard Tushnet, MD, The Medicine Men.


"I have given orders to my Death units to exterminate without mercy or pity men, women and children belonging to the Polish speaking race...After all, who remembers today the extermination of the Armenians?" - A. Hitler, Aug 22, 1939, (in James Nazer, The First Genocide of the 20th Century,...Armenian Massacres).


"...In Europe at the present time (1943, it is) A crime punishable by death to spread information in regard to nutrition in Norway, Belgium, Holland, and all other conquered countries." - D.T. Quigley, MD, Fellow American College of Surgeons, in The National Malnutrition


"It has been combine such unproven ingredients as bio-flavinoids, rutin..., with such essential nutrients as Vitamin C..., thus implying that they are all nutritionally valuable for supplementation of the daily diet.  The courts have sustained FDA legal action to prevent such practices, and the new FDA regulations preclude this type of combination in the future...Similarly, it has been state or imply that the American diet is inadequate because of soil deficiencies, commercial processing methods, use of synthetic nutrients, and similar charges.  FDA recognizes that these false statements have misled, scared, and confused the public, and is prohibiting any such general statements in the future...The medical and nutritional professions have shown strong support of this policy,..." - FDA (Assistant General) council's letter to 5 US Legislators, Hearings, US Congress, 1973.


"A citizenship of wholesale delegation and abdication to public and private power systems, such as prevails now, makes such periodic checks as elections little more than rituals." - Ralph Nader.


"The food industry, its trade associations, and research foundations, is well financed and highly organized to pressure the FDA." - Ralph Nader.


"22 of 52 top (FDA) officials have worked for regulated industries, or organizations that cater to those industries...During a hearing held in 1969 by the House Inter-governmental Relations Subcommittee, it was disclosed that of 49 high ranking FDA officials who had recently resigned or retired, 37 joined or served as consultants to regulated industries." - Michael Jacobson, Food for People, Not for Profit.


"...FDA was allegedly using one standard of safety, efficacy, and design of clinical tests for the little investigator...,but a different (more lax) standard for government paid NCI investigators using the drugs of the big drug companies." - Dr. Miles H. Robinson, inserted by US Senator Edward V. Long into Congressional Record, 1966, "Is the FDA Hamstringing Cancer Research?".


"The Establishment...undismayed by the futility of funds dumped into the bottomless barrel of its 'proven methods', it remains adamant in refusing to investigate 'unproven methods'..."

"Nobody in the science and medical departments (in the ACS) is capable of doing real science...They don't know how to prevent cancer or cure patients; instead, they close the door on innovative ideas.  ACS money goes to scientists who put on the best show to get grants, or who have friends on the grant-giving panels." - American Cancer Society Science Editor (for 25 years), ACS Science Writers' Conference originator, Pat McGrady, Sr


"I've heard of cancer politics, but I've never seen anything like this in my entire life.  In fact, I wouldn't believe it, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."

"...Everybody's afraid.  Fear is overriding scientific inquiry and the ability to let the audience to make up its mind."

"The whole set-up (NCI-ACS) is a farce and a fraud." - Joseph Gold, MD, Director, Syracuse Cancer Research Institute, March 1981.


"The surgeons.  They controlled medicine, and they regarded the X-ray as a threat to surgery.  At the time surgery was the only approved method of treating cancer.  They meant to keep it the only approved method by ignoring or rejecting any new methods or ideas.  This is why I was called a 'quack' and nearly ejected from hospitals where I had practiced for years." - Dr. Emil Grubbé.  Dr. Emil Grubbé, ...discovered...X-ray therapy (for cancer) in 1896...X-ray was not recognized as an agent for treating cancer by the American College of Surgeons until 1937...Dr. Grubbé...still was not recognized as late as 1951." - in Herbert Bailey, Vitamin E, Your Key to a Healthy Heart.


"...students were learn about an interminable number of drugs, many...valueless, ...useless, some...harmful."

"...there is less intellectual freedom in the medical course than in almost any other form of professional education in this country." - Harvard Medical School Dean, Dr. David Edsall.


"...Members of the US 'cancer cartel' have staked their reputations on their oft repeated claims that the non-toxic, nutritional therapy of cancer is ineffective...The time will...come when (its) efficacy...will be officially acknowledged here in the US, as it already has been in many other countries." - Albert Schatz, PHD, discoverer of streptomycin, and many other credentials.


"Gregor Mendel, who had never received a teaching certificate because he couldn't pass in biology, began in 1856...(his) work, which was virtually the birth of genetics, wasn't widely appreciated until the end of the century. ...Charles Darwin...dropped out of medical school because he couldn't stand science." - C.R. Scriver, MD, "Inborn Errors of Metabolism, A new Frontier of Nutrition." Nutrition Today, 1974.


"In 1966 the ACS formulated a State Model Cancer Act which was instrumental in the enactment of anti-quackery laws now enforced in 9 states...In California (it is a) felony...The use of unproven methods is also a criminal offense in Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania." - Jane Brody of New York Times, and Arthur Holleb, MD of ACS, You Can Fight Cancer and Win.


"The California cancer law places the burden of proof of efficacy and safety of a cancer agent on the proponent...In Sept, 1974, the State of California enacted new legislation which makes a conviction of a 'quackery' charge a felony..., with jail terms of 5 years and fines as high as $10,000." - ACS, Unproven Methods of Cancer Management. - 1976.


"On April 17, 1952 the Dickinson County, Iowa chapter of the ACS ran a full page ad in ...'The Spirit Lake Beacon', asking society to enter the new field of investigating cancer cure claims.  They cited 4 such 'cures'.  The chapter was expelled from the ACS.  Its chair(woman), Mrs. Roy Tatman, felt compelled to declare: 'We were asked to help conquer cancer.  We tried to do just that.  Has the society (ACS) another motive?'" - Arlin Brown, March of Truth on Cancer.


"'The historical phenomenon' of the 'long interval which' elapses 'between the making of a fundamental discovery and the general understanding of its importance and full realization of its benefits'...Nowhere today is this delay more unhappily evident than in the field of cancer research.  The accumulated data of Rous, Shope, Coley, Bittner, Strong, Andervont, Green, Williams, Taylor, Furth, Twombly, Cowdry, Diller, Bawden, Pirie, Stanley, Wycoff, Kunits and others indicate...the path for...something of practical benefit to the cancer patient...other than surgery and radium." - Frederick S. Hammett, Lankenau Hospital Research Institute, Science, 1946.


"The...commission on Professional and Hospital activities maintains a computer bank of information on...American hospitals, including comparative death rates for procedures, accidents, infections, errors....with a vengeance the government would envy...the information is 'classified'...this computer bank contains the potential for a 'Pentagon Papers' and 'Watergate' combined." - Robert Mendelsohn, MD, Chairman, Medical Licensing Commission, State of Illinois, and many other credentials.


(You)"would be the amount of unnecessary surgery that is performed (for) money...And I can prove it." - Paul R. Hawley, MD, Director, American College of Surgeons, 1953.


"... A class action effort by 150 Iowa chiropractors (is) seeking $300 million on charges of conspiracy by the AMA.  Exhibits for evidence,...include...a 1965 letter from (an AMA organized) Quackery Committee,  warning AMA members it was unethical to associate with 'the cult of the chiropractic'..."

"Last year the AMA adopted a new code of ethics allowing MD's to work with chiropractors." - Voice of Medical Freedom, March 1981.


"The belief of some trustees and staff members (is) that the selection of (the new Chairman, Board of Trustees) was in part engineered from within federal prison (by the) former board chairman now serving an 18-month sentence for bank fraud."

"...Control of the (AMA) is solidly in the hands of a layman of whom most AMA members have never heard of..., (a) former executive director of AMPAC - the American Medical Political Action Committee.".


"...Former AMA employees say that telephones at headquarters were tapped." - "Turmoil at the AMA", Medical World News, 1974.


"...purely for pleasure...In this perspective, there is no such thing as a junk food." - AMA Secretary, Council of Foods and Nutrition, Philip White, 1979.


(It is)"inappropriate at this time to adopt the proposed national Dietary Goals (of the Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs, US Senate, Feb 1977)...There is the potential for harmful effects (from it)." - AMA Exec. V. Pres. James Sammons to the Senate Committee.


" frequently...(is) the patient's suffering made worse by...frank mismanagement, if not downright neglect, of the patients' nutritional health in our hospitals." of the largest pockets of unrecognized malnutrition in America...(is) in the ...hospitals." - Charles E. Butterworth, Jr. MD, Chairman, Council on Foods and Nutrition, AMA.


(In)"1916...that grand old pioneer of advancement in dentistry, G.V. Black...presented his epoch making studies on the role of fluorine in producing mottled enamel....The US Public Health Service (USPHS) led to a nationwide effort to eliminate...excessive fluorine in the drinking water (by) the USPHS..."

"...our knowledge of the subject certainly does not warrant the introduction of fluorine in community water supplies generally."

"Sodium Fluoride is a highly toxic substance..., it may be definitely harmful."

"...the potentialities for harm far outweigh those for good. - Editorial Dept., Journal of American Dental Association. L.P. Anthony, DDS, Editor, Oct. 1, 1944.


"Don't drink fluoridated water...Fluoride is a corrosive poison which will produce harm on a long term basis." - AMA President, Dr. Charles Heyd.


"I am a former state health director...It is disturbing to me when the men in the Public Health Service (PHS), who, as late as 1950, were not ready to endorse the universal use of fluorine, have now (1952), almost to a man, come out for the endorsement."

"It is difficult for me to understand how high officials in the PHS could change their mind, over a three-month period, and completely reverse the field.  Where once they advocated the go-slow sign on the use of fluorides, they now apparently have gone overboard, and put out large amounts of propaganda favoring the fluoridation of water.  I am certain that the dental profession merely echoes and endorses the opinions of the PHS."

"...I cannot find any public evidence...that the AMA, the ADA (Dental), or several other health agencies, now recommending the fluoridation of water, had done any original ("experimental") work of their own.  These groups were simply endorsing each other's opinions."

"You will note that all of the experts grounded in the science of bio-chemistry have advocated the go-slow sign on the use of fluorides in drinking water.  I believe that the dental profession and other public-minded individuals. like myself, have been misled by the PHS, because all of the facts have not been made available upon this subject."...

"I sometimes wonder if (a major aluminum company) might not have a deep interest in getting rid of the waste products from the manufacture of aluminum, because these products contain a large amount of fluoride.  In this connection it is interesting to know that (a bureaucrat), who now heads up the Federal Security Administration (precursor to the US Public Health Service), and the firm of attorneys he was with...represents (that aluminum company)." - US Congressman, Dr. A.L. Miller, Chairman, Special Committee on Chemicals in Foods, "Fluoridation of Water, Extension of Remarks., Congressional Record, 1952.


(As of 1983)"Belgium, West Germany, and Sweden have abandoned their pilot fluoridation experiments on human populations, and are not fluoridating any public water supplies.  Sweden, Denmark, and Holland have banned it completely.  Many other countries, such as France, Italy, and Norway have never fluoridated their drinking water.  Only about 2% of the population of Europe is living in a fluoridated area;" - John Yiamouyiannis, PhD, bio-chemistry, BS, U of Chicago; President, Safe Water Foundation, Fluoride: The Aging Factor.


"Within weeks after Dr. Yiamouyiannis next spoke out against fluoridation, he was put on probation, was told he would never receive a raise again, and was advised to find another job.  Dr. Yiamouyiannis was ultimately forced to resign." - John Yiamouyiannis, PhD, editor, Chemical Abstracts Service, American Chemical Society, Fluoride: The Aging Factor.


"The fluoride ion exerts its toxic effect by inhibiting the action of many enzyme systems." - Dr. L.P. Sumner, Cornell U. and Dr. H. Theorell; Uppsala U., Sweden, both Nobel Laureates, enzyme chemistry. (Sumner 1946, Chemistry, Theorell 1955, Medicine).


"Thus some some of the serious charges that are being laid at fluoride's door - genetic damage, cancer, birth defects, and allergy response - may arise from fluoride interference after all." - Journal of American Chemical Society, and New Scientist, both January 1981.


"It took almost six months to persuade the public library in include the book, The American Fluoridation Experiment, by F.B. Exner, MD, and G.L. Walbott, MD.  Then, one year later it was found in the waste disposal container stamped 'Discarded...'" - Eden Ranch, Organic Consumer Report, 1978.


"Thus, under careful examination of original data, cross-examination under oath of scientific proponents, and critical follow up assessments of effects, neither the efficacy nor the safety of fluoridation has been demonstrated.  Nevertheless, it seems impossible to engage the scientific community or the public health authorities in any effort to examine the subject."

"The reexamination of subjects on which strong recommendations have been made challenge one's commitment to integrity.  If, as scientists and public health advisors, we can't muster the courage to meet those challenges, perhaps we should all take up a more honest profession such as used car sales or TV repair where at least the results of our services are unequivocal." - Frederick I. Scott, Editor(ial), American Laboratory, September 1980.


"The unreasonable and a violation of the due process clause of the Illinois Constitution..."

"This record is barren of any credible and reputable, scientific epidemiological studies and/or analysis of statistical data, which would support the Illinois Legislature's determination that fluoridation of the public water supplies is both a safe and effective means of promoting public health.

"..(Fluoridation) is unconstitutional....(and) unreasonable exercise of police power..." - Judge Ronald Niemann, Circuit Court, Ill. Decree, Illinois Pure Water and Ruby Hale vs. Director of Public Health and Director of EPA, State of Illinois., Health Action, Feb, 1982.


"...The evidence that fluoridation of the public water supply at the rate of one part per million is carcinogenic is irrefutable."

"...Say somebody shot somebody....We...are so concerned about whether this evidence was admitted properly...(and) not recognize the intrusion into our sacred individuality that is being caused every time people turn on the faucet? ...I am astounded by how much untruth has been officially promulgated (pro fluoridation)." - Justice John Flaherty, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, address, June 7, 1981.


"Dr. Miller: 'The USDA made some examination...(and) recommended to the farmers that fluorine not be added to the water...of (pregnant) sows because it did something to the pigs that were unborn...Do you think it might be wise for the (US) inquire what might happen to pregnant women and the unborn child...?'"

"Dr. Porterfield: 'No, sir; I think there is a difference....There is more money available for matters that have economic value than there is for health.'" - Chemicals in Foods and Cosmetics, Hearings, Select Committee, US House, 1952.


Section 3

"In the feeding of hospital patients, more attention should be given to providing tasty and attractive meals, and less to the nutritive quality of the food."

"People say that all you get out of sugar is calories, no nutrients...There is no perfect food, not even mother's milk."

"Have confidence in America's food industry, it deserves it." - Harvard U. School of Public Health, Nutrition Dept. Head, Dr. Frederick Stare.

"...attempts to make further reports were blocked by requests of the Journal of the AMA, made the (other) official journals, to refuse me the right to report my findings further."

" when the Cancer Quack conventions of the AMA annually proclaim that the sign of a quack is his refusal to report his work in official journals, they are putting on a gigantic fraud.  It was so in my case." - William Frederick Koch, MD, Prof. Chemistry and Histology, U Michigan Medical School, nephew of Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Robert Koch, and other credentials.


"I see in him (Dr. Max Gerson) one of the most eminent medical geniuses in the history of medicine...he was greatly impeded by adverse political conditions."

"...try to tell the people of America about Dr. Gerson's merits and ...results...I wish you the best in your difficult task." - Dr. Albert Schweitzer.


"Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch, MD, arranged a grand test for using Gerson's diet therapy (against cancer, etc.) on 450 'incurable' lupus patients.  446 recovered."

"Gerson was show Long John Nebel...Nebel was fired....the very next day and the radio network was threatened by the AMA."

"Even when a very rare Jew...escaped from a concentration camp and sneaked back to his people to warn them...they could not believe the escapee."

"On two occasions Gerson became violently ill...Lab tests showed...arsenic in his urine...Some of Gerson's best case histories mysteriously disappeared from his files.  The manuscript and all of his copies for Gerson's almost completed book were stolen and never recovered....They spread the lie that Dr. Gerson died of cancer." - Norman Fritz, space shuttle engineer, Healing, Journal of the Gerson Institute.

"Gerson was treating nine out of ten (cancer) patients without cost."


"The AMA, of which Gerson was a member, promptly saw to it that he was no longer allowed to use the facilities of any New York hospital." - Health Research, Is Cancer Curable?, 1954.


"In 1946 Dr. Gerson became the first physician to demonstrate recovered cancer patients before a US (Legislative) committee.  This Senate committee was holding hearings on a bill to find means of curing and preventing cancer.  Unfortunately the lobby supporting surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy lobbies caused the defeat by four votes of the Senate bill which could have supported extensive research into the Gerson therapy." - Max Gerson, MD, A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 cases, (not quote from Dr. Gerson, but on book jacket).


"She reported that 'Dusty' Rhoads, head of Sloan-Kettering, told her he would use the Gerson Therapy if he had cancer, and explained the reasons he was blocked from using it at the hospital" - Norman Fritz.


"...An editorial of the Journal AMA, Jan 8, 1949, discussed the Gerson Therapy under the heading 'Frauds and Fables'.  At that time, Dr. Gerson's lawyer wrote a letter to the JAMA, threatening a suit for libel...The editorial was withdrawn...(leaving) columns which were blank."  - Charlotte Gerson, both above from Healing, Journal of the Gerson Institute and...Therapy.


"Sometimes there is little regard for people's lives....A hospital tested a new NCI drug ...on children.  Their kidneys were lost within days.  This was no big deal, because new drugs are routinely given out with literally no safeguards for people..." - FDA drug review section's Robert Young.


"...It's been like swatting flies with a sledgehammer....I suppose as far as end products are concerned it's been a bust, but then so is the over-all treatment of cancer." - Dr. Charles Moertel,. Director, NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic.


"A one year study by the Washington Post has documented 620 cases in which experimental drugs have been implicated in the deaths of cancer patients....And they amount to merely a fraction of the thousands of people who in recent years have died or suffered terribly from cancer experiments..."

"...In the vast majority of drug experiments, it is not uncommon for none or one or two of hundreds of patients to benefit from the drug."

"These human experiments have gone largely unchallenged and unquestioned by Congress, the medical profession, and the scientific community at large." - Last five paragraphs above in Ted Gup and Jonathan Neumann, "Cancer Cures Often a Curse", Washington Post, Reprinted in Chicago Sun Times, Oct 25, 1981.


"The new medical-industrial complex is now a fact of American life...with broad and potentially troubling implications..." - Dr. Arnold Relman, Editor, New England Journal of Medicine.


"Corruption has permeated virtually every area of the Medicare-Medicaid health-care industry." - FBI Assistant Director, Francis Mullen, JR. to Congress.


"Nearly 90% of more than 10,000 publications about phenothiazines have been financially sponsored by the drug industry.  Independent research studies conducted without drug company backing have failed to indicate overall usefulness of phenothiazines." - D. Springer, "Thorazine; Chemical for Social Control", Issues in Radical Therapy, Spring '76.


"The dilemma of the (AMA) Board of Trustees (is that it) ...had no choice but to appease the pharmaceutical industry...or forego income from advertising (in its journals)...The (AMA) Council on Drugs...(made up of 'independent thinking scientists and practitioners...was dissolved' and replaced) by the staff of the (AMA's) Dept of Drugs ('obligated to do the bidding of their superiors,...emasculated and worthless')...Thus the AMA has abrogated its responsibility of providing factual information on drugs to the physician in the public's behalf." - AMA Council on Drugs Chairman, Dr. John Adriani, Professor of Surgery, Tulane U. Med. School, to US Senator Gaylord Nelson's Subcommittee on Monopoly.


"In the first five years of his television 'practice', Marcus Welby, MD, received 250,000 letters from viewers seeking medical advice." - ACS solicitation letter."


"Each spring there is a media blitz in conjunction with ACS's fund raising campaign.  The vast majority of advertising space and time is contributed free of charge as a 'public service'." - "Overview Needed of Cancer Cabal", Spotlight, 1981.


"...the US Postal Service...issued an order to stop my ...mail....I have had to report to the local ...Postal Service...and open my mail in front of a local postal inspector.  If any person...orders the herbal Cancer preventative formula...the confiscated..., stamped 'Fraudulent', and returned to the sender.  The FDA recommended to the US Postal Service...that this...formula was not beneficially effective towards the treatment of cancer.  (The FDA) did not even know what the ingredients of the formula were."

"(Active chemicals and) alkaloids are only harmful when extracted from the crude herb or botanical(;) becom(ing) imbalanced, causing contra-indications and side effects....Jurisdiction of the FDA is restricted to those new drugs manufactured after 1938." - F. Joseph Montagna, Alternative Medical Association.


"In 1971, the (US) Postal Service attempted to ban (Arlin Brown's) book, March of Truth on Cancer, from the mail." - Arlin Brown (In Spotlight, 1981).


"...The Cancer Biopathy...was...forced out of print by an injunction that caused Reich's books to be withheld or destroyed by an agency of the US Government." - C.M. Raphael, MD, in froward to The Cancer Biopathy, by Wilhelm Reich, MD, U. Vienna, associate of Sigmund Freud.


"In...1954, a permanent injunction was issued by the Federal District Court...enjoining Dr. Wilhelm Reich, his wife, ...from distributing 'orgone energy' devices, on complaint of the USFDA, ...for treatment of cancer...The decree was won by default, since Dr. Reich contended that the court had no jurisdiction (in)...'Basic Natural Law' and he failed to appear or answer the complaint...The decree (was) for destruction...of...all misleading labeling which included 10 (different) books by Dr. Reich...His followers...charg(ed) interference of freedom of the press....Dr. Reich was sentenced to two years, and Dr. (Michael) Silvert to one jail.  After appeals were appeals were carried to the Supreme Court and denied...Dr. Reich died in prison; Dr. Silvert died shortly after he was released.  (Their) foundation was...fined $10,000." - ACS, Unproven Methods of Cancer Management.


"That the percentage of efficient and beneficial treatments by respondent (Hoxsey-herbs) is reasonably comparable to the efficiency and success of surgery and radium, without the physical suffering and dire consequences (of the last two)" - Judge William H. Atwell, US District Court for Northern Texas, Dec. 20, 1950., Decision.


"I am of the firm opinion and belief that Hoxsey has cured these people of cancer (with herbs).  Hoxsey has been done a great injustice and articles and utterances by defendant Morris Fishbein (AMA chief and Managing Editor) were false, slanderous, and libelous." - Judge W.L. Thornton, Decision, Hoxsey vs. Fishbein.


"Warning against the Hoxsey (herbal) Cancer Treatment...Cancer can only be cured through surgery or radiation." - FDA poster 1955, sent to 46,000 post offices for display.


"" investigator for the State Medical Board appeared...with warrants for (our) arrest...(for)...practicing medicine without a license.  (Our) Dr....protested that he was the only man in the clinic who treated patients, and produced his had been cancelled the day before...I pleaded with them not to arrest my wife who (did paperwork, and) told (them) that we had a 6 month old infant at home who had to be nursed regularly...(My wife was) locked up with degenerate females...They ganged up on her, slapped her, knocked her down and kicked her." - Harry Hoxsey, You Don't Have to Die.


"..Our paper's ...article...(:) The research on which it is based has taken us no less than four years.  Two of our chief writers have followed the treatments and checked up on patients' records for months on end.  We have made journeys to America..Our firm, at our request, has spent thousands of pounds on investigations...Certain kinds of cancer have been...treated with success by a man (Harry Hoxsey) who is not a qualified medical practitioner, and who has in the past been bitterly attacked in public for the treatment he has given." - Man's Magazine, 1953.


(This issue)"for some strange reason disappeared from the news stands." - Health Research, Is Cancer Curable, for two paragraphs


"New methods of health care have been discouraged, restricted, and in some cases eliminated (by the AMA)."

"...the AMA has prevented dissemination of truthful, objective information that could provide substantial benefits to the public."

"Competition...potentially poses a threat to the income of physicians in private practice.  The costs to the public in terms of less expensive or even, perhaps, more improved forms of medical service are great."

""...a conspiracy between the AMA and its constituent and component medical societies...The record evidence contains more then sufficient quantity of independently admissible evidence to establish the existence of the conspiracy."

"The means (of) restraints..include...the "Principles of Medical Ethics",...and communication with medical societies and individual physicians to promote compliance with these...

(AMA's)"Judicial Council issues interpretations (on 'Ethics', and) is empowered to institute disciplinary proceedings...against physicians...and has appellate jurisdiction..."

"...when a physician disregards 'local custom',...he has acted unethically."

"In 1976, (AMA's) AMPAC reported campaign fund transfers of more than $1 million, making it the second largest political action committee in the US." - Federal Trade Commission, Docket n.9064, Initial Decision, Finding, Upheld by 2nd US Court of Appeals.


"...Dr. McQueen-Williams, Mr. Sarkisian,...filed suit in the US District Court...for $5 million against the ACS (American Cancer Society) for allegedly libelous Cancer - A Cancer Journal for Clinicians..."

"...the FDA seized (their herbs)..Court action was based on charges that the product was a drug without prior showing of safety..."

"Dr. McQueen-Williams said no (NDA) new drug application had been filed since they do not believe the law covers botanical compounds." - ACS Unproven Methods.


(The FDA)"is seeking, under the guise of (other) charges, to prohibit the sale of a food in the marketplace simply because it is not in sympathy with its use." - Judge's finding, in US vs. Dextra..., (In, The Dictocrats, Our unelected Rulers.).


"Every human being of adult years and sound mind has a legal right to determine what shall be done with his own body." - US Supreme Court Justice B.N. Cardoza, decision.


"It may be conceded that the legislature has no constitutional right to compel any person to submit to vaccination." - Judge Woodward, New York State Appellate Court, 1903, Viemester case.

"I would like to maximize the level of human choice in the medical field...The choice of a treatment in many ways is like the exercise of religion."


"Everyone's heard about the military-industrial complex, but they know very little about the medical-industrial complex...(in) a medical arms race..." - California Governor Jerry Brown, June 1980.


"Following the Koch trial, a number of physical attacks were made upon me...I was robbed and beaten in my office and on the street...Similar attentions were paid other physicians who agreed with Dr. Koch.' - Anonymous MD."


" death from poisoning, and one from being run down by an automobile, both victims being physicians of distinction and prominent in the advocacy of the Koch treatment.  Mail has often been opened, and cartons of certain chemicals often arrive empty..."

"(Dr. Koch himself was the target of at least 13 unsuccessful attempts on his life' - Riley H. Crabb.)" - M. Layne, The Koch Remedy for Cancer...,  Borderland Sciences Research Foundation.


"One doctor...J.W. Kannel, saved a young girl...She had hopeless cancer of the spleen...One shot of Glyoxylide, and she became well (in 1943; still alive in 1983)...For (this), Kannel was barred from all hospitals in Fort Wayne...The FDA had (Glyoxylide inventor, Dr. William Frederick) Koch arrested and thrown into an incredibly filthy jail cell in Florida in 1942."

"In 1926...The AMA...attempt(ed) to send a doctor using Koch shots to prison...(in) Massachusetts...Justice Pierce...berated the District Attorney, calling the opposition to Koch 'a moral crime of the very worst kind'." - Wayne Martin BS, Purdue Univ. (Author, Medical Heroes and Heretics); We Can Do Without Heart Attacks. c. 1983.


"...They forced (Chauncey Smith) to leave Loma Linda (U.)....So he went east...and resumed his research (on germs causing cancer). (then) mysteriously, he had died..."

"It was in 1936 that I copyrighted...Cancer, Its Cause and Control......They forced me to serve a whole year in jail,...where I was so fed and treated that I had to cure myself of cancer...But when I had everything ready to put out a third edition...they notified in no uncertain terms 'Unless you stop...we will snatch you...and do a lobotomy on you...'" - Emerson Hartman, International Association of Cancer Friends and Victims, Cancer News Journal.


"...Dr. Thomas J. of the leading holistic physicians in the metropolitan Washington DC area...had his hospital privileges suspended because he doesn't believe in the Establishment 'cut-burn-poison' (Surgery-Radiation-Chemotherapy) cancer 'treatments'." - Carol M. Dunn and William Carmichael., Spotlight, 1979.


"The board of directors...decided (to end) Chelation Therapy in the very hospital that I owned!...I donated (my) and 50-bed nursing home to the church."

"...The State Medical Board of Examiners of Louisiana...ruled that a doctor practicing Chelation Therapy or using...natural minerals and vitamins was 'incompetent',...defrauding the public'."

"The US Patent Office (, for my) chelating agents...granted a patent."

"...In a period of thirty days, three lawsuits were filed against me for malpractice for a million dollars each....I lost my malpractice insurance."

"I have declared bankruptcy.  My home and furniture have been auctioned off." - H. Ray Evers, MD, Vanderbilt U.; BS Biochemistry and Biology, Auburn U. Knight, Order of Malta; in Voice of Medical Freedom, Americans for Medical Freedom.


"Our present state law has a 100% conviction record before the board (of medical examiners).  There's not a D.A. in the country that would not love that record..." - Dan and Beverly Dotson, MD's, in Voice of Medical Freedom.


"Several hundred (ex-) patients...of the Shute Clinic...treated successfully with Vitamin E therapy for cardiovascular conditions, formed...'The Cardiac Society'....The AMA...enlisted...the US Post Office.  Letters addressed to the society were returned to the sender marked 'Fraudulent." - Herbert Bailey, Vitamin E... .


(Dr. Nathan) Pritikin...maintains that patients with atherosclerosis, heart disease, ...can be 'returned to normal function' by in fat, cholesterol, protein, and high in complex carbohydrates..."

"Loma Linda ...reported...that of the first 111 patients..with blood cholesterol between 260 and 279..., the average patient left... with...190...Of 218 patients (on) anti-hypertension drugs, 186 left with normal blood pressure..."

(Pritikin's diet is) "bizarre...fad." - AMA public relations official, F. Chapel.


"Until he shows us more than anecdotal evidence, there is nothing to evaluate his work on." - American Heart Association's Mary Winston.


"We've seen atherosclerosis turned on and off in monkeys (by nutrition, etc.).  The problem is you've got to be a monkey to get proper treatment for heart disease in the country." - Dr. William Castellini, Director, Framingham Project. - Last five paragraphs in Nutrition Action, April 1980.


"Blood from coronary thrombosis patients....(:) on about 60...patients... hemoglobin was in all cases up (high)...Fort three years...examining blood of...several hundred people a day...testing out various diets...I came to the conclusion that (a vegetable-fruit diet and) one-third natural fruit juice, two-thirds water are the most suitable liquid foods to drop hemoglobin number as quickly as possible to a normal level...The Medical Society of New York article and published it in New York Medicine for May 20, 1949.  On May 21, 1949, I was fired from my position at the hospital.  My daughter who also worked there, was fired, too." - Ernest Klein, MD, "A New Theory for Diet and Coronary Thrombosis.", Prevention; J.I. Rodale, Ed. 1954.


(Coronary artery bypass surgery:)"5 to 40% of patients...experience a heart attack during or soon after surgery...(;) typical rate...15-25%...20-30% of vein grafts become occluded (blocked) within one year of surgery....Grafts increase the likelihood that new occlusions will develop in the arteries at points both before and after the graft (parallel bypass) insertion site. ...six months after surgery...; New total occlusion developed in only 16% of arteries not bypassed, in 29% of arteries with a patient (open bypass) graft, and in 62% of arteries with an occluded graft."

"The US has a ratio (of thoracic surgeons to population)...many times greater than any other nation."

"Questionable medical practice is not just the result of mistake, occasional incompetence, and faulty regulation, but is the outcome of vested interests." - Marcia Millman, The Unkindest Cut.


"Although I found that the booklet (Stale Food vs. Fresh Food) contained some helpful suggestions and its author, Mr. Robert Ford, is a knowledgeable and sincere person (i.e. no intent to defraud), I found the representations in the Respondent's booklet to be unproven and contrary to the weight of informed medical and scientific opinion.  As indicated by Dr.___, (the only US Post Office medical witness) a danger of this publication is that it will deceive people who have arterio-sclerotic problems into believing that they can cure these problems by diet alone instead of seeking medical (AMA) help.  Because the ads and this booklet contain materially false representations, they violate the provisions of 39 US Code Section 3005.  Therefore...a mail stop order...should be issued..." - E.S. Bernstein, Administrative Law Judge, (1982).


"...Many physicians who agree alternatives will not participate in them for fear... ...Doing so would be tantamount to...professional suicide."

"Nearly 25% of all childbearing women in this country (US) are now having Cesarian sections!" - David Stewart, PhD, Executive Director, NAPSAC (International Assoc. of Parents and Professionals for Safe Alternatives to Childbirth), The Five Standards for Safe Childbearing.


"...Nial Ettinghausen, DP...Calif., has attended over 7,000 home births over the past 40 years.  His Cesarian rate is 1.1% and his perinatal mortality rate for the past five years (2,508 births) is 4.2 per 1,000 - a rate less than one-quarter of the national average.  Dr. Ettinghausen lost his license to practice in January of 1981..."

"Hai Abdul, MD, ...(is) offering natural childbirth...Since 1978, the California (BMQA) Bureau of Medical Quality Assurance has sent investigators to his clinic...On Christmas Eve, 1980, the investigator visited Dr. Abdul and his wife, who were in the midst of wrapping Christmas gifts, to inform them that the BMQA planned to level charges...'in two months'....Dr. Abdul lost his hospital privileges...Said Dr. Abdul...'It is an attack against every family who wants to choose the place and manner of their births.'..."

"It has been estimated that of the physicians in support of home birth and other safe alternatives, at least 90% are in trouble today.  Either their licenses have been suspended or in threat..., their hospital privileges are in jeopardy, their insurance coverage has been cancelled, or all..."

"Do medical licensing boards, insurance companies and hospital boards judge all physicians by the same standards, or are there two sets - one strict, the other lenient - depending on whether the doctor supports alternatives or not?" - NASPAC, NASPAC News, Spring 1981.


"Doctors who have been doing home births, in many instances have lost hospital privileges, been threatened with loss of insurance, and threatened with criminal prosecution.  ...There certainly isn't criminal prosecution when something goes wrong in the hospital. ...I know horrendous stories of women...just really being abused within the hospital because they tried to have their babies at home...Practitioners are threatened with loss of license..." - Michelle Harrison, MD, (author, A Woman in Residence) in "Behind the Mask of Women's Medicine", East-West Journal, Oct 1982.


"I concluded that mongolism was a genetic defect resulting in metabolic accumulations.  I treated it as such by removing the accumulations."

"Even the NIH (National Institute of Health) (has) written (my) medicines are safe."

"Why...was my office robbed and vandalized while I met with the FDA in Washington...a thief who only stole and destroyed patients' records...?  Why was my telephone tapped...?  Why were mail checks put on parents of my patients, friends, and relatives?"

"...The Japanese National Health Institute of Mental Health came to Detroit to extend me their gratitude for the 'U' series (used) 60 universities and national hospitals...(where) 3,000 children had been both mentally and physically; an additional third improved physically only."

(My patient)"so impressed the (Michigan) legislatures...that both Houses passed...(a) Resolution...signed by the Governor,  to treat institutional mongoloids with (my) 'U' series (of 'vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and prescription dosages').  The Michigan Department of Health turned down this Resolution..."

"(US) Senator McGovern wrote...he had seen improvements in...his constituent, my patient..."

"...South African doctors...were told by the US State Department that our FDA would no longer allow them to treat..."

"...the National Association for Retarded Children, The National Institute of Mental Health (of NIH), and the March of Dimes had declined to investigate (my treatment)." - Henry Turkel, MD, New Hope for the Mentally Retarded.


"The Health...Department of the State of New Mexico 'took my children away....One of the charges leveled against me was that I had been raising my children on a vegetarian diet.  I try to show my children respect for animals...I was outraged when I found out they fed my children meat.'" - Vegetarian Times.


"Dr. (William D.) Kelly has become harassed by agents from the IRS, FDA, HEW, CIA, CDC, Texas medical and dental boards, controllers, US Postal authorities, US Chamber of Commerce, Consumer Protection Agency...local and county ..police...Dr. Kelly was told by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners that if he would stop distributing his book to cancer patients, they would drop all charges. ...Blue Cross will pay for cancer surgery, for chemotherapy, for cobalt (radiation..." for a terminal cancer patient...of $30,000") but...refuses to pay for unorthodox treatments.  My (five) visit(s) to Dr. Kelly cost...$150 per visit." - Foundation for Alternative Cancer Therapies, Cancer Forum.


"The Rev. Edward Stone, an..English Clergyman...sought new drugs according to a rule:  God (is) placing the cures for diseases in close proximity to their causes ...In 1763 ...Stone..learned that the countryfolk...treated fevers with...bark of the willow, a tree common in marshy locations.  Willow bark...had the same 'extra-ordinary bitterness' as quinine...Stone treated some 50 fever-stricken patients (and) reduced the fever and relieved pain in every case...Chemists later (were) isolating the bark's active principle and synthesizing...salicylates...acetyl-salicylic acid...aspirin....Stone's re-discovery...of salicylate-containing plants had been known in antiquity..."

"...Dr. Bruce W. Halstead, Director World Life Research Institute, recalls...Indian Snakeroot...was 'laughed out of the office' of one important drug company official.  Another company, with fewer prejudices, took the trouble to investigate it - and ultimately marketed millions of dollars worth of reserpine (toxic)." - Dr. W. Modell. Professor of Pharmacy, Cornell U., Board member, US Pharmacopoeia, and many other credentials including consultant to US Surgeon General.


"A contributory factor to the increase in cancer might be the widespread use of antibiotics since 1940.  'The antibiotics may absolve the body of the need to bring the normal immunological mechanisms into use..."

"In Japan, the daily use of the hot full bath may destroy incipient cancers..."

"Thousands more cancer patients were not given the benefit of such (fever/immuno-/(heat)) therapy since it was first initiated by (Dr. William Bradley) Coley 90 years ago...The incredible barriers created by the FDA since 1963.  (:) To rule Coley's MBV (mixed bacteria vaccine) as a 'new drug' when it had been used for 70 years in nearly 900 patients was incredible.  The red tape involved in securing (IND) Investigational New Drug Licenses....Progress will now have to come from clinical trials in...countries which do not have such paralyzing restrictions." - Helen Coley Nauts, Executive Director, Cancer Research Institute., "Bacterial Products in the Treatment of Cancer: Past, Present, and Future", read at International Colloquim on Bacteria and Cancer, Cologne, 1982) in Bacteria and Cancer, Jeljaszewicz, et. al., eds, 1982.


"Mrs. Joseph (Kitty) Schumacher..fought against the government's ruling which bans Krebiozen (another famous alternative method snuff job) from the State of Illinois...As a result of her efforts, she was indicted in federal court in Chicago.  She criticized the judge..., government,...and the prosecuting attorney.  Yet, a jury found her not guilty." - Butcher Workman. Sept., 1968.

"Adolph Hohensee...operated a health farm for many years, hoping to find a violation, etc.  Well, they did.  They found he had mislabeled a vitamin, and they took him out at 2:00 AM in his pajamas and imprisoned him..."

"..The Durovics (of Krebiozen:) costly (their) nine month trial was, and no government paid their legal fees as was done for the FDA." - Kitty Schumacher, Cancer Information Crusade, in letter to MDAC author, 1982.


"There is a strong possibility..that selenium may prevent and/or cure cancer. ...As a scientist, you have to consider the possibility that (Dr. Revici) has something to offer." - NCI selenium committee, Dr. Marc Micozzi.


"After a (NBC TV) Today Show report...on Revici and his unorthodox treatment using...selenium,...officials suspended his license." - Miami Herald for 2 quotes above.


"Dr. Emanuel Revici...directs the Institute of Applied Biology....(and) is a veteran of over fifty years of research in biochemistry and holds over 100 patents.  The New York State Health Department charged Dr. Revici with fraudulent practice, gross incompetence, and gross negligence." - National Health Federation, Health Freedom News, April 1984.


"There is not one, but many cures for cancer available.  But they are all being systematically suppressed by the ACS, the NCI, and the major oncology centers.  They have too much of a vested interest in the status quo." - Robert C. Atkins, MD, Cornell University Medical College; Bach university of Medicine; (author Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution and Dr. Atkins' Nutrition Breakthrough).


"...The plaintiff's lawyers have already filed and won a case allegedly proving that I have abandoned my homestead....My beautiful homestead will be sold at auction by the Sheriff..." - V.V. Vetrano, Natural Hygienest, (by fasting).


"The suit charged Dr. (Herbert) Shelton (author of 12 books on fasting) and Dr. Vetrano with starving with starving to death a guest (suffering from side effects from 'ethical pharmaceuticals') to death.  Despite ample evidence produced to show that the guest did not die from starvation..." - T.C. Fry, College of Life Science, Healthful Living, 1983.


(regarding above case)"...For appeal purposes were several hostile rulings by the presiding Federal Judge on questions of admissible evidence..." - American Natural Hygiene Society, Health Science, 1982.


"The Chicago Women's Health Center was struck by arsonists on the evening of (1983). ...Damage is estimated at $10,000.  The damages are not covered by insurance....Clinic health workers take time to explain procedures and options to each patient they see..."- Heartland, '83



"...Mark Baum...MD...(adopted) living healthfully...(and) started advising healthful regimens for his clients.  Dr. Baum's local medical society objected to his practices and invoked powers of state to close him down." - Healthful Living, May 1983.


"Our attorney...then filed a running complaint with the Hearing Officer that the panel of doctors on this District Review Committee...could not possibly give Dr. (Alan H.) Nittler (MD, author, A New Breed of Doctor) a fair hearing, in that they were totally unaware of nutritional metabolic therapy...and prejudiced against him....The District Court of Appeals also denied Dr. Nittler's request for a stay...The hearing...had to totally disregard all of the evidence presented by Dr. Nittler, and his revoke his license, the maximum penalty allowed." - Foundation for Alternative Cancer Therapies Journal.


"A person is a quack if:...He claims he is being persecuted by the 'medical establishment'.  (and/or) He uses letters of testimonials...from patients in support of his treatment." - New York State Education Dept., Curriculum Development Center, Bureau of School Health Services, 1977.


"Their (hospital's) annual application for renewal of their license to operate would not be granted unless the ortho-molecular (nutrition) program was closed." - M. Artery, attorney for Forest Hospital, in (Nutrition for Optimal Health Association) NOMA News, 1981.


"...Incarceration and deprivation of the rights of mental patients, as if they were criminals rather than sick people(:)...In less the one-fourth of the states is a patient's right to communicate with the outside world protected by law; in less than one-half is his right to receive visitors protected by law; in less than one-tenth is he guaranteed the right to correspond with his attorney; the use of physical restraints is restricted in less than one-fourth of the states; and less than one-fourth of the states assure that he will receive a periodic examination for consideration for discharge." - Arthur Frank, MD, and Stuart Frank, MD, The People's Handbook of Medical Care.


"In my legal practice, I have seen certain Federal judges controlled or influenced by large corporations..., by large law firms...on more than one occasion(, and) special interests...(some) ought to be thrown right off the bench because they are breaking every code of conduct..." - US Senator Orrin Hatch.


"Dr. James D. Rogers, a general surgeon...after being the victim of a frivolous malpractice suit,...countersued a former patient and the attorneys involved for making 'reckless, slanderous, ...charges' against him...He acted as his own attorney (,) when he couldn't find a lawyer who would help him..." - last two paragraphs above in HALT (Help Abolish Legal Tyranny), Americans for Legal Reform., Winter 1980.


"I usually accept bribes from both sides so that tainted money can never influence my decision." - Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England, (in Charles Ashman, The Finest Judges Money Can Buy).


"Victimless crimes account for half of all arrests..The National Council on Crime and Delinquency declares, '(This) so preoccupies the criminal justice system that it prevents it from dealing effectively with real crime." - Anne Strick, Injustice for All.


Section 4

"Employing...nutrition and vitamin of the nation's largest alcoholism treatment programs reports a 71% success rate. This contrasts with...(a) national...rate (of) 25% as reported by NIAAA."

"...All patients reported a loss of craving for drugs while taking large doses of Vitamin C, during detoxification. Of the first 30 carefully monitored heroin addicts, 30 successfully withdrew from their addiction with no more than minor discomfort. None of the 30 were reported to have relapsed...Similar results have been reported by other doctors...:Archie Kalokerinos..." - Irwin Stone, Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, 1977.


"Tobacco pesticides had no tolerance and no instructions for waiting periods between use and harvest. ...In phosphates...parathion, have replaced the chlorinated hydrocarbons aldrin, chlordane, dieldren, and heptachlor...; however, residue of all...including arsenic... would remain...Can it be, then, that the cancer-producing quality of cigarettes is related to the pesticides used? ...I received no reply. ...embarrassed silence." - Laura Tallian, The Pesticide Jungle.


"While millions of dollars were being projected for research on radiation and other cancer 'cures', there was an almost complete blackout on research that might have pointed to needed alterations in our environment, our industrial organization, and our food." - Carol Lopate, in Health Policy Advisory Center, Health PAC Bulletin.


"...The asbestos industry...has for decades successfully suppressed and manipulated information on the carcinogenicity and other hazards of asbestos. Involved in this conspiracy network were senior industry executives, their medical staff, attorneys, insurance companies, trade associations, scientific consultants, and commercial labs." - Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Harvard Medical School.; President, Rachel Carson Trust; The Politics of Cancer.


"...In the preceding chapters...are hypothesis linking scattered observations. ...Relevant research on the system as a whole has not been done..."

"It is remarkable that with the continuing health care 'crisis', so few studies of the consequences of alternative modes of delivering care have been done. Such a paucity of studies is no accident; such studies would challenge structural interests of both professional monopoly (MD's) and corporate rationalization in maintaining health institutions as they now exist or in directing their 'orderly' expansion." -Robert R. Alford, Professor, UC Santa Cruz, Health Care Politics.


"A minimum of 30,000 Japanese (were) paralyzed and blinded, many permanently, after taking Quineform,...manufactured and marketed by...., under various trade names, still being sold throughout the world....In 1964, British...ban(ned) (it even) for the treatment of dogs and cats. In 1965...circulated an alert across the European continent...In 1970, Japan's Health and Welfare Ministry...banned (it) while they assured their Pharmaceutical Assoc. that 'withdrawal..was not mandatory'...The 7th revised Japanese Pharmacopoeia...(insert) reads 'This drug is non-absorbable, side effects rarely seen.'...In 1969....'s confidential memo...enumerated 56 reports on (its) side effects....In 1973....released a report which stated the drug was harmless. - IDA Honorof, "The 'SMON' Tragedy...", The Provoker, 1978.

"Dr. (Henry K.) Wachtel...after escaping the Hitler regime resumed work in New York City, aided by Columbia U. He served (9 years) as professor of physiology, and director of the Cancer Research Council at Fordham U. But when he began to test his pituitary substance, he was removed from both posts, (and) no other funds could be secured. Dr. Wachtel (is) outspoken in international drug cartel....of controlling every phase of cancer research and therapy, including the allocation of grants from private foundations and maintain its monopoly, strangl(ing) every independent approach to cancer." - Nat Morris, The Cancer Blackout Amended.


"The information that follows is taken primarily...from government hearings and reports published from various Senate and House committees."

"By...WWII, I.G. Farben had become...part of the most gigantic and powerful cartel of all history...interlocking agreements...over 2,000 of them...In the US, the cartel had established important agreements with" (very many major drug, oil, and chemical companies)

"In 1938, I. G. Farben sent a letter to (a major drug firm), one of its American subsidiaries, (that)..all advertising contracts must contain '...a legal clause whereby the contract is immediately cancelled if overnight the attitude of the paper toward Germany should be changed."

"During the Nuremberg trials, Oswald Pohl, an SS Lieutenant General, shown here explaining how Farben operated such concentration camps as Auschwitz and Buchenwald." (Photo by) "US Army". (picture section of book.) - G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer.


"...a surgeon told John D. (Rockefeller) that everyone should have an appendectomy before the age of 16 as a preventative. The oil wizard saw the point at once. 'Why, you've got a better thing than Standard Oil!', he exclaimed." - In Nat Morris, The Cancer Blackout.


"Bankers regard research as most dangerous and a thing that makes banking hazardous due to the rapid changes it brings about in industry." - Charles Kettering, of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Vice President of General Motors, (in Ralph Moss, Cancer Syndrome).


"We have a tremendous investment in facilities for (internal combustion engines, transmissions, and axles) and I can't see throwing them away just because the electric car doesn't emit fumes." - Henry Ford II, in Look, May 28, 1964.


"In 1899 an electric vehicle captured the world land speed record (at) 66 MPH..." - Peter Barry Chowka, East West, May 1981.


"Fundamental scientific breakthroughs seldom happen in giant company labs. They take place in bedrooms, garages, and makeshift labs.: for example, Moulton's bicycle, Carlson's Xerox, DeForest's vacuum tube, Wankel's rotary engine, Von Neumann's computer, etc. The dial telephone was invented by an undertaker, and the ball point pen by a sculptor. A French monk invented the principle of hermetically sealed refrigeration. Two concert pianists invented Kodachrome in their kitchens."

"It is produce a vehicle for $150, a radio receiver for 9 cents, and a $9 one-channel TV set...need(ed) in underdeveloped countries...." - Richard Barnett and Ronald Müller, Global Reach, The Power of the Multinational Corporations.


"...President Truman's chief of staff, Admiral W.D. Leahy, told his boss about the atom bomb: 'This is the biggest fool thing we have ever done. The bomb will never go off, and I speak as an expert in explosives."

"...The press as a whole refused to believe the Wright Brothers for nearly five years (after their first flight). ...Editors discarded invitations to witness numerous flights...."

"...Dr. Thomas H. Moray...used a simple antennae, (etc. per Nicola Tesla) generate large amounts of....electricity....During the 1930's he demonstrated (this)...even under the water....(It) weighed about 55 lbs. and was capable of obtaining 50,000 watts of power on a steady basis. (It) utilized a transistor more than 20 years before anyone (else; of) germanium. The (REA) Rural Electrification Administration...was ordered (by President FDR) to work with Dr. Moray on his invention, which took twenty years and $200,000 of his own money to develop. An REA engineer...smashed the Moray Device with an Axe. ...Dr. Moray was shot in a gun battle that took place in his lab...In 1973 Lt. Colonel Thomas Bearden, a nuclear engineer with the Army Missile Command, wrote of the Moray experiment which he had witnessed: 'It was ...a legitimate, widely recognized demonstration that got electricity out of the thin air.'" - Tom Valentine, Editor, Newsreal, "Suppressed Inventions" issue, June 1977.


"...William Bolton('s) Rialto, Calif., (auto) steam engine weighed less than 50 pounds and eliminated the usual transmission and drive train...Detroit (asked) the inventor sign forms releasing....his claims to the design before they would even look at it. After a Sun-Telegraph article..his factory was fire bombed to the tune of $600,000

(Eric Cottle's)"ultra sonic fuel system...'vibrate(s) existing fuels to much smaller particles'..(winning) congratulations from...(June 17, 1974 Newsweek, etc.). Later ...silence. Cottel...explained that Detroit was so myopic that they would probably turn down even the wheel if it were a newly offered invention."

"In his Suppressed Inventions, Mike Brown...tells of Gulley (who) could supposedly get 115 MPG out of his big 8 cylinder Buick, using his (fuel) vaporizing" (carburetor). - John Freeman, Suppressed and Incredible Inventions.


"An investigation was initiated by the FDA, EPA, NCI, and the Inspector General of HEW, and evidence revealed that IBT (Industrial Bio-Test Labs, Inc.) deliberately falsified data submitted on potential carcinogens, and four major pesticide manufacturers were aware...but...silent. 1,781 (tests) required auditing. ...94% of tests...for cancer caus(ation) were invalid....The Wall Street Journal reported that EPA is asking 235 chemical companies to reexamine 4,363 IBT tests that were crucial in obtaining federal clearance to market 483 different pesticides.' (Feb. 21, 1978) ...The average (%) invalid, (of 1,781) tests...studied was 75%." - Ida Honorof, Report to the Consumer., Aug 1981.


"...we are on a collision course with disaster. Our poor farming practices are laying the groundwork for a severe disaster in American agriculture...By destroying farmland and water resources...the erosion of American Farmland today is probably at a record high....this simply cannot go on." - Secretary of Agriculture, Bob Bergland, Oct. 1979.


"Using spinach, we had two rows of bugs, then (rows of) no bugs, two rows of bugs then no bugs. Not because we sprayed (pesticides), but because we got a different condition (natural fertilizer) in the soil under, (the rows of no pests)." - Dr. William A. Albrecht, U. Missouri, to US Congressman James J. Delany, Hearings, Chemicals in Food Products.

"Despite a tenfold increase in the use of pesticides between 1947 and 1974 (in the US), crop losses due to pests have...remained at an estimated 33%. Losses due to insects alone have nearly doubled, ...from 7% in the 1942-1951 period to about 13% in 1974."


"During the drought years 1970-1974, the total value of agricultural exports from Sahel(Africa) was three times that of all cereal imported...The governments have pressured farmers and skewed every conceivable program to favor export production..(over) food crops (for native nutrition)...(Exports) earn foreign exchange...used to enable government bureaucrats and better-off urban workers, to live an imported life style....In its need to extract wealth from the colony,...the increasing landlessness of the many...In Bangladesh...a landlord (will) sabotage irrigation, (etc.)...because he does not wish his tenants to prosper and become less dependent. (I think that's called deciding to rule in hell.) - Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins, Food First, Beyond the Myth of Scarcity.


"...I took a pen name for sending the leaflets (protesting pesticides)...Discovery...had...result (that): Planes had come and dropped their pesticides upon (my) apiaries."

"Hugh McDonald, an organic farmer...stated on television in LA that he did not use insecticide because of the relationship of cancer...Within days, banks demanded payment of his loans, and packing house officials...(took) control of his grove prior to picking. ...They placed guards upon his ranch and threatened to spray all his trees." - Laura Tallian, The Pesticide Jungle.


"Kenneth Little, San Diego County Agricultural Commissioner: (In)'some of the Japanese beetle traps (used to assess need of pest control)..people are placing (on purpose)...Japanese beetles..."

"Floyd Morrow, Councilman: 'And how did they know it was a Japanese beetle (they were putting in the trap)...'"

"K. Little: '...they are pretty expert at it.'"

"F. Morrow:' You mean sell a lot of insecticide?'"

"K. Little: 'I think it's (like) ...a false fire alarm.'" -Laura Tallian, People's Lobby, Politics and Pesticides.


"Four distinct groups of bacteria survive pasteurization....the strep of pasteurized milk are the most frequent cause of rheumatic fever --the most deadly disease of childhood.'" - USDA

"...Cartels...(drove) independent (milk) distributors out of business....The small (milk) producer couldn't afford the excessive cost of pasteurization machinery,...manufactured by the (cartel)." - American Capsule News, Jan. 19 & Feb. 9, 1957.


(For)"Deaths of children under 15 years attributed to scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough, and measles...90% of the improvement in death rate had already occurred prior to the introduction of immunization and the use of antibiotics." - Alan Kass, BA, MD, Fellow Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh and many other credentials, There's Gold in them Thar Pills.


"I see little hope for a nation that values the health of its livestock more than that of its people....Farmers are not criticized for routinely giving their (live)stock nutritional supplements....superior to any sold for humans...Millions of families could plant home gardens if they truly wanted health. Refined food are practically unknown in Russia. The life expectancy of the 40-year-old American is near the lowest in the world." - Adelle Davis, MS, Biology, USC Med. School., Let's Get Well.


"...People who would not think of feeding a dog (junk) such foods with abandon...There has never been a successful feeding of a synthetic diet to several successive generations of animals." - Roger J. Williams PhD, discoverer, Vitamin B-5; pioneer, folic acid; President, American Chemical Society, etc, .etc., Nutrition Against Disease.


"Artificial vitamins...are not balanced by...associated factors...and compensatory deficiency of other vitamins..."

"Crystalline vitamins are the treatment of...natural source material with...chemical solvents: Ether..., Benzene..., Toluene...then precipitant(:) barium..., lead..., aluminum..."

"Synthetic vitamins ...(are) made from cheap materials." - Raymond Bernard, PhD, "Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins", Health Research.


"The degree to which patients desire to control their own fate is continually underestimated by physicians. For the most people, diet is the easiest health measure to manipulate." - Jan van Eys, MD, PhD, in ACS, Nutrition and Cancer, 1978.


"...the NCI...Annual planning Project Requirements (says that) by July 1, 1975, it is estimated that 670,000 people in the US will be working on cancer." - June Goodfield, The Siege of Cancer.


"...Modern biomedical science clings to the Inquisition...Censorship by the reviewers for a anonymous...Most biomedical scientists cannot keep up with the volume of even specialized articles. ...In times of limited funding...A lottery could equally well...distinguish the 'worthy' from the 'unworthy' grant proposals. ...The anonymity of the closed peer review (is a) dire threat(:) ...signing reviews will dispel this threat....No true censor can tolerate public exposure." - T.J. Sernka, PhD, "Biomedical Free Speech." Physiology, Chemistry, and Physics.


"We are aware of many cases in industry, government laboratories, and even universities where scientists have been retaliated against when their professional standards interfered with the interests of their employers or funders. This retaliation has taken many forms, ranging from loss of employment and industry-wide blacklisting to transfers and withholding of salary increases and promotions. We are convinced that the visible problem is only the tip of the iceberg." - American Chemical Society President, Alan C. Nixon, (in Science, 1973).


"...Lag...occurred between an initial discovery and its effective clinical application. We analyzed 111 such lags: 8% amounted to 0.1 to 1 year; another 18% were 1 to 10 years; 17% (lagged) 11-20 years;...39% (lagged) 21-50 years; only 18% required more than 50 years for application." - NIH; Julius Comroe, Jr. MD, and Robert Dripps,MD, The Top Ten Clinical Advances in Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Medicine and Surgery 1945-1975. Jan 1977.


"Several nutrition experts...believe that nutritional activities in general..are not adequately supported at the (NIH Clinical) Center."

"Harvard School of Public Health officials reported in the Oct. 1973...Journal, American Dietetic Assoc., ...that half of the nation's medical schools did not mention nutrition in any course description, and only 4% ...showed an independent course on nutrition as a requirement for all medical students." - US General Accounting Office, 1979.


"Many research...activities have been subject to the phenomenon called problem displacement, i.e. the substitution in organizational concern, of trivia for significant problems, since the latter appear to be unsolvable. Furthermore, in some organizations, goal displacement is evident: turning away from original goals and substituting means for ends." - NCI, Planning Biomedical Research Programs, Feb 1974.


"It is not possible to make a certain evaluation...that cancer may be arrested if 'caught early'." - Hardin B. Jones, "Demographic Consideration of the Cancer Problem." 1956.


"...No studies have established the much talked about relationship between early detection and favorable survival after treatment (by surgery, radiation, etc.)...Neither the timing nor the extent of the treatment of true malignancies has appreciably altered the average course of the disease." (e.g.: Cancer treated early shows a better 5-year survival rate, by merely observing the earlier, optimistic, part of an unswerving (?) cancer course. - Ed.) - Hardin B. Jones, (Professor Donner Lab of Medical Physics, University of California Berkeley and Davis, etc.) in Cancer Control Journal.


"My studies (show) untreated cancer victims actually live up to four times longer than treated individuals." - Dr. Hardin B. Jones, (in Spotlight, 1981).

"Complete Expectation of Life in Years (Remaining) for each sex at selected ages, Massachusetts, 1789-1929:

1789: Expectation of life in years, at ...age ...60: Male: 14.8 years; Female 16.1 years

1929: Expectation of life in years, at ...age ...60: Male: 14.0 years; Female 15.4 years

- E. Sydenstricker, Health and Environment.


"In 1972 the (WHO) World Health Organization issued its statistical report...for 34 countries...the life expectancy for persons who had already reached 65. ...23 of the 34 nations reported showed a drop in the life expectancy of their 65-year-olds from the previously recorded 1958 figures. Except Japan, all the highly industrialized nations were in this group of 23. - Ivan Popov, MD, Stay Young.

"United Nations...Population and Vital statistics (said that:) 88 nations of the world have a lower death rate, (fewer deaths per 1,000 people), than we (in US) have!"

"Although in America today life expectancy at birth is near the best of any civilized country in the age 40, life expectancy is near the bottom...'" - New York State Medical Journal, Sept. 15, 1955.

"...the incidence of cancer in children under 14 has almost doubled in little more than a decade, and that of leukemia has increased almost six-fold in the 50-year period ending in 1951." - Emanuel Cheraskin, MD, DMD, All sorts of University credentials, Diet and Disease.


"Beginning in 1940,...questionable grades of (low) malignancy were classed as cancer. ...the proportion of 'cancer' cures...increased rapidly...'"

"If persons in the die at any time in the study interval, they are reported...In the treated group, however, deaths which occur before completion of the treatment are rejected from the data, since these patients do not then meet the criteria...of the term 'treated'. The longer it takes for completion of the treatment,...the worse the error...."

"...The likelihood of treatment (of any one patient) increases with the length of time since the origin of the disease. ...Those cases in which the neoplastic process progresses slowly...are more likely to be transferred to the 'treated' category than to remain in the 'untreated'...." - Hardin B. Jones, PhD, ACS 11th Annual Science Writers Conference.


"...One of the side effects of (surgery, anesthesia,) X-ray..., and chemotherapy, is the suppression...of the patient's immunological defenses...A simple cold often leads to the death from pneumonia - and ('pneumonia') is what appears on the death certificate, not cancer." - G. Edward Griffin. "The Hoax of the Proven Cancer Cure; A Second Look at Orthodox Therapy", Cancer Control Journal, 1977/1979.


What is being left out here are the statistical tables that list dozens of alternative cancer treatment methods and their impressive success rates, also in MDAC are some unpleasant stats in the tables regarding orthodox treatment, such as: at the NCI a study was done on 35 patients getting chemotherapy; radiation and chemotherapy caused a 2900% increase in secondary cancers, another study of 200 child patients showed a 17,100% (!) increase in secondary cancers related to orthodox therapy.


"'In the only two categories of cancer where good results from chemotherapy are generally acknowledged...(i.e.) in acute lymphocytic leukemia in children and in choriocarcinoma, the validity of (chemotherapy) is ...challenged. In leukemia the real benefit (is from)...concomitant use of corticosteroids and antibiotics; and in choriocarcinoma, the (differential) diagnosis between this and benign precursor, hydatid mole, is unreliable.'" - Miles H. Robinson, MD, "who has taught and done research in physiology and pharmacology at the U. of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt medical schools"; in Congressional Record, 1966.


"...Every alternative cancer therapy would be judged in comparison to the so-called 'treatment of choice', not only in ...survival, but in...costs of treatment, freedom from pain, necessity of hospitalization, (etc.)...Statistics...should be available from the Cancer Establishment; (but) they have no reliable statistics, (or) records (are)...unobtainable and every effort to obtain them would be evaded...Once reliable figures are obtained, the bitter controversies over therapies can be resolved once and for all." - Nat Morris (Morris Natenberg) International Association of Cancer Friends and Victims, Cancer News Journal, 1979.


"The best estimates are that the medical system...affects about 10% of the usual indices for measuring health." - AMA President, Dr. Richard Palmer.


"(Reply on what constitutes scientific proof:)"The question is much too difficult for me." - Albert Einstein (quoted by Dr. Carl O. Simonton, famous cancer researcher, author, Getting Well Again).


"It has been found that...changes in age, sex, hormonal status, diet and nutritional status, genetic factors, individual variation in the metabolic handling of chemicals, or the combined effect of different chemicals, all can alter the response of an individual to a chemical carcinogen; .differences in responses as high as 100 fold or 1,000 fold can be obtained by changing only one factor at a time.'" - NCI Associate Director from Carcinogenesis, Dr. Umberto Saffiotti.


"..Humans were 60 times more sensitive to thalidomide than mice, 100 times...more than rats, 200 times more than dogs, and 700 times more sensitive than hamsters." - Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, FDA, first to alert on cyclamates, top FDA chick-embryo tester; and Jean Carpenter, Eating May be Hazardous to Your Health.


"The literature has become too vast to comprehend...It is...difficult to grasp even for workers in closely neighboring fields. ...There is much more reliance on word of mouth for the transmission of scientific data...gossip."

"Some of the shrewdest insight into natural processes have been greeted at the outset by the exclamation 'But that's ridiculous'."

"The most solid...piece of scientific truth that I know of, that we are profoundly ignorant about nature. Indeed, I regard this as the major discovery of the past 100 years of biology." - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer President, Dr. Lewis Thomas, "Hubris in Science?", American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, June 30, 1978.


"First a new theory is attacked as absurd. Then it is admitted to be true but insignificant. Finally it is seen to be so important that its adversaries claim that they themselves discovered it." - William James (1842-1910) American psychologist and philosopher. to one-half of medical and paramedical terminology consists of synonyms, some...obsolete...The micro-organism Candida Albacans has...more than 170 different names. ...Terms...have multiple, sometimes opposite, definitions. 'Nyctalopia' means night blindness in English, but in French it means day blindness. Some assign the designation 'petit mal' to 3% of all forms of epilepsy; others classify 80% of all seizures (thusly)." - Jean Kennedy, and C.E. Kossman, M.D., "Nomenclature in Medicine", Bulletin of Medical Library Science, 1973.


""...a random examination of 18 recent reports in the English literature on therapy and survival in lung cancer showed that eight different systems of histo-patho-logical nomenclature were used. Evidently, valuable data is being wasted due to poor comparability." - L.H. Sobin, "The WHO's Programme for the Histo-patho-logical Definition and Classification of Tumors, 1971.


"If too much salt is used in food, the pulse hardens.'" - Ch'i Po, 2600 BC.


"It is changes that are chiefly responsible for diseases, especially the greatest changes, the violent alterations both in the seasons and in other things. (:)...regimen and temperature, and one period of life to another." - Hippocrates.


"Men of learning began to set experiments form theories...and to substitute these in the place of experiments."

"As theories increased, simple medicines..were forgotten, at least in the politer nations. ...Medical books, were immensely multiplied,...(towards) an abstruse science, quite out of reach of ordinary men."

"Physicians now began to be..more than human. And profit attended employ...(for) keeping the bulk of mankind at a distance...They filled their writings with abundance of technical terms, utterly unintelligible to plain men...Those who understood only how to restore the sick to health, they branded with the name of Empirics. They introduced...compound medicines consisting of so many ingredients, that it was scarce possible for common people to know which it was that wrought the cure; ..., of chemicals, such as they neither had skill, nor fortune, nor time to prepare, yea, and of dangerous ones, such as they could not use..., but by the advice of a physician." - John Wesley, Founder of the Methodist Church, MA, Oxford; (1703-1791) Primitive Remedies.


"Medicine is a social science and politics is a medicine on a large scale...The very words 'Public Health' show those who are of the opinion that medicine has nothing to do with politics the magnitude of their error.: - Rudolf Virchow, (1821-1902) founder of cellular pathology.


"I spent a part of ...1923 with...Dr. W.W. Keen...In the ..Civil War....he was a surgeon...and had seen many men die from suppuration of wounds after he had operated. ...He would hold the sutures in his teeth and sharpen his knife on the sole of his boot, after he had raised up his boot from the muddy ground. That was the accepted practice at the time."

"...He went to Scotland and studied under Lister...("Lister was persecuted by the British Medical Association. He was threatened with having his license revoked.") Yet in Lister's hospital virtually no one died as a result of operations because Lister had developed a carbolic acid wash and disinfectant. Dr. Keen came back from Scotland...He was referred to as a crazy Listerite.....He was denied an opportunity to practice in every hospital in Philadelphia."

"Finally there was one open-minded surgeon in the great Pennsylvania General Hospital. He said, 'Let us give this young fellow a chance.' So they let him operate."

"...No one died from infection under Keen. ...He (Keen) began to chronicle the results in statistical articles. He was threatened with expulsion from the Pennsylvania Medical Association.....This was in the 1890's....Finally was accepted as the greatest surgeon in the US. The old man told me - and he started to cry...'I nearly went under. I was nearly shut off." - US Senator Paul Douglas, Congressional Record, 1963.


"(...The Congress had exhibited) unequaled liberality in protecting our domestic animals against every sort of disease and pest." - US Senator Matthew Neely, 1928.


"Federal aid was the studies on the health of farm animals, while almost no funds were available for direct work on the disease of man...This was...prior to 1885...partly because human welfare brought no direct financial return. Hogs did." - Richard Shyrock, American Medical Research, (1947).


"Food additives are far safer in actual use than the basic natural food themselves." - Dr. Frederick Stare, Dept. Nutrition, School of Public Health, Harvard.


"It is wholly unscientific to state that a well-fed body is more able to resist disease than a less well-fed body.' - FDA's Nutrition Dept head, Dr. Elmer M. Nelson. in Gene Marin and Judith Van Allen, Food Pollution: The Violation of Our Inner Ecology.


"...Next to tobacco and alcohol, meat is the greatest single cause of mortality in the US." - John Scharffenberg, MD, Associate Professor, Applied Nutrition, Loma Linda U. Problems With Meat.


"As any trauma in a cancer area tends to dislocate and disseminate cancer cells....No doubt many curable cases of external cancer have been made incurable by biopsy."

"...J. Ellis Barker's book, Cancer, Surgeon, and Researcher,...shows the cancer mortality rate of (:) Physicians and Surgeons - 70, as compared to Coal Miners - 61, Agricultural Labourers - 54, Clergymen and priests - 45." - (i.e. MD's have less survival, if they have cancer) - John Tobe, Provoker Press, Cancer: How to Prevent and Gain Remission from Cancer.


"That's the trouble with the conventional doctors. They always say, 'How does it work?' but often there isn't any neat little answer...Something simply works...We don't really know how it works. We say we do. We know one or two things we can see and measure..."

"There are plenty of quacks in the field. Fewer than you'd expect, though still plenty (in alternative medicine)." - John Bradshaw, MD, Doctors on Trial.


"The profession to which we belong, once venerated...-has become corrupt and degenerate to the forfeiture of its social position..." - Dr. Nathaniel Chapman, first president, AMA, 1848.


"Any system of medicine that offers complete coverage and relieves the recipient of making any direct contribution for his own medical care will lower his own health...Such a system is inherently wasteful....It offers endless opportunities for 'chiseling' on the part of both dispenser and recipient, and tends to the corruption of both." - AMA House of Delegates, June 1952. in Richard Carter, The Doctor Business.


"The individual who violates the rules in a zealous search for an answer to the problem may overstep the bounds and thereby suffer the loss of his relationships to the organized medical profession." - Journal AMA editorial under Morris Fishbein.


"Today, expulsion is again mustered into service in a war of ideology. ...Modern society makes its heresies out of political economy...Ethics has always been a flexible, developing notion of medicine, with a strong flavor of economics from the start." - Oliver Garceau, Dept. of Government, Harvard U., The Political Life of the AMA (1941).


"I invite your attention to the latest piratical development commonly known as the 'radio trust'. It would seem that human cupidity could not reach so far, or human insolence become so gross as to withhold from the public use the instrumentalities of communication through the air; and yet that is exactly what a group of great capitalists are attempting through the organization of a huge monopoly." - US Senator James A. Reed, (first term 1911-) this speech cut off air.


"The American consumer has about one billion dollars invested in radio sets,...ten times greater than the inflated capital of commercial broadcasting companies. Yet the consumer...has delegated -by default- to the broadcasting companies and the program sponsors a power that he should have retained: that of regulating the traffic through his own receiving set. unending stream of..false statements on the supposed merits of a long list of advertised foods, dentifrices, medicines, cosmetics..."

"Radio frequencies are recognized as public property by the Congress of the US." - Peter Morell, Poisons, Potions, and Profits, c. 1937.


"Most patent medicines depend for their success upon utterly false curative claims. ...Many people automatically believe anything they see in print - doubtless a holdover from early childhood, when the textbook was regarded as the acme of truthfulness..."

"...A prize of $50,000 was offered for a successful treatment of cancer....Before the prize offered had expired almost 4,000 cures had been submitted....Not one was judged worthy of being tested in a cancer lab." (by ACS predecessor, ASCC) - August A, Thomen, MD, Doctors Don't Believe it - Why Should You? c. 1941.


(An)" incident (was) reported in Journal, AMA ...after more than 20 physicians failed to find the cause, the woman finally made the diagnosis herself. An investigation of the medical literature convinced her that she was suffering from lead poisoning. Subsequent testing revealed that she was right." - Consumers Union, Health Quackery.


"...Your company...will send drugs to all the underdeveloped countries of the world, and since they do not have any standards, we will fool them all and can make a great big profit and never tell the doctors that there is a risk.....You will meet the standards of the country in which you are advertising, not the...proper standard...I would think that you would not sleep at night....I do not think this country will not stand for it." - US Senator Gaylord Nelson.


"100,000,000 Guinea Pigs sparked a rising wave of consumer indignation. takes a major catastrophe to carry legal and enforcement action over the hump of lethargy and inaction....Today, nearly forty years later, the situation is worse, not better." - John Fuller, (Emmy Award producer of The Great American Dream Machine, 1970-71), 200,000,000 Guinea Pigs, c. 1972.


"...The governments in the first world countries (should) stop their own companies from exporting drugs that are already banned or withdrawn in their own countries..." - Consumer Association of Penang (Malaysia).


"...The company...(:) ...they omit 'contra indications', they omit 'side effects' indications, they enlarge the spectrum of 'indications' order to make of each drug ...a best selling..." - a famous health activist writer.


"The pharmacist says it's the doctor's responsibility, the doctor says it's government's or its manufacturer's responsibility, now the manufacturer is saying its the government's (or local distributor's) responsibility. Everybody is passing the buck to somebody else."

"The International Organization of Consumer Unions has recently helped establish a global health information network." - Robert Richter, Producer, "Pesticides and Pills: For Export Only", Non Fiction on Television, WNET, Ch. 13, NY 1981.


"The association between cigarette smoking and wrinkling was striking in both sexes...Smokers in the 40-49 year age group were as likely to be prominently wrinkled as non-smokers who were 20 years older...Encourage young women (against smoking...(It is) ironic how much of the successful cigarette ads use youth and sexiness." - Dr. H. Daniell.


"Dr. Herlich found that 75% of the (balding) men between 21 and 22 years of age were heavy smokers." - Don C. Matchan, We Mind If You Smoke.


Section 5

"'Health experts working on a union backed screening program to detect bladder cancer in a Georgia chemical plant were stunned when the local (ACS) cancer society not only didn't support the program, but tried to discourage participation in it." - Jack Anderson, "Big Charitable Funds Bully Their Smaller 'Competitors'".


"A recent EPA action (:) ..that agency (EPA) is not only not publishing booklets, but they are destroying 86 of the 104 publications they have on hand. Most are objectionable to the chemical industry because they emphasize the danger of pesticides and chemicals." - Caveat Emptor, Feb, 1982.


"On Dec. 1, 1977...NBC Nightly News presented to the nation...that the possibility for a universal preventive does exist...NBC News spent several months checking out the data before airing the presentation. What was the result...? Three years of silence (to date) from the cancer establishment."

"...The AP and the UPI did not report upon the NBC News telecast, so nothing further appeared in the newspapers across the nation."

"...20 research institutions receive 50% of all NCI funding for cancer research annually!" - Dr. Robert Netterberg and Robert Taylor, The Cancer Conspiracy.


"The health establishment is a blood brotherhood known by the company it keeps, and these moguls need no oath or ritual as they work hand in glove with and for each other - if medicine benefits in the process, all to the good."

"...They are wise to the ways of Wall Street - and...getting their fair share of the loot.(:)...from who will be the head of NIH, to which honorary degree will go to whom, which congressman gets the campaign funds from AMPAC (the political arm of the AMA), and whether Medicare fees can be hiked a bit for the suffering specialist. ...(or) to nominate their favorite for a Nobel Laureate..."

"Cancer has pizzazz, box office and glamour, and in actual dollars and prestige, even heart and mental can't hold a candle to it. It's a health dodge with a future and everybody who's anybody is jumping in..."

"But cancer can also be fun with its luncheons, theatre parties, and fund raising luaus. ...What will they all do if a cure comes out of it? Considering how easily the March of Dimes conglomerate shifted gears after the polio vaccine, it should pose no problem." - Edgar Berman, MD, teacher, John Hopkins Medical School. President, MEDICO, surgeon with Dr. Albert Schweitzer, 1st plastic transplant on human, 1st successful heart transplant on animal (dog); medical consultant to V. President Hubert Humphrey, medical school fellowships in nine countries), The Solid Gold Stethoscope.


"...Physicians who are members of medical societies flock to the defense of their fellow member charged with malpractice, and the plaintiff is the occasional lone wolf or heroic soul who,...has the courage to run the risk of ostracism by his fellow practitioners and the cancellation of public liability insurance policy..." - Justice Jesse Carter, Calif. Supreme Court, 1951.


"...Loss of medical society membership...(:) Ethical condemnation can result in professional embarrassment and disgrace, loss of referrals and other patronage, deprivation of malpractice insurance, the withholding of claims reimbursement by health insurance carriers, possible loss of hospital staff privileges, and denial of speaker and exhibitor status at professional society meetings. ..."

"The most notorious application of AMA contract practice restrictions resulted in the criminal conviction of AMA...for violating the Sherman Act by attempting to restrain the development of...(an HMO) through the use of boycotts...AMA vs. US. This conviction did not deter AMA and its affiliates from continuing to implement the same underlying contract practice restrictions against similar proposed arrangements..."

"In fact, petitioners' (AMA's) long history of illegal behavior strongly supports the need for remedy to reverse the effects of restraints of trade they have imposed. And although petitioners (AMA) are now quick to admit their past conduct was unlawful, they have not been so quick to mitigate the effects of their past violations." - US Dept. of Justice, brief filed in US Supreme Court (in Caveat Emptor, 1982.).


"I shudder to think what a Martian astronaut...would think of our courts and what goes on, or does not go on, in them. As to the judges, what would he think of certain of them, in theory elected by the public but in fact hand-picked by political leaders for purely political purposes irrelevant to merit?" - Francis Plimpton, President, New York City Bar Association (in Richard Ney, The Wall Street Gang).


"....The International Association of Cancer Victims and Friends...tells of a (recent) raid against one of their public meetings by the Nassau County New York D.A. during which several people were arrested, handcuffed, and dragged away...Their homes were searched..." - March 1975 - Institute of Nutritional Research, Nutritional Therapy.


"...The AMA, National Health Council, FDA, American Pharmaceutical Association, Federal Trade Commission, Arthritis Foundation, Council of Better Business Bureaus, and the US Post Office (were together) operating under the name 'Coordinating Conference on Health Information'....Minutes of these meetings (were) ("obtained through the Freedom of Information Act"). ...The prime mover of the gathering was (the) head of the AMA's Department of Investigation...(who) also was overseeing...AMA's Committee on Quackery..."

"...The FDA...against chiropractic....not only intended to 'take the products off the market, but it would initiate criminal actions involving advertising agencies...promoters, and also the people doing the research."

(In contrast)"...although the Federation of State Medical Boards estimates that 16,000 doctors are unfit to practice medicine, an average of only 66 licenses a year are revoked, nationwide. - "The Great Conspiracy to Stamp out Quackery", Freedom, 1978.


"...Galen...was...forced to flee Rome tp escape the frenzy of the mob....Vesalius was denounced as an imposter and heretic...William Harvey was disgraced as a physician...William Roentgen...was called a quack and then condemned..."

"In...1535, when...Jacques Cartier found his St. Lawrence River, scurvy began...and then a friendly Indian showed them (that) tree bark and needles from the white pine - both rich in...Vitamin C - were stirred into a drink (for) swift recovery. Upon returning to Europe, Cartier reported this incident to the medical authorities. But they were amused by such 'witch-doctor cures of ignorant savages' and did nothing to follow it up..."

"It took over 200 years and cost hundreds of thousands of lives before the medical experts began to accept...Finally, in 1747, John Lind..discovered that oranges and lemons produced relief from scurvy...and yet it took 48 more years before his recommendation was put into effect....'Limeys' would soon become rulers of the 'Seven Seas'..."

"In 1593, Sir Richard Hawkins noted and later published, in observations on his voyage into the South Seas, references that natives of the area used sour oranges and lemons as a cure for scurvy, and a similar result was noted among his crew. ...In 1804, regulations were introduced into the British Navy requiring use of lime juice....(and) into law by the British Board of Trade in 1865....It took two centuries to translate empirical observations into action..." - Maureen Salaman, MSc, Nutrition, the Cancer Answer.


"The Indians had no scurvy and neither did the few daring (Pilgrim) Colonists who followed the Indian custom of drinking hemlock tea. (They) were accused of being protected by the devil from the illness. ...Those free of (scurvy) were put under surveillance and suspected of hemlock tea drinking. Amazingly, most people chose to have scurvy, rather than be ridiculed or burned at the stake as witches." - Thelma Arthur, MD, Journal of American Pathology and Bacteriology, 1975.


"Societies that eat unrefined foods produce large stools and build small hospitals; societies that eat fiber-depleted foods produce small stools and build large hospitals." - Denis Burkitt, MD, in Nutrition for Optimal Health News, Fall 1981.


"...One health study comparing poor to non-poor areas of Chicago found that the poor areas had a 60% higher infant mortality rate, a 200% higher incidence of premature births, 200% more new cases of tuberculosis, and a 100% higher death rate from cancer of the cervix. In the country as a whole, the maternal death rate for non-whites is four times that of whites. In the city slums there is three times as much heart disease, five times as much mental disease, four times as much high blood pressure, and four times as many deaths before age 35 as compared to the national averages. ...In 1969, at least 400,000 children were found to be suffering from lead poisoning - most of them in the older ghetto(s)..." - R. Feldberg, in "Science for the People", Issues of Health Care.


"...The (giant cereal) company had published in 1942 (that:) The rats who got nothing but water and vitamins lived for about eight weeks....But the (company's) own laboratory study showed that rats given vitamins, water and all the Puffed Wheat they wanted died in two weeks. ...Putting the grain under 1500 PSI (pounds per square inch) of pressure....may..produce...a poison...The president of the company (said:)'I know people should throw it (puffed cereals) on brides and grooms at weddings, but if they insist on sticking it in their mouths, can I help it? Besides we made $9 million on the stuff last year (early 1970's).'" - Paul Stitt, Fighting the Food Giants.


(In) Leicester....Clean Streets, clean markets and dairies, efficient garbage removal, sanitary housing and a pure water supply, took the place of vaccination scars, with the notable result the much vaccinated and revaccinated British Army and Navy, the death rate (from smallpox) was three times as high (as Leicester's)."

"..The population of England and Wales is more than four times as high that of the Philippines, and the number of vaccinations per 100 persons in the (Philippines) Islands was over 26 times that in England. Yet the total of smallpox fatalities in England and Wales for ...1911-1920 was only...14 for each year, as against a yearly average of 7,533 fatalities in the Philippines." - Anne Riley Hale, The Medical Voodoo. (c. 1935).


"Nearly half of the world's rain forests have been destroyed...Every year we are losing some 6 million hectares (over 2 million acres) of arable land, going out of agriculture to...desertification. ...29 million acres of agricultural lands were converted to non-agricultural uses (urban sprawl - ed.) in the US in the past ten years. ...Coastal land and breeding grounds for over two-thirds of the world's fisheries are being degraded or destroyed...Over 1,000 animal and some 25,000 plant species are today threatened with extinction." - from the United Nations Environmental Programme.


"The practice of laying birthing mothers flat on their backs was initiated to satisfy...Louis XIV! (who) got his kicks by peering from behind a curtain while his mistresses ...gave birth. ...His vision was obscured when the women were seated on birthing stools. ...The law of gravity had been repealed. ..Intra-abdominal pressure...during labor.(:) the greatest pressure was exerted in the sitting position. ...Squatting alters the pelvic shape (and) makes it advantageous for delivery." - Robert Mendelsohn, MD, Male Practice: How Doctors Manipulate Woman.


"Though it is hard to believe, it is conservatively estimated that 25 to 50 million Americans carry trichinae larvae in their muscles and internal organs. ...If the (trichinosis) worms affect the heart, respiratory systems, or the nerves, severe symptoms or even death may result.

"Amebic dysentery is endemic throughout the world, affecting 17.6% of the population. In the US, it affects 13.6%. ...No one..really knows the extent of the parasites and the diseases they cause." - Ruth Winter, Poisons in Your Food.


"...Keep in mind the comparative effects of different altitudes, latitudes, temperatures and races, and...note the similarity of reactions of these (14) primitive groups when (dietary) contact is made with our modern civilization(:) ...Susceptibility to dental caries (tooth decay) reveal an average increase in susceptibility of 35 fold (3500%)." - Weston A. Price, MS, DDS, on Research Committee of American Dental Association, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.


"...Pets are found to suffer from all the ailments known to the human..."

"...Humans were the only creatures in the world that ate their food cooked. You'd never find a Gorilla frying up some bananas for dinner or a lion charcoal-broiling a zebra steak. Cats don't often run to the oven with a mouse or bird they've captured, and a dog wouldn't naturally prepare its rabbit dinner in a stew." -Dick Gregory, comedian, and Alvenia Fulton, Dick Gregory's Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat.


"... I had to depend on Braille for my reading and guide for my walking...I am now wearing no glasses, reading and all without taking lessons in seeing...optometrists hate the method..."

"Every guild and trade has its own...private patriotism, which makes it resent all rebellion from within and all competition or criticism from without. ...Vested Interests. The manufacture of optical glass..." - Aldous Huxley (author 45 books: Brave New World, The Art of Seeing (c. 1942, 1975).


"...Pesticides manufactured by...Oil Companies are....why such a high percentage of farmers are sick with cancer. The medical people..blame the sun for their cancer. Is the sun any different today than it was in the past?" - Anonymous, Cancer: American Holocaust.


"'...around 1972 or '73, we stopped including in our calculations all skin cancers except melanoma, the only one that's fatal, and also in situ cervical cancers, because many experts don't consider these to be cancers at all. Since together they account for a large number of cases, that could be why the incidence has gone down.'" - ACS vice president of Public Information, I. Rimer.


"I never even heard from the ACS - in five years no one from there has even called me." - Benno Schmidt, Chairman, President's Cancer Panel (including ACS president Dr. Lee Clark, for five years) in US hearings, House.


"When 253 of the professionals on the NCI staff were asked in a 1974 survey to indicate problems adversely affecting their job performance at the Institute (NCI), half cited 'widespread lack of confidence in the scientific acumen of the decision-making hierarchy, and a third complained of the 'shortage of qualified and technical personnel'." - Ruth Rosenbaum, "Why America is Losing the War on Cancer", New Times (1978).


"In the year following the 1979 NIH Consensus Conference which deemed the radical mastectomy obsolete, 11,000 woman received this treatment." - Maryann Napoli, (Editor, Health Facts) Breast Cancer: A Critical Look at Early Detection." - National Women's Health Network Newsletter, May 1982.


"Analysis of survival curves of women with breast cancer suggests that two or more populations exist, with about 40% suffering fatal outcome unaffected by treatment. The remaining 60% exhibit a relative mortality only modestly different from that of women of similar ages without evidence of disease. Increasing detection of an entity that is histologically defined as malignant but biologically benign (exists)." - Maurice S. Fox, PhD, Biology Dept., MIT, Journal AMA, 1979.


"Six of the ten leading causes of death in the US have been linked to poor nutrition. ..Various nonfatal conditions have also...(e.g. dental decay)."

"The AMA and the Nutritional Foundation sponsored a 1962 conference...after an AMA survey found that 'Medical education and medical practice have not kept abreast of the tremendous advances in nutrition knowledge.' ...The situation has not changed, according to an August 1978 Senate Committee Report..."

"(A) review (of) the 1978 National Board Exam for..nutrition questions (shows) 3 to 4 percent of the questions were on clinical nutrition..."

"...Social, ethnic, economic, and cultural factors..affect food selection."

"...We suggest that interested groups outside of the federal government initiate action..." - US General Accounting Office, Greater Efforts Are Needed to Improve Nutrition Education in US Medical Schools, Jan 1980.


"...Rodale Press (publisher of Prevention) 1965, ...brought out a ...Health Finder...on..April 3, 1964, the FTC served the publisher with a show cause order in an administrative cease-and-desist proceeding...Rodale...spent nearly five years fighting for a right guaranteed every American..."

(for)"instance(s) of a federal agency,,,censor(ing) publications...a long list of books could be cited, including those of Gaylord Hauser, Dale Alexander, LeLord Kordel, Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. Herman Taller,...Paul C. Bragg,...Joseph Boardman, MD,...H. Curtis Wood, Jr, MD,..." - Omar Garrison, The Dictocrats, Our Unelected Rulers.


"An Athenian citizen does not neglect his state because he takes care of his own household; even those of us who are engaged in business have a very fair idea of politics. We do not regard a man who takes no interest in public affairs as harmless. We do not say that such a man 'minds his own business'. Rather we say he has no business here at all." - Pericles, (495-429 BC).


"..A democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy...The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith; (next) to great courage; liberty; abundance; selfishness; complacency; apathy; dependence;...back again into bondage." - Alexander Tyler, Cycle of Democracy, 1770 AD.


"..The press has become the greatest power within the Western countries; more powerful then the legislative, the executive, the judiciary." - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Literature Laureate, Soviet emigré. 1982.


"...In ancient times the people lived to be over a 100 years, and yet they remained active...But nowadays people reach only half of that age and yet become decrepit and failing...There was temperance in eating and drinking. Their hours of rising and retiring were regular and not disorderly and wild. ...Nowadays, people..adopt recklessness as usual behavior...They devote all their attention to amusement(s)..." - The Yellow Emperor's Classic on Internal Medicine. (c. 479-300 BC).


"In ancient India, organ transplants, involving bone, earlobe, nose and other tissues, were pretty much 'a matter of routine' some 5,000 years ago." - John Heinerman, Understanding Herbal Medicine.


"He who would eat much must eat little, for by eating less he will live longer, and so be able to eat more." - Luigi Cornaro, 1538 AD.


"Only by understanding the wisdom of natural foods and their effects on the body, shall we attain mastery of disease and pain, which shall enable us to relieve the burden of mankind." - William Harvey, (1578-1657 AD).


"Every one should be his own physician. We ought to assist, and not to force nature. Eat with moderation...Nothing is good for the body but what we can digest. What medicine can procure digestion? Exercise. What will recruit strength? Sleep." - Voltaire, (1694-1778 AD).


"The famous physician Dumoulin said when dying, 'I leave two great physicians behind me, simple food and pure water.'" - Voltaire.


"The best doctors are Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, and Dr. Merryman." - Jonathan Swift, (1667-1745).


"The mischievous effects from lead have been known to scientists for at least 60 years. You will observe how long a useful truth may be known to exist before it is generally received and practiced on." - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), 1786.


(Save) "opium, which the Creator himself seems to prescribe, for...pain to be soothed;...and wine...; and I firmly believe that if the whole (remaining medicine of) materia medica, as now used could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind - and all the worse for the fishes." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., MD, (1809-1894).


"It is not as if our homeopathic brothers are asleep: far from it, they are awake - many of them at any rate - to the importance of the scientific study of disease." - Sir William Osler, (1849-1919); "Father of Modern Medicine".


"We labor under the fatal delusion that no disease can be cured without medicine. This has been responsible for more mischief to mankind than any other evil. ...Disease increases in proportion to the increase to the number of doctors in a place."

"Illness or disease is only Nature's warning that filth has accumulated in some portion or other of the body; and it would surely be the part of wisdom to allow Nature to remove the filth, instead of covering it up with the help of medicines." - Mohandus K. Gandhi.


"I think doctors care very deeply about their patients, but when they organize into the AMA, their responsibility is to the welfare of doctors, and quite often, these lobbying groups are the only ones that are heard in the state capitols and in the capitol of our country." - Jimmy Carter, 1978.


(My chemotherapy is) "death in a bottle." Hubert H. Humphrey.


"...It seems that public officials are afraid that if they make any move, or say anything antagonistic to the wishes of the medical organization, they will be pounced upon and destroyed. ..Public officials seem to be afraid of their jobs and even of their lives." - US Senator Elmer Thomas, In Morris A. Bealle, The Drug Story. c. 1949 and 1976.


"It is our understanding that the NIH with FDA approval, clinically test at least 100 products a year on cancer patients. We feel Krebiozen deserves a similar test. Why should either side be afraid of the truth? - US Senator Paul Douglas and ten other senators (in Chicago's American, 1966).


"I think every doctor should know the shocking state of affairs...We discovered they (the FDA) failed to effectively regulate the large manufacturers and powerful interests while recklessly persecuting the small manufacturers. ...(The FDA is) harassing (small) manufacturers and doctors...(and) betrays the public trust." - Senator Edward V. Long. 1967.


"I could not move them. They would not even agree to a modification, of the ruling (banning the Rand vaccine), which would at least allow the 100 (cancer) patients at Richmond Heights (Ohio) to complete their injections. The Justice Department was prepared to go along, but the FDA commissioner, Dr. James Goddard, was adamant, even belligerent. It's wrong of the government to snatch away this hope when there is no evidence against its use offered in court. It's damnably wrong." - US Senator Stephen Young, (in Len Gutridge, "How the US Government is Blocking a Cancer Cure", Saga, 1968.


"Dr. Lawrence fighting cancer.(:) Many of his patients are now living normal lives after being told there was nothing more the conventional treatments could do for them, and that death was imminent....Why are Americans being forced to go off shore for treatment for cancer from an American doctor and for a program that was developed in America?" - US Congressman Larry P. McDonald.


"In 1962, the FDA tried to prohibit the sales of vitamins and minerals in all but very limited potencies and combinations, by first classifying, and then regulating them as prescription drugs. Congress blocked it at that time, unanimously adopting a resolution offered by Senators Bill Proxmire and Dick Schweiker..."

"However, FDA attempted to reverse this clear congressional intent in March, 1979, by proposing to regulate vitamins and minerals as 'Over-The-Counter' drugs.."

"As was noted in the Wall Street Journal, last March 21st, FDA approval of drug labelling, '...requires seven to ten years, and costs each applicant an average of $70 million.'" - US Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman, Commission on Labor and Human Resources, Oct 1981.


"Indeed, after the testimony...I was convinced that the NCI does not adequately protect patient safety. ...Every hearing we have held on this subject this year is evidence to the world that there is critical need for better management at NCI....When the NCI did learn of this drug's life-threatening effects on humans, the NCI did not promptly inform the FDA and all of its clinical investigators."

"Your assurances to me...that the adverse reaction controversy was resolved have left significant question of credibility. Each time we meet, you tell me you have solved the problems that we are now pointing to." - US Senator Paula Hawkins, Oversight of the National Cancer Institute, 1984, Hearings, US Senate 1981.


"The AMA puts the lives and well being of the American citizens well below it's own special interest...It deserves to be ignored, rejected, and forgotten. No amount of historical gymnastics can hide the public record of AMA opposition to virtually every major health reform in the past 50 years....The AMA has turned into a propaganda organ purveying 'medical politics' for deceiving the Congress, the people, and the doctors of America themselves." - Senator Edward Kennedy, in UPI National Chronicle, 1971.


" can extend your life tremendously by eating the right things. By eating right you can combat almost everything: disease, fatigue, over-work."...

"Holland gets by on a total of four food additives; we have over 1,400."

"...Other countries are way ahead of ours in nutrition." - US Congressman Fred Richmond, Chairperson, Subcommittee on Domestic Marketing, Consumer Relations and Nutrition.


"This is a blatant attempt (by OSHA supervisors) to rid the government of a competent scientist who happened not to agree with an industry whose profits are at stake. (Government scientists) may be forced by political hatchetmen to abandon widely held views, in favor of the line currently advocated by industry." - US Congressman, Albert Gore, Jr., in subcommittee, 1981.


"...Prevent postal investigators from aggressively interfering with, or closing, a commercial enterprise merely because it has been deemed not to adhere to the prevailing body of scientific opinion - whatever they have determined that to be."


"After examining some of the recent cases which the Postal Service has pursued, vigorous prosecution of, for example, a health food advocate." - US Congressman Vin Weber, Congressional Record, 1982.


"If the administration is really serious about free-market energy policies, then I suggest we join together to root out the billions of dollars of subsidies we now give each year to petroleum, gas, coal, and nuclear industries. But if this administration will not or cannot do this, then they should at least stop trying to kill the emerging new technologies that are arising to compete with those older sources of energy." - US Congressman Berkley Bedell, in Sun Times, 1983 (Amen!)


"I can't be bought, but I can be rented." - US Congressman J. Breaux. 1982.


"The basis of sound science is solid difference of opinion. When I was Director of NCI, I found myself rescuing people who incurred the displeasure of certain groups or their superiors. I did it three or four times. And I did it because they were good scientists." - Dr. Arthur Upton , Director, NCI. 1982.


"I have had some very interesting work with Dr. (Andrew C.) Ivy, and have had what I think, unusually good results with Krebiozen. Due to the controversy which was stimulated by adverse quarters, it was Army policy not to allow me to continue with this particular type of research project. I feel that Krebiozen, or perhaps a similar substance, is certainly on the threshold of finding an answer to some of our malignant (cancer) problems." - Wallace H. Graham, Major General, US Air Force; physician to US President, letter in 1952.


"Variety is not only the spice of life, it may be the staff of life."...

"Unfortunately, in a terrible blow to natural-products chemistry in the US, the Board of Scientific Counsellors, Division of Cancer Treatment, NCI, voted on Oct. 2, 1981 to abolish the NCI research program concerned with the development of anti-tumor agents from plants. On the other hand, the synthetic drug development program was left intact, though reduced. ...Pharmaceutical firms...have clearly signaled their relative disinterest in natural products. ...The search for natural drugs, the safest and economically and/or ecologically most desirable types, has been abandoned in the US." - James Duke, PhD; Chief, Germplasm Resources Lab., and Economic Botany Lab, "The Spices of Life", (Unedited discussion draft, neither approved nor expected to be approved by NIH of the USDA".).


"I have never and will never approve a 'new drug' to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances." - FDA, Bureau of Drugs Director, Dr. J. Richard Crout, 1982.


"In 1950, the NCI of the US Public Health Service established a program for study of environmental chemical factors in cancer. Within a few years, a Dr. ..., then director of the Institute of Industrial Medicine at NYU, told me that he had been retained by a group of chemical industries to call upon the Surgeon General and object to studies conducted under this program. He stated that his objection had been successful, and that all field studies by the NCI in this program would be stopped. They were."

"A few years later, I showed this same gentleman data indicating a cancer hazard for man employed in another industry that had retained him as a consultant. He advised me to keep out of this problem, and shortly thereafter, notified me that my appointment as associate professor of industrial medicine at NYU would not be renewed. It was not renewed." - Dr. William E. Smith; Hearings subcommittee on health and science, US House of Representatives, 1957. in Pulitzer Prize winning journalist William Longwood, Poisons in Your Food. (c. 1960).


"In 1981, the AFL-CIO and..the Teamsters, urged (Thorne) Auchter (Director of OSHA) to act immediately...three authoritative governmental studies had projected 999 cancer deaths out of 1,000 workers exposed to EDB (Ethylene Di-bromide, a pesticide) at the existing OSHA limit. ...Instead Auchter embarked on a time-consuming rule-making process that ignored the urgency..." - Ida Honoroff, Report to the Consumer, 1984.


"...A charge of conflict of interest against former OSHA Director Thorne Auchter (is) being examined by the FBI. ...Auchter resigned as head of OSHA to become president of (a company). Earlier, he had dismissed a series of twelve OSHA violations against the same company." - Health Policy Advisory Center, Health PAC Bulletin, 1984.


"In my practice as surgeon, I am impressed by the alarming increase of cancer cases brought to my notice; an increase, which in the light of the general hygienic and sanitary improvements of our time, can point to no other cause than the indulgence in certain foodstuffs detrimental to normal life of the body." - Dr. Charles Mayo, Mayo Clinic (in Richard Welch, New Hope for Cancer Victims).


"...the opinion has frequently been advanced by ancient and modern writers that there is a direct relationship between diet and cancer frequency, and regard to the excessive consumption of salt and meat. The per capita rise in the meat consumption of the principal civilized countries has often been referred to as a causative factor in the corresponding rise in the cancer death rate." - Dr. Frederick L. Hoffman, chief statistician, Prudential Life Insurance Company (author, Cancer and Diet); The Mortality of Cancer Throughout the World. c. 1914.


"Food is infinitely the most important problem of the present day and, if properly dealt with, must result in the disappearance of the vast bulk of disease, misery, and death. - Sir Arbuthnot Lane, MD, famous surgeon, England.


"The relationship of nutrition to cancer has received much attention in the past ten years...Diet and nutrition must be considered by all investigators in the cancer field, and not only by those who happen to be specifically interested in nutrition...It is now well established that a diet restricted to approximately two-thirds of libitum (maximum desired) effects a significant reduction in...tumors...; in the mouse (; and) the incidence of spontaneous breast tumors is significantly a high fat diet; (as are) tumors..."

"At the present time, there is a widespread interest in the relationship of nutrition to tumors...A natural diet contains a more adequate quality, quantity, and balance of essential components than our present day synthetic diets." - Albert Tannenbaum, MD, Director, Department of Cancer Research, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, 1944 and 1945. in Peter Barry Chowka, "The NCI and the Fifty Year Cover-up", East West Journal, 1978.


"Dietary deficiencies lead to malfunctions of the body that cause cancer." - Dr. Ernst L. Wynder, President, American Health Foundation.


"...the self-satisfied dogmatism with which mankind at each period of its history cherishes the delusion of the finality of existing modes of knowledge." - Alfred North Whitehead, in Netterberg/Taylor, The Cancer Conspiracy. c. 1981.


"Now and then, in all ages and at all levels, exceptional individuals appear who rise above current concepts, who seem to be actuated by higher principles and greater humanity. Perhaps such individuals are outstanding in that they refuse to accept commonly held basic assumptions." - Karl Menninger, MD, Founder, Menninger Clinic.


"In 1946, Oxford University in England was offered large funds to create a new Institute of Human Nutrition. The University refused the funds on the ground that the knowledge of human nutrition was essentially complete, and that the proposed institution would soon run out of meaningful research projects." - Rene Dubos, Professor Emeritus, Rockefeller University.


"...These intellect has been unable to assimilate their theories....But their facts are patent and startling; and anything that interferes with the multiplication of such facts, and with our freest opportunity of observing and studying them, will, I believe, be a public calamity." - William James, in Boston Transcript, 1894.


"...The inertia of the human mind, and its resistance to innovation are most clearly professionals with a vested interest in tradition and in the monopoly of learning. Innovation is a two-fold threat to academic mediocrities; it endangers their oracular authority, and it evokes their deeper fear that their whole laboriously constructed intellectual edifices may collapse." - Arthur Koestler, The Sleepwalkers. both above in Brian Inglis, The Case for Unorthodox Medicine.


"...As Thomas Kuhn pointed out in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, new scientific theories in any field are regarded with skepticism because scientists become attached to the old perspective earlier in their careers." ...


"Whatever the rationale, the suppression of unorthodox cancer therapies and the sustained persecution of their proponents by government and colleagues runs counter to freedom of thought, much less freedom of choice." - Marilyn Ferguson (author The Aquarian Conspiracy) "Are Promising Treatments Being Blacked Out?", Leading Edge Bulletin, 1980.


"..Innovation is necessarily alternative...The advance is early branded as heresy ("quackery, charlatanry, fraud, hoax") to be condemned and proscribed without serious testing by all respected, responsible members of the virtuous elite."..

"In the past century over 100 methods have been offered by independent researchers as aiding in recovery from cancer. ...contrary to the nihilistic litany of cancer bureaucrats that there is 'no evidence.'" - Robert Houston, "The War on Answers", Our Town, 1978.


"A frequent criticism of wholistic medical practices is that they have not been scientifically validated by research studies, published in peer-review journals. Individuals making this criticism imply that they, the established conformists, are peers of the innovative, unorthodox, and truly creative individuals who are bringing about the next step in the evolution of medicine. The fact is that such innovators have no peers. They stand alone on the leading edge of science." - Elmer M. Cranton, MD, President, American Holistic Medical Association, in Holistic Dental Assoc., The Communicator, 1981.


(The system is)"fostering...a climate of conformity, not by the total suppression of dissent, but by the presentation of views falling outside the consensus as curious heresies, or, even more effectively, by treating them as irrelevant eccentricities, which serious and reasonable people may dismiss as of no consequence." - R. Miliband, The State in Capitalist Society. c. 1969.


"...The system of influence and highly skewed in favor of the corporate and financial system. And this dominant influence is felt not only in universities, foundations, and institutions of higher learning, but also...from media to all other instruments of communication." - Vincente Navarro, (Professor of Health and Social Policy, John Hopkins U., and other credentials).


"It's not what you know, but who knows what....At the heart of the matter is society's tendency to insist on credentials before listening seriously to a claim of new discoveries or ideas. ...Only rarely...does the public acknowledge that an unknown and unanointed person may have noteworthy capacities." - Fred Hechinger, of and in New York Times, 1981.


"...That genius is a rare exception (:) It's not true. Talent and genius have been wasted on enormous scale throughout our history; this is all I know for sure." - Eric Hoffer. (author, The True Believer, and Thinking and Working on the Waterfront.,...).


"We live in a society that penalizes highly creative individuals for their non-conformist autonomy. This makes the teaching of problem solving in design both discouraging and difficult. A...student (has) massive blocks against new ways of thinking, engendered by some 16 years of mis-education..." - Professor Victor Papanek (Dean, School of Design, Calif. Institute of Arts). on Design for the Real World, c. 1971.


"The Catch-22 in any funding system is the inability of those not funded to complain - by definition, they are the unchosen, and hence their testimony is suspect." - Federation of American Scientists, Public Interest Report, 1980.


"Scientists and technologists are ordinary human beings. ...susceptible to...herd instinct, following the leader, and falling for fashions. ...Fashions rage among scientists. ...Big instruments make us force-fit our problems to the solution....As our instruments push us toward picoseconds, and one angstrom, and parts per billion, we get ultimately reductionist in a sense, while the real problems go far beyond our data and papers, to the survival of local industry, and international trade, and nuclear annihilation." - Rustum Roy, Director Materials Research Lab., Penn State U., (in American Lab, 1982.).


Section 6

"...The Chinese in the 9th century AD utilized a book entitled The Thousand Golden Prescriptions, which described how rice polish could be used to cure beri-beri, as well as other nutritional approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease. It was not until twelve centuries later that the cure for beri-beri was discovered in the West, and it acknowledged to be a vitamin B-1 deficiency disease." - Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Your Health Under Siege: Using Nutrition to Fight Back.


"...In 1540..Ambroise Paré...persuaded doctors to stop the horrid practice of pouring boiling oil on wounds and required all doctors to wash thoroughly before delivering babies or performing surgery....(in) 1844...Ignaz Semmelweis in Vienna proved...that clean, well-scrubbed doctors would not infect and kill mothers at childbirth. For his efforts Semmelweis was dismissed from his hospital...(and) despite publication, his work was totally ignored. As a result he became insane and died in an asylum, and his son committed suicide."

"As a chemist working for the US Government in 1916 on the island of Luzon (Philippines), (R.R.) Williams, over the opposition of orthodox medicine, had managed to eradicate persuading the population to drink rice bran tea. In 1917, Williams was recalled to the US, and thereafter orthodox medicine discouraged anyone from drinking rice bran tea, so by 1920 there were more beri-beri deaths on Luzon than in 1915. ..In 1934, R.R. Williams (now) at Bell Telephone Labs., discovered thiamine (vitamin B-1), and that thiamine in rice bran both prevented and cured beri-beri."

"Christian Eikman in Holland...shared the Nobel prize for Medicine in 1929 for Proving in 1892 that beri-beri was not an infectious disease..." - Wayne Martin, BS, Purdue U.; (author, Medical Heroes and Heretics, and "The Beri-beri analogy to myocardial infarction.", Medical Hypothesis.


"(in)"1914...Dr. Joseph Goldberger had proven that (pellagra) was related to diet, and later showed that it could be prevented by simply eating liver or yeast. But it wasn't until the 1940's...that the 'modern' medical world fully accepted pellagra as a vitamin B deficiency." - G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer.


"In the 1850's, Ignaz P. Semmelweis, a Hungarian doctor, discovered that childbed fever, which then killed about 12 mothers out of every 100, was contagious...and that doctors themselves were spreading the disease by not cleaning their hands. He was ridiculed...Opponents of his idea attacked him fiercely....(and) brought on (his) mental illness....(he) died a broken man." - Salem Kirban, Health Guide for Survival.


"Vesalius, a...layman, was born in 1514 (AD) ...He ...found things different from Galen's ideas. He found also that a man has just as many ribs as a woman, despite the fact that God used one of Adam's ribs to create Eve. He..prepar(ed) a new book on anatomy. It was not from the Church that he suffered persecution...His fiercest opposition came from his colleagues, and he had to abandon his position as an anatomy instructor. In disgust, he burned his books and gave up the study of anatomy altogether. Later he was made court physician. It is fortunate that he was not able to burn all his books and many remained in other hands. In due time, these books proved that Vesalius was far ahead of his day." - Carl J. Scherzer, The Church and Healing., c. 1950.


"Cotton Mather..asked (his slave) if he had ever had the pox. The slave...answered, 'Yes and no,' ...(and) explained that his tribe in Africa had the custom of (inoculation). Mather seized the idea as his own and today is credited with...introducing inoculation to the New World." - Hugh Drummond, MD, (in Mother Jones, Foundation for National Progress, A Sourcebook on Health and Survival.").

"Marshall Hall...was rejected, reviled, and ridiculed, but his work concerning the reflex action of the spinal cord was finally recognized....Bodington...taught that tubercular patients needed fresh, clean air as part of their cure. His medical colleagues execrated him and called him a charlatan, but were later forced to admit that his work was logical and correct." - Donald Law, PhD, DBM, Psy.D., A Guide to Alternative Medicine.


"In Boston, somewhat later (than 1842), medics ask for - and get - a law permitting bathtubbing only on possession of a prized medical prescription."

(In)"1844...Dr. William T. G. Morton, two years out college...runs into sulphuric ether. ...the birth of anesthesia. ...Physicians and surgeons labeled him a 'quack', even while they hurry to capitalize on (it). (Morton) died a pauper."

"Sister Elizabeth Kenny, an Australian to cure...infantile paralysis....(by) apply(ing) hot packs to the paralyzed limbs...(She was) ordered to leave the country." - Morris A. Bealle, The Drug Story, 1949.


"Dr. Carlos Finlay knew the cause of yellow fever, but because he had not carried out experiments to 'prove' it, he was laughed off the rostrum at a medical meeting. Twenty years later, Dr. Reed found that Findlay had been right all along. How many died in the interim while the establishment waited for what they would accept as 'proof'?" - Herald of Health, 1977.


"What if Major Walter Reed had not listened and learned from an old Scotch-Cuban physician, Carlos Finlay, that yellow fever was due to a mosquito and not from the dank marsh air? Or contaminated feces? The great medicoes in Washington and elsewhere thought Reed was crazy and had done everything in their power to discourage him and his human-volunteer experiment - which finally scientifically proved the cause of the fatal 'Yellow Jacket'."

"What of the mob howling and throwing stones outside the house of Dr. Crawford W. Long, the discoverer of ether anesthesia?"...

"What of Frederic Gibbs, the brain researcher, who demonstrated one of the first electro-encephalographs in America? At an AMA meeting in 1934, the machine was publicly called a 'fake'. By...'eminent physicians'..." - Herbert Bailey, A Matter of Life or Death, the Incredible Story of Krebiozen.


"...Until 1954, great and wonderful discoveries were based on what is now called (disparagingly) 'anecdotal evidence'....In 1921, 29 year-old Frederick Banting in Canada, on no one's payroll and with $500, discovered insulin. ...A controlled study on insulin for diabetics would have been a legal form of murder....(:)...50 patients in one group...would have been given no insulin. They would have died....In 1923....Banting shared the Nobel prize in medicine for his anecdotal discovery of insulin."

"It took orthodox medicine 57 years to understand and accept Sir William Osler's teaching that a heart attack involved a blood clot in a coronary artery, followed by a myocardial infarction." - Wayne Martin, We Can Do Without Heart Attacks.


"Penicillin sat on a shelf for ten years while I was called a quack." - Sir Alexander Fleming.


"The intolerance and fanaticism of official science toward Eijkman's observations (that refined rice caused beri-beri) brought about the death of some half million people on the American continent in our own century alone between 1900 and 1910." - Josue Castro, The Geography of Hunger.


"From about 1850 until the late 1930's, one of the standing jokes in the medical profession, was about a few idiots who called themselves doctors, who claimed they could cure pneumonia by feeding their patients moldy bread. ...Until...they discovered moldy bread!" - P.E. Binzel, MD, in Thomas Mansell, Cancer Simplified, 1977.


"The proponents of new or unproven methods of cancer management(:)...A few hold PhD or MD degrees....They may have multiple unusual degrees....from correspondence school." - American Cancer Society (ACS), Unproven Methods, 1971.


"...60 advocates of unorthodox therapies whose credentials are given in the ACS book (above).(:) Of these 60, thirty-nine or almost two-thirds, hold...medical degrees from such universities as Harvard, Illinois, Northwestern, Yale, Dublin, Oxford, or Toronto. Two are osteopaths. 3...also hold...(PhD's)....scientific....reputable....8 others received PhD's in such fields as chemistry, physiology, bacteriology, parasitology, or medical physics, from...Yale, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, Columbia, and NYU. Thus over 75%...are medical doctors or doctors of philosophy in scientific areas." - Ralph Moss, The Cancer Syndrome. c. 1980.


"Radium will not cure cancer. It only destroys cancer tissue within a certain radius, but does not drive the disease from the blood." - Dr. Francis Carter Wood; V. President, ASCC (American Society for Control of Cancer, which changed to ACS in 1944); Professor Emeritus, St. Luke's Hospital, NY.


"...Doctors' investment in radium...the price of radium increased 1,000% when they began to use it on cancer victims..." - E. Josephson, MD. both above in Emanuel M. Josephson, MD, Your Life is Their Toy. before 1949.


"Research in the US has been seriously affected by restrictions imposed by foreign cartel members. ...It has attempted to suppress the publication of scientific research data which were at variance with its monopoly interest. ...The hostility of cartel members toward a new product which endangers their control of the market(:)...In the field of synthetic hormones, the cartel control has been ...detrimental to our national interest." - US Assistant Attorney General, Wendell Berge, Cartels, Challenge to the Free World. - in Eleanor McBean, The Poisoned Needle.


"Indeed, dietary regimens are among the cruel and deceptive practices used by 'quacks' in attracting healthy people as well as cancer patients to follow their approaches and dangerous philosophy." - Dr. Vernon R. Young, Dept of Nutrition and Food Science, MIT and Dr. Paul M. Newberne, "Vitamins...." ACS, Proceedings of the National Conference on Cancer Prevention and Detection. - 1980.

"Questions arise with respect to ACS's accumulation of assets beyond the amount required for next year's budget."...

"...For many years, the primary focus of the (ACS's) promotional and fund-raising materials has been the need for funds for research, for which (research) the percentile allocation (by ACS) has actually declined over this ten year period."...

"...The percentage of...research to total expense has ranged from a high of 36.8% in fiscal 1967, to a low of 27.1% in fiscal 1975. During the same ten year period, total assets have increased about $110,300,000, from about $76,500,000 to $186,800,000; and total expenses have about $113,900,000." - NIB (National Information Bureau), "ACS" 1978.


"...The ACS raised over $180 million last year through its network of 58 Divisions and 3,000 local Chapters. The Society's major public campaign is aimed at reducing smoking and cancers related to it. Yet...the ACS has but a single (lobbyist) in Washington DC. The industry-supported Tobacco Institute, on the other hand, has a ten million dollar budget which supports dozens of Washington staff." - Michael Jacobson, Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest, in Heartland, 1982.


"We are guilty of pussyfooting in a number of areas like this (diet and prevention)." - American Heart Association (AHA) Deputy Executive Vice President, John T. Connoly.


"Question arises whether if AHA received more in contributions, the additional money would go to research. ...AHA's assertion that it was 'forced to decline many (research) applicants deserving of funding because the money was not available to them' is misleading to contributors." - NIB Report, 1979.

"...The NIB (is) an independent charity watchdog organization..."

"...The AHA (is) the second largest private charity in the US. (First is the ACS - Ed.) - Peter Barry Chowka, "Laying Bare the Heart Disease Industry: the 25 Billion-Dollar-a-Year Dead End." East West Journal, 1980.


"Last year American's gave over $6 billion to public health charities. But where are those charities when the Congress moves to dismantle OSHA or to weaken standards over substances linked to birth defects?" - Belita Cowan, Exec. Director, NWHN (National Women's Health Network), NWHN Newsletter, 1982.


"'Reach for a (cigarette) instead of a sweet' - ...advertising slogan..(of) Albert Lasker, (with) Mary Lasker, health philanthropist, and originator of the Lasker Awards, an American version of the Nobel Prize. ...and Memorial Sloan Kettering trustees." - Ralph Moss, Cancer Syndrome.


"...Before the introduction of paramedics, less than 1% of the patients that suffered a cardiac arrest...lived through...With paramedics...23% (of same) go back to productive work in society. We think that's pretty amazing. ...However, relating that to the medical community is sometimes very difficult." - J. Dolphin, paramedic.


"...Only physicians are likely to be regarded as competent to judge the qualifications of potential physicians, so licensing boards in the various states...are typically composed..of physicians,...members of the AMA. The boards, or the state legislatures...give the AMA the power to influence the number of persons admitted to practice (by) lengthy training,...(and) the list of 'approved' schools and hospitals (which) is generally identical with the list issued by the Council on Medical Education and Hospitals of the AMA." - (Nobel Laureate) Milton and Rose Friedman, Free to Choose.


"...The physician may continue to enjoy his title and pursue his practice, although he may have violated every rule of professional honor and every principle of morality. It is surely time that this anomaly were rectified." - AMA President, Alfred Stille, Transactions of the AMA, 1871.


"...To mix yourselves up with an organization (e.g. homeopathy) for which every member of the regular profession has a sovereign and immitigable contempt(:) the AMA and all our colleges would unquestionably place the medical department of your university under the ban, and cease to recognize your pupils." - AMA President Samuel Gross; Proceedings of the Michigan Institute of Homeopathy, 1867.


"...Any such unnatural union as the mingling of an exclusive system, such as homeopathy, with scientific medicine in a school,...(will) render every school adopting such a policy unworthy of support of the profession." - AMA, Transactions AMA, 1855. - All three above in Harris L. Coulter, PhD, The Conflict Between Homeopathy and the AMA.


"Our reasons for being in political action are exactly the same as the AFL-CIO's. Exactly." - AMA Vice President James Sammons, on Phil Donahue Show, TV, November 22, 1982.


"..The House of exempt the business practices of state-licensed professionals ("including doctors and dentists") from (FTC) Federal Trade Commission jurisdiction. ..The 208 Representatives who voted for the AMA/ADA backed position received more than twice as much (on average) from those (AMA/ADA political action committees) PACs as the 195 Members who voted for the compromise." - Common Cause, "$3.3 million in PAC money Pays Off in Key Legislative Victory for AMA and ADA, Common Cause Study Shows", 1982.


"Even Hitler could not control his physicians, as seen from the report of Dr. Karl Beghart, who was called in to treat R. Heydrich, the Chief of the Security Service..., who had been shot:

'..By daily personal telephone calls from Hitler and Himmler in person, asking for information, very many suggestions were naturally made...I did not hesitate to take personal responsibility and state my own view....I refused, in reply to direct demands, to call in any other doctor, not even Morell (Hitler's personal physician) or (Ferdinand) Sauerbruch. Heydrich died in 14 days'"

- Thomas Preston, MD, Professor, The Clay Pedestal: a Re-examination of the Doctor-Patient Relationship, c. 1981.


"....An incongruity exists between the training of the dental health team and the influence of diet and nutrition upon oral health. Little or no time has been allocated in the dental curriculum on this subject. - Herman Corn, President, American Society of Preventive Dentistry.


"Though few dentists let it out that dentin is continuously growing inside the tooth throughout our lives, the dental research literature leaves no doubt about this fact. ...It is the body's repair response..." - Soaring Bear, Natural Dental Wellness.


"Although the stated purpose of licensure is to benefit the public...Consumers...have learned that licensing may add to the cost of services, while not assuring quality....Charges...the legal sector that licensure restricts competition, and therefore unnecessarily increases costs to consumers....Like other professionals, dietiticians can justify the enactment of licensure laws because licensing affords the opportunity to protect dietiticians from interference in their field by other practitioners...This protection provides a competitive advantage, and therefore is economically beneficial for dietiticians" - ADA President, Marilyn Haschske, JADA, 1984.


"The chief of the Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Chemistry (FDA now), Dr. Harvey W. Wiley...wrote a book those ("Pure Food and Drug Laws") had been scuttled from within the government. Wiley...turned his precious manuscript over to a printer. That manuscript mysteriously 'disappeared'...Dr. Wiley valiantly returned to work, rewriting his book from scratch. This chore occupied him totally for ten years. ...His volume, The History of a Crime Against the Food Law was a primer on government corruption...When distribution began in 1929,...books disappeared rapidly from bookstore shelves. Yet no letters were received from readers,...and virtually no reviews. ...Copies could not be found anywhere. In desperation Dr. Wiley put the few remaining books in libraries around the country - they disappeared from libraries as quickly as they had from the stores." - William Duffy, Sugar Blues, c. 1975.


"..In 1963...I had the publish a list of beneficial cancer treatments, where to obtain them, and what doctors were using them. Not long after (this was) published by my friend, an arsonist set fire to (his building's) first floor and completely gutted it. Firemen (stopped) the fire just (before) his apartment. ...After the firemen told my friend that he could return to his apartment, the police stepped in and said no he couldn't, whereupon the police ransacked the apartment and even took the man's money which they never returned to him." - Arlin Brown, Health Victory Bulletin, 1982.


"...My first book K - Krebiozen - Key to Cancer? (:)...An ad for the book placed in the Times ...the freest of the large circulation newspapers...The Times categorically refused a second ad...The Time's medical counselors had advised against accepting an ad..."

"...I went to the Main Branch of the New York Public Library, the largest in the world. The librarian-in-charge advised me that...the author 'went against' the AMA (and) it was decided that this book (K-Krebiozen..) was to be 'taboo'." - Dr. Ivy.


"Dr. Ivy (co-author of 1500 articles)...sent his article (on Krebiozen) to one medical journal after another. The journals accepted his article for publication, only to return it with apologies. ...Dr. Ivy was informed that the publi(shers) were told by the AMA Headquarters they would lose all their revenues from pharmaceutical advertising if they published Ivy's article. ...Finally, in desperation, Dr. Ivy turned to a small general publisher ("Henry Regnery, Chicago") and arranged for publication of his medical work." - Herbert Bailey. A Matter of Life or Death: The Incredible Story of Krebiozen.


"In cancer, the fertilization of the cell-nucleus is produced by the virus phase of the microbe - of a streptothrix in sarcoma - of commonly a staphylococcus in carcinoma(:)..the cell invaded...and the nature of the microbe..determines the particular form of tumor." - William M. Crofton, MD, Lecturer in Special Pathology, U. College, Dublin, Ireland, The True Nature of Viruses. c. 1936.


"Crofton's work was bitterly attacked, and he found it impossible to publish articles, although others confirmed his techniques and results."

"A quick survey of the cancer papers in many medical journals will convince any reader who can plow through them that much research is trivial or of no consequence." - Dr. Robert Netterberg, and Prof Robert Taylor, The Cancer Conspiracy. c. 1981.


"...George Crile, Jr. a Cleveland (Clinic) surgeon, was rebuked by the Ethics Committee of the Cleveland Academy of Medicine for expressing in a newspaper interview his opinion that radical mastectomy was archaic and no longer necessary." - Thomas Preston, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Washington; Director of Cardiology US Public Health Hospital, Seattle. etc., The Clay Pedestal, c. 1981.


"..The incidence of cancer among the ...nurse-anesthetists was three times the expected rate. ..When I presented the data at the annual meeting of the Anesthesiologists....Several of the anesthesiologists present even went so far as to call the Editor of the IARS Journal...., and ask him to withhold publication of the paper. ...I was dropped without explanation from the ASA Committee of Effects of Trace Anesthetics on Health." - Thomas H. Corbett, MD, U, Michigan Medical School, Professorship, awards, etc.


"When a person is found innocent of a crime...He can never be tried on the same charge again. But in these cancer cases...a given doctor can be yanked into (administrative) court again and again on any charge. It's a crime that a professional doctor is not given the same privileges as a criminal." - Howard H. Beard, ScD, PhD, Yale U., The Anthrone Test.


"...One of the few growth industries in contemporary Britain is...alternative medicine. ...A survey of the attitude of 100 young trainees in family practice revealed the 86 had a positive attitude toward alternative medicine. Of these, ...12 made referrals to non-medically qualified practitioners - a step that only a few years ago would have led to disciplinary action by the General Medical Council..."

"...The debate has gathered momentum since the British Holistic Medical Association was formed and since the Times published three major articles on various aspects of alternative medicine by Ruth West and Brian Inglis..."

"The president of the Royal College of Physicians of London, Professor Raymond Hoffenberg ...could understand why patients with cancer seek alternative methods of treatment, and why any physician would welcome an unequivocal demonstration that a malignant tumor could be cured by any form of alternative medicine."...

"..The Prince of Wales is immediate past-president of the British Medical Association...The British Royal Family has long had a high regard for homeo-pathic medicine, and....the Prince made a plea to doctors to remember old-fashioned, traditional methods of healing." - John Lister, MD, "Current Controversy on Alternative Medicine", New England Journal of Medicine, 1983.


"...Paul Crowther...herbalist in the British Isles...could recall at least six old cancer remedies which were withdrawn from service about 100 years ago because they were also powerful abortifacients (induced abortion), the then medico-legal set up made it inadvisable to be caught with them on your shelf." ...

"British herbalists have for centuries used complex infusions which include Periwinkle against cancer. The Periwinkle is also the source of the Vinca Alkaloids used in orthodox treatment. Why are the isolated alkaloids so poisonous in marginally effective doses, whereas the herbal infusions are effective without giving any signs of toxicity?"

"Some of the most valuable information has come by private information." - Frank Hourigan, author, Shape of the Elephant, in letter to MDAC author, 1984.


"The (modern, orthodox) medical care system does some things very well - principally emergency and acute care. Accident victims...need...mechanistic medicine - and fast." - R.J. Carlson, JD, in Wholistic Dimensions in Healing, A Resource Guide.


""...In most of the affluent populations I have considered, the prevalence of coronary disease is associated with the consumption of sugar. Since sugar consumption is only one of a number of indices of wealth, the same sort of association (to coronary disease) exists with fat consumption, cigarette smoking, cars..."

"Professor Ian McDonald of Guy's hospital in London...has found that, in young men, sugar raises the level of cholesterol in the blood, and especially...tri-glycerides."

"I did not having my article censored. ...The published report of the conference gives my name as a participant, but you will not find in it the paper I read. ...Scientists as a group are no more, and no less, influenced by emotional and irrational reactions than other people are."

"...Directors of a large food-manufacturing firm (:)...At one extreme (: one) said it was not his job to protect people from themselves; he was not forcing people to eat his products, and if they chose to do so at the risk of harming themselves, it was of their own free choice." - John Yudkin, MD, Professor of Physiology and Nutrition and Dietetics, Queen Elizabeth College, London. Sweet and Dangerous.


"What is the explanation for the blind eye that has been turned on the flood of medical reports on the causative role of carbohydrates in overweight, ever since the publication in 1864 of William Banting's famous "Letter on Corpulence"? Could it be related, in part, to the vast financial endowments poured into the various departments of nutritional education by the manufacturers of our refined carbohydrate foodstuff?" - Robert C. Atkins, MD, Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution, c. 1972.


"Freedom of the press is reserved for those who own one." - A. J. Liebling.


"Business spends annually $500 million to $1 billion (in 1970's dollars) to promote its editorial and institutional point of view." - Mark Green, "How Business is Misusing the Media." The New York Times, 1977.


"My estimate is that about 94,000 cancer fatalities for the future are being induced with each year of medical diagnostic X-rays (in US)." - John Goffman, MD, PhD, co-discoveror of four isotopes and four nuclear processes, Physics Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley, and about five lines of other credentials, awards, inventions, books, etc


"..Radiation...the biggest lobby the world. It's involved in university research. whole medical profession.., the whole military establishment, and the economic and military policy of the country depends on people being willing to handle radio-active materials."

"The NCI sent (,) review our funding(,)...people connected with the nuclear establishment...It was a pretty much foregone conclusion, that if you send people in to review the funding, who stand most to be hurt by this research, the funding will be denied." - Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Bio-statistician - Non Fiction Television, WNET, PBS, The Cancer War by Ralph Moss, PhD and others, 1983.


"...The connection between TV and real life violence....NCTV has found 15 reviews of the scientific literature since 1976 and every one concludes that a causal connection exists. (i.e.. TV influences behavior, as advertisers well know - Ed.)...NCTV has now found 700 scientific studies and reports from the US and 15 other nations...The overwhelming consensus of this research is that a significant and important connection exists...All age levels, social classes, ethnic backgrounds, and IQ levels are negatively affected in a variety of ways."

(Other)"'Clean up TV' (groups) make no mention of trying to decrease violence, only sex." - NCTV (National Coalition on Television Violence), NCTV News, 1981.


"...Based on (1400) energy crisis stories seen on...CBS, NBC, and ABC (,) correspondents relied on government sources more than 55% of the time. ...Outside sources - independent experts... - were consulted less than 3% of the time. (On) possible solutions to the crisis, the government was consulted a whopping 77% of the time." - "A New Study of Network Coverage Reveals Disturbing Omissions", TV Guide, 1982.


"Day and night the telescreens bruised your ears with statistics proving that people today had more food...lived longer, worked shorter hours, were bigger, healthier, stronger, happier, more intelligent, better educated, than the people of 50 years ago. Not a word of it could ever be proved or disproved. ..The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth. ..A party member is required to have...the right instincts. ...Attitudes demanded of him are never plainly stated...He is a person naturally orthodox...In Newspeak, the expression of unorthodox opinions, above a very low level, was well nigh impossible." - George Orwell, 1984. c.1948.


"...Poetic injustice...having made over Japan in our own image. The Japanese, ...are now, next to us, the greatest consumers of meat in the world." - Mother Jones, A Sourcebook On Health and Survival.


"The role and weight to be accorded medical testimony in Administrative hearings before the Post Office Department was established....These decisions enunciate a rule that informed medical consensus and the 'universality of scientific belief' may be established through the testimony of a (one, single - Ed.) medical doctor."

"If the fraud charges are proven, fraud issued, a promoter can receive no funds through the mail..., shut off. All mail sent to him is returned to the sender marked 'Fraudulent'." - J. Edward Day, Postmaster General, US Post Office.


"The US Postal Service has prosecuted a disproportionate number of health book authors and publishers and chiropractors. The Post Office has refused to respond to our Freedom of Information Request for a copy of its policy manual which sets out the basis by which cases are selected for prosecution. The (Post Office) will not open their consumer complaint files to the public or to the Congress so you can see if it is going after the real criminals. ...or...if anyone complained...except the AMA." - Clinton Miller, Executive and Legislative Advocate, National Health Federation. - Last four paragraphs above in "Statement of Clinton Ray Miller...before the Subcommittee of Postal Personnel and Modernization", US House, 1982.


"The Postal Service may require...that any officer or employee designated by the Postal Service be given access at reasonable times, to inspect or copy any books, records, documents, or other objects that the Postal Service has reason to believe relate to any matter under investigation..."

"Any person ...who fails to comply...or..engages in conduct which assists any such person to comply...shall be liable to the US for a civil penalty in an amount not to exceed $10,000 for each day...Separate penalties may be assessed ($20,000/day)...The resumption through the use of any instrumentality of interstate commerce of any activity with respect to which a cease and desist order has been issued... a failure to comply..." - A Bill, S. 1407, with amendments, US Senate, 1981. (300 Co-sponsors in House).


"Welcome to the new Dark Ages. Get ready for 1984....The (bill)would:...Authorize...600,000 post office employees to 'demand' 'access' without search warrant to any home, business, private library...'to inspect'...(; and) Forbid the shipment..not only by mail, but by any other 'instrumentality of interstate commerce' including airlines, parcel service, trucks or your own auto."...

"The history of medicine and health care shows that nearly all progress has started with unorthodox ideas which were opposed to the 'weight of informed medical and scientific opinion'." - Maureen Salaman. President, National Health Federation in "Statement ...before the subcommittee on Postal Personnel and Modernization", on H.R. 3973 and S. 1407., 1982.


"It is especially imperative for Congress to exercise careful judgment in this area, because of the difficulty under existing laws, in obtaining judicial review of Postal Service abuses. ...We strongly oppose the legislation's infringement of rights guaranteed under the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution." - John Shattuck, Director, ACLU, Washington Office.


"...The charges concern medical practices in fields where knowledge has not yet been crystallized in the crucible of experience. For in the science of medicine, as in other sciences, experimentation is the spur of progress. It would amount to condemnation of new ideas without a trial, to give the Postmaster General power to condemn new ideas as fraudulent, solely because some cling to traditional opinions with unquestioning tenacity." - US Supreme Court, Reilly vs. Pinkus, 339 U.S. 269 (1949). Last two paragraphs from US House subcommittee, 1982.


"Individuals for whom no orthodox cure is available surely are entitled to select a health care approach.....This right (is) specifically within,,,the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 14th amendments to the (US) Constitution....To be insensitive to the very fundamental civil liberties....(:) the choice...of the person whose body is being ravaged (by disease), is to display slight understanding of the essence of our free society and its constitutional underpinnings." - Judge Luther Bohanon, US District Court, Oklahoma City, Dec 5, 1977, Rutherford v. US.


"The freedom of the individual to select his preferred system of medical care and free competition among physicians and alternative systems of medical care are prerequisites of ethical practice and optimal medical care."

"A physician should expose, without fear or favor, incompetent or corrupt, dishonest or unethical conduct on the part of members of the profession." - AMA, Current Opinions of the Judicial Council of the AMA, 1981.


"Where medically significant alternatives for care or treatment exist, or when the patient requests information concerning medical alternatives, the patient has the right to such information." - AHA, A Patient's Bill of Rights, 1972.


"Congress did not intend to empower the FDA to interfere with medical practice by limiting the ability of physicians to prescribe according to their best judgment." - US District Court Judge Robert E. Varner, decision, June 28, 1978.


"...The 4th Amendment (:) the governing that 'except in certain carefully defined classes of cases, a search of private property without proper consent is unreasonable unless it has been authorized by a valid search warrant...' ...The manufacture and distribution of food and drugs has not yet been specifically held to be among these exceptionally regulated industries....The inspection of any place thought by FDA agents to contain the regulated articles....(is) unconstitutional authorization of unlimited exploratory searches...." - US District Court Judge Robert M. Duncan, July 14, 1977, FDA Search and Seizure.


"At least one member of the (Medical Grievance Committee, Board of Regents, University, State of New York) which conducted the hearing evidenced a wholly unfair and partial attitude. ..This doctor effected a cure (of cancer) when the so-called orthodox methods of treatment had failed, and now he has been punished for it. It is not fraud or deceit for one already skilled in the medical art, with the consent of the patient, to attempt new methods, when all other known methods of treatment had proved futile, and least of all when a patient's very life had been despaired of. Initiative and originality should not be thus effectively stifled..." - Appellate Division, NY State Supreme Court, Stammer vs. Board of Regents of University of State of New York, 262 App. Div. 372, 29 N.Y.S.


"Utopians have no lawyers among them, for they consider them as a sort of people whose profession it is to disguise matters." - Sir Thomas More (1478-1535).


"When this country was originally formed...the first rule that was passed by every single body in the 13 original states said (that) two people shall be banned from this colony: felons and lawyers." - Rosemary Furman (on Phil Donahue Show, Donahue transcript #12161.).


"...If the American bureaucracy turns its attention on you (:) ...The men who sit in judgement on you will be the men who originally complained against you. ..You ordered to stop doing something which is right. Perhaps you will be saved the burden of defending yourself by being tried in absentia. ..At a trial where all the witnesses testified in your favor,...the courts will nevertheless uphold your conviction...Final arguments were made in front of Commissioners, but the decisions were written in a secret back room by an entirely separate group of men." - Lowell B. Mason, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission, The Language of Dissent. (in Suzanne Caum, Cancer Cures Crucified).


"...Whole plants differ in their effects from refined drugs (:)...Plants are dilute preparations (of) the active principles...Plants usually go into the body through the mouth and stomach, whereas purified chemicals can be snorting or injecting...directly into...bloodstreams without giving...bodies a chance to process them. Other compounds in drug plants...may modify the active principles, making them safer..."


"...Society's blunders in trying to control the abuse of drugs (:)...Prohibition of opiates (and other drugs and plants) has directly spawned an ugly criminal underworld...Addicts with habits costing $100's a day...resort to daily criminal avoid unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. ...Heroin maintenance...supplying addicts with pure (un-contaminated) legal heroin in (a) supervised setting (no: driving, firearms, health insurance - ed.) has been proposed...,but our society (is) unwilling to abandon its prohibitionist mentality. ...Major drug trafficers...are powerful enough to stay in business. Instead, drug law enforcement falls disproportionately on small-scale dealers and users. ...In some states, people convicted for small-scale dealings of drugs...are treated more harshly than rapists, armed robbers, and even murderers." - Andrew Weil, MD, Harvard Medical School, Professor of Addiction Studies, University of Arizona and other credentials, and Winifred Rosen (author Cruisin for a Bruisin, etc.), Newberry Award nominee; Chocolate to morphine: Understanding Mind Active Drugs.


"...A juvenile detention home (:)...Neither the boys nor the staff of the home were told that the aim of the menu changes was to reduce sugar intake, or that the boys behavior was being studied. ...The 24 boys on the sugar-reduced diet showed a 45% lower incidence of formal disciplinary actions than the boys on the earlier diet."

"With the repeated successes of nutritional methods, one would think that ortho-molecular treatment would be revolutionizing our criminal justice system. Unfortunately, it is not. Ignoring scientific evidence and thousands of clinical reports, many in psychiatric, law enforcement, and rehabilitation communities, still dismiss dietary treatment as quackery. The ortho-molecular approach isn't 'high-tech' enough; it isn't complicated and expensive, it doesn't require powerful drugs and armies of MD's - how could it possibly be effective?" - Barbara Reed, Chief Probation Officer, Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Probation Department (testifier at US Senate select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs); Nutritional Guidelines for the Counselor.


Section 7

In 1979 US government appropriation to fight smoking: $29 million;

In 1979, amount US government spent in price subsidies, farm loans, and other direct support for the tobacco industry: over $1 billion. - sheet found in ACS distribution shelf.


"Since I have been associated with the NCI Advisory Committee for the Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Program, I feel very strongly that nutrition research has been consciously the NCI. The Advisory Committee's final resolution, before it was abolished, was that a minimum of $15 million should be spent on new research programs. ...No such action was ever taken, even though Congress subsequently recommended that the NCI spend a minimum of $7.5 million...At the time our committee was terminated, there was a backlog of 119 projects needing a total of $26 million....I think people who have training in clinical human nutrition are oftentimes not individuals who are medical doctors, but people who have a training in nutrition by another, different route."

"...The juice of the lemon (:) consider the tremendous beneficial effects that this single dietary modification has had upon the seafaring nations...Uncomplicated solutions to seeming complex problems of the past are often ignored..." - Peggy C. Fry, PhD, Assistant Professor and Chief Nutrition Service, Children and Youth Project, University of Texas Health Science Center, (In Nutrition and Cancer Research Hearings, Subcommittee on Nutrition US Senate 1978).


"The AMA protects the image of the food processors by its constant propaganda that the American food supply is the finest in the world, and that (those) who question this are simply practicing quackery. The food processors, in turn, protect the image of the AMA and of the drug manufacturers by arranging for the USDA and its dietitic cronies to blacklist throughout the country and in every public library, all nutrition books written for the layman, which (:) preach simple, wholesome nutrition and attack ...both the emasculation of natural foods and orthodox American medical care, which ignores subtle malnutrition and stresses drug therapy, ("as distinct from vitamin therapy") for innumerable conditions. The drug manufacturers vigorously support the AMA since only MD's can prescribe their products." - Miles H. Robinson, MD; Professor, University of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt Medical Schools, exhibit in Vitamin, Mineral, and Diet Supplements, Hearings, US House of Representatives, 1973.


"During the early years of Hitler's regime, the government's medical program was looked upon by many observers as one of the greatest props in the totalitarian state." - Canadian House of Commons committee report, March 16, 1943.


"..The German government health insurance plan is obligated by law to pay for a special four week treatment with nutritional therapy in post-intensive care hospitals every year for up to five years after the intensive care of every cancer patient..." - International Association of Cancer Victims and Friends, Dade County Chapter, Holy Cancer.


" We found that medical expenses for people who had been paying at least $10,000 a year decreased approximately 80% over the two years spent in our (holistic) program. ..Blue (Cross and) Shield is not likely to pay for what we do." - C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, President American Holistic Medical Association; Self Help for Patients.


"Dr. Nathaniel W. Boyd...was an invited guest speaker at the recent annual national convention of the American Osteopathic Association....He has treated more than 8,000 patients..Boyd's method (:) ..injection of sclerosing agents to promote fibrous tissue growth in weakened areas that cause hernias and hemorrhoids. ...His success rate with hernias is an incredible 95%. ...In 1974 Boyd's license was suspended for six months because he had advertised...As the Medicare program edges toward bankruptcy, it refuses pay $600 for non-surgical treatment of hernias, preferring instead to pay for the surgical methods, which today cost a minimum of $3,000." - Liberty Lobby, Spotlight, Feb 11, 1985.


"Between 16 and 20% of every dollar paid in malpractice insurance went to compensate the victim; the rest was paid to lawyers and medical experts. In (malpractice) cases, doctors are vulnerable only to the charge of having acted against the medical code, or the incompetent performance of prescribed treatment, or of dereliction out of greed or laziness. The problem, however, is that most of the damage inflicted by the modern doctor does not fall into any of these categories. It occurs in the ordinary practice of well trained men and women who have learned to bow to prevailing judgement and procedure, even though they know ("or could or should know") what damage they do."

"The USDHEW calculates that 7% of all patients suffer compensable injuries while hospitalized .....One out of every five patients admitted to a typical research hospital acquires an iatrogenic (Caused by the treatment process) disease, one case in thirty leading to death. Half of these episodes result from complications of drug therapy; amazingly, one in ten come from diagnostic procedures." - Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis, c. 1975.


"...Patients in cancer wards being fed a hospital diet of syrup-stewed fruits, custard, ice-cream, pastries, pies, and adulterated, preserved vegetables, is demonstration of the most infamous professional negligence."

"The doctor (treating cancer:) No one expects more of him than he goes through the standard rigmarole. ...If he tried an unorthodox method and, even after a period of success, it failed, he could find himself the object of litigation. As long as he sticks to orthodox methods of certain failure, he is totally safe."

"...Alternative medicine has grown from (:) 'old wives tales'...common sense...experience and observations..."

"If a researcher, working in a well recognized field, makes a small discovery, it is likely to be published in a learned journal. ...a tiny step into the still unknown. ...However, let someone take an unexpected leap forward, ... and his action will tend to engender surprise, criticism, perhaps ostracism, and ...lack of acceptance." - Dick Richards, MD, The Topic of Cancer: When the Killing Has to Stop, c. 1982.


"..The Senate Aging Committee termed pacemaker fraud and abuse a billion dollar scandal, alleging that 30-50% of all pacemakers prescribed were not medically necessary." - American Association of Retired Persons, 1983 Federal and State Legislative Policy.


"..31% of all hospitalized patients on the medical wards suffered adverse affects that were probably or definitely drug related. ...At least 1% of all admitted patients...died of an apparent drug reaction. ...2 to 8% of all drug doses given in hospitals are in error: wrong drug, wrong dose, wrong route of administration, wrong patient, or failure to give the prescribed drug. ...(Calculate) this....%...applied to all patients admitted to all hospitals in the US: ...32 million admissions per year..." - Milton Silverman, PhD, biochemistry and pharmacology, Stanford U and U of California Medical School; President, National Association of Science Writers and many credentials, and Philip R. Lee, MD, Stanford U, Assistant Secretary for Health, USDHEW and other credentials; Pills, Profits, and Politics.


"...The willingness of the representatives of both international and local capital to allow malaria to spread in some areas of the world is part of the repressive underdevelopment of those areas.....Only mosquito and parasite resistance (to pesticides) appears to be a 'purely technical' problem. ...Bureaucratic ineptitude could explain only the initial period (before)...widespread publicity and criticism of the programs..."

"...Capital tries to undercut...through shortages, especially in energy and food. ...Education in the US ...(:)...the campus upheavals of the late 60's have now been replaced by underdevelopment in the form of fiscal crisis, budget cuts, accountability, and restructuring." - Harry Cleaver, Dept of Economics, U of Texas, Austin, "Malaria, the Politics of Public Health and the International Crisis", The Review of Radical Political Economics, Spring 1977.


"...Americans...automatically equate dissension with disloyalty. They view any criticism of our existing social, economic, and political forms, as sedition and subversion. ...(" The growing reluctance of Americans to criticize, and their increasing tendency to condemn those who, in ever dwindling numbers, will still voice dissent") is disturbing, deplorable, and truly dangerous."

"Today's dissenters mainly focus their attention and expend their energies on the most inconsequential of trivia. ...Allegedly serious intellectuals quibble endlessly over such ridiculous trivialities...In the meantime, the public is lulled into a perilous somnolence, spoon-fed pap, and palpable untruths, many of which are turned out by special-interest and pressure groups and well organized propaganda machines."

"Some of our newspapers and magazines are more concerned with the welfare of their advertisers than they are with the dissemination of news and the discussion of matters of lasting importance. ...Radio, television, motion pictures, popular books - all stifling of dissent on all but the most banal levels. ...a renunciation of the most basic and precious of democratic principles." - J. Paul Getty, ("the richest man in the world" - Fortune, Oct. 1957), How to be Rich.


"Xerography and Polaroid film were developed by small innovator-entrepreneurs only after larger firms turned down the ideas."

"The 1969 increase in capital gains taxes from 25% to 49% dried up venture money, especially for small companies. From 1969 to 1975, the amount of new capital acquired annually by small firms sank from $1.5 billion to $15 million (1% of previous level)." - "The Sad State of Innovation", Time, Oct 22, 1979.


"Styling cars sells cars and safety does not." - Lee Iococca.


"...Francis W. Davis...developed power steering for autos...during the early 1920's...Major auto manufacturers...figured their engineering staffs could come up with something similar that could get around his patent. After all, their available engineering talent and resources went far beyond those of a lone inventor. ...The manufacturers tried to invent their way around Davis but without success. 26 years later, in 1952, Chrysler introduced power steering..using Davis' early, expired patents." - D. Dial, "The Creative Spark vs. The Status Quo; or, Why Big Companies aren't interested in New Ideas", (In Michael Brown, Suppressed Inventions and How They Work).


"Only about 40 years ago, Professor Herman Oberth, the teacher of Dr. Wernher von Braun, offered his book, By Rocket to Interplanetary Space to about 10 different publishers. Each sent it back to him."...

"In his day, Professor Goddard was called 'moon-mad Goddard'. But...the (US) House passed a bill to establish...(a) National Goddard Day."

"Franklin was the subject of laughter at the English Academy of Science when he reported his discovery of the lightning rod. They refused to print his report."...

"Finsen, discoverer of the curative powers of ultra-violet rays, was persecuted too...yet after his death, a monument was erected in his honor." - Rho Sigma Ether - Technology: a Rational Approach to Gravity-Control, c. 1977.


"..I did have on occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them (UFO's)...They were at a higher altitude than we could reach with our jet fighters of that time. ...Those few astronauts who have the UFO so very cautiously. There are several of us who do believe in UFO's and who have had occasion to see a UFO on the ground or from an airplane." - US Astronaut Gordon Cooper, UN Conference on Flying Saucers, Nov 28, 1978, (in UFO Review).


"Our president Jimmy Carter has stated that he believes in UFO's because he has seen one. 1973 (at) the Thomaston, Georgia Lions Club. About 20 other people also...watched it for ten minutes. President Carter was quoted as saying it was the darndest thing he had ever seen, and that he would never again make fun of people who say they have seen UFO's" - Winfield S. Brown, UFO's Key to Earth's Destiny.


"People in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our government. ...One of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it." - Dwight D. Eisenhower.


"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed." - Dwight Eisenhower.


"...Senate Doc. # 259. The 65th congress(:)...The coal companies made between 100% and 7,856% on their capital stock during the war (to end all wars, WWI). ...The leather people sold your Uncle Sam hundreds of thousands of saddles for the calvary. But there wasn't any calvary overseas!"

"...The war (WWI) cost your Uncle Sam $52 billion. $39 billion was expended in the actual war period. This expenditure yielded $16 billion in profits.

"No one told these American soldiers they might be shot down by bullets made by their own brothers here. No one told them that the ships on which they were going to cross might be torpedoed by submarines built with US patents."

"It is dressed into speeches about patriotism, love of country...but the profits...skyrocket..."

...We can all make more money out of peace than we can out of war..." - US Marine Corps Major General (Retired) Smedley Butler, Distinguished Service Medal,...4th officer to receive two Congressional Medals of Honor before WWI, War is a Racket, c. 1935.


"Since the end of WWII, 25 million people have died in war somewhere in the world. War has been fought in as many as 12 countries at one time. ...In 1981 the world spent about $22 for military purposes for every $1 it spent on development aid to poor countries." - War vs. Development, Oxfam America News, Winter 1983.


"The idea of constructing shields of any material at all, for protection against uranium and plutonium is only a temporary expedient. The time will come when the shields will be as dangerous as the cores. - Walter Russell PhD, American Academy of Sciences; (lauded by Nicola Tesla as 1,000 years ahead of his time) and Lao Russell, Atomic Suicide? c. 1957.


"Peace is our Profession" - Strategic Air Command and US air Force letterhead, motto.


"If the Air Force is truly sincere about their commitment to peace, they would develop peace corps, peace academies, and dialogues with the peace movement."...Deployment of even 1% of the nuclear weapons would disrupt the planet for human habitation. If your 'best' weapons are unusable, they are obsolete. ...It is time for a new philosophy. Mankind could never reached the moon by an aircraft with propellers. Peace tactics are the only alternative. Peacefare..." - Kim C. Gates, AC1, USAF, "Rebuttal to Letter of Reprimand" (followed by honorable discharge).


"One of the signs (you) displayed (said): QUESTION AUTHORITY. Comments or slogans of this nature cannot and will not be condoned." - C.L. Wilson, 1st Lieutenant, USAF, Commander, Hq. Sq. Section; 93 CSG/CCQ; "Letter of Reprimand", Jan 5, 1984.


"...Over 100 million animals will die this year in our nation's hospitals, universities and government and commercial labs...most of them for no scientific or medical reason. ...scalded, suffocated, frozen, electrocuted, mutilated, or starved....Last year,...American taxpayers spent $4 billion on government-funded animal torment. ...encourag(ed by) the powerful animal supply industry...pushing many species ("primates") to the brink of extinction." - leaflet, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


"...Chemicals(:)...We not only don't know what's going on out there is dangerous - we don't even know what is going on out there. It's what we don't know that can really hurt us - kill us. ...It is time we started putting chemicals to the test - not people. It is time we gave people of this country some reason to believe that every time they take a breath, or eat, or drink, or touch, they are not taking their life into their hands. It is time that, down here on earth, we took a couple of small sensible steps on behalf of human health and life..." - EPA Administrator Russell Train, speech at National Press Club, February 1976.


"Mechanical and chemical technology can exact a high price in terms of erosion and human health. ...I have become increasingly uneasy about the state of agriculture and what it portends for the future of rural America. - Secretary of Agriculture, Bob Bergland, in Heartland, Summer, 1981.


"The chief fault of many American diets is that they provide too little of the essential minerals and vitamins. This fault is due in large measure to the fact that refined foods are consumed in such amounts that the intake of mineral and vitamin-rich natural foods is lower than it should be." -Food and Life, USDA Yearbook for 1939.


"Today, despite the tremendous amounts of pesticides being used, approximately one-third of the drops planted in the US fail to reach harvest due to pest damage. ...Ironically, these problems are caused by the very chemicals formulated to control pests. (:) increasing...resistant insects(,) loss of...beneficial insects..."

"An estimated 40,000 people were treated for pesticide poisoning in 1978. (US?). The actual number of poisonings may be even larger since many cases are not reported or are misdiagnosed. ...The symptoms of pesticide poisoning often mimic those of common illnesses (flu -ed.)."

"Integrated Pest Management is an inter-disciplinary approach(:) ...Crop-Pest Eco-Systems....In...single plant communities, natural ecological balances are altered, leaving crops highly susceptible...Biological Controls...(:) Preservation of natural enemies (and their) habitats...Predators...introduced from other countries. ...Disease causing micro-organisms (attacking pests) ...Phero-mones...Pest resistant plant (varieties) ...Cultural Controls...(:) crop rotation, and removal of crop residues which shelter pests after harvest. ...Proper timing of'Trap Crops'...Urban(:) ...Pesticide treatments were reduced 99%..." - USEPA, Integrated Pest Management, EPA 600/8-80-044, Sept. 1980.


"A decade ago the World Health Organization estimated every year at least 500,000 people were poisoned - and 10,000 killed - by pesticides in the third world. ...Since then...Dr. P. Deemar, toxicology director of Thailand's Ministry of Agriculture, estimates that 500,000 people are poisoned by pesticides in Thailand alone. ...Citizens of the industrialized countries are also victims when we eat pesticides in the food we import." - Food First, Institute for Food and Development Policy, Food First News, Fall 1982.


"...The export of banned pesticides (in, made by, and) from the industrial countries (US) to the third world. ..(is) later returning to us in the food we import (from) the third world." - David Weir and Mark Shapiro; Center for Investigative Reporting; and Food First, Circle of Poison.


"Anyone who speaks up against food adulteration in any of the many forms, is subject to 'name calling'. The most common epithets are 'food faddist' or 'food fakir'. are offending...some of our largest and most influential corporations...We can be certain that the public relations counselors will go to work...-even if that requires a bit of character assassination...." - Dr. Edward J. Ryan, Editor, Dental Digest.


"Our agricultural colleges continue to graduate specialists who become vocational agricultural teachers in the schools, and county agents, who go forth to extol the virtues of poison insecticides, herbicides, and commercial fertilizers." - Joe Nichols, MD, President, Natural Food Association; Please, Doctor, Do Something!.


"My position is that radical mastectomy is archaic. For some strange reason, in the US, surgeons continue to mutilate women by removing muscles and excessive tissue even though modern knowledge and cancer therapies have outmoded this form of crippling surgery." - George Crile, Jr., Emeritus Consultant in Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, Ivy Cancer News, Nov. 1974.


"Though it is a great frustration to realize that less than 10% of all cancer patients are willing to make necessary lifestyle changes (My experience can certainly vouch for that, and the number comes from hard research.), required by most alternative cancer therapies, all we can really do is inform the patient as thoroughly as possible and then let him or her make the final decision. ...(:) To undergo the Orwellian nightmare of conventional cancer treatments or ..(the) non-toxic alternative, the Utopia choice of Earth as a beautiful place...Pro-Life Freedom of Choice..." - Hellfried Sartori, MD, MPH, MS, U. of Graz Medical School, Austria, President, Life Sciences Universal (1200 Medical Centers Worldwide) Cancer 1984.


"That cactus went right through my eye. It left my eye flat. They took me to a doctor, and he said, 'We'll have to take the eye out.' ...I fought like a tiger. I said, 'No! Leave the eye alone. I am sure it will grow back.' The doctor said, 'You're too young to know.' ...But in a year's time that fluid came back, and that eye is just as good as the other one today." - Bernard Jensen, DC, ND (Author, The Science and Practice of Iridology), FACT Journal.


"Some doctors blame the patients for demanding treatment. ..(which is too) powerful and dangerous...for mild (illness)...Patients demand more considerate care, more natural healing techniques, and discussion of alternatives - and doctors rarely give in on these issues." - Robert Mendelsohn, MD, (lecturer on "who are the Real Cancer Quacks?"; Chairman Medical Licensing Committee, State of Illinois, etc.) Confessions of a Medical Heretic.


"We are not at all sure that the state is serving the public interest by enforcing a professional monopoly." - Florence Stroud, RN, Member Calif. Board of Medical Quality Assurance, in American Medical News, 1983.


"The FDA was ordered by Congress ("Agricultural Act of 1938") to stop two years of experiments designed to learn the dangers of poisoning from lead and arsenic, commonly used as insecticides until largely replaced by DDT, and the test animals were ordered killed - a procedure Consumer's Research compared to the Nazi book burnings."

"Many 'health stores' sell naturally grown products. ..but they also have much junk. There are quacks and frauds in their ranks, just as there are among chemical growers and processors who enjoy favors of the Government." - William Longwood, Pulitzer Prize winner in Journalism, The Poisons in Your Food, c. 1960.


"Many of the plants familiar to the 'wise woman' or the 'witch doctor' really do have the healing powers that tradition attaches to them! There is no doubt that the judicious use of such herbs, flowers, and other plants for palliative purposes in primary health care can make a major contribution towards reducing a developing country's drug bill. - Dr. Halfdan Mahler, Director General, WHO, "The Staff of Aesculapius", World Health, Nov. 1977.


"...The empirical application of plants to the ailing human body over thousands of years has...culminated in the development of many useful drugs ....It is easy to make fun of medieval recipes; it is more difficult and may be wiser to investigate them." - Dr. Jonathan Hartwell, NCI, "Plant Remedies for Cancer" Cancer Chemotherapy Reports, May 1960.


"In a noted 1943 Harvard study, there were no cases of toxemia, congenital anomalies, or neonatal deaths among a group of well-fed woman. In contrast two-thirds of the children born to women who were on poor prenatal diets had congenital abnormalities, dies, or (had) neurological dysfunction. and 44% of the mothers had developed toxemia..." - Tom Brewer, MD, Tulane Medical School, The Pregnant Issue: Medicate or Educate?, 1982.


"Animals fed on raw milk and raw meat reproduce homogeneous litters and the usual causes of death are old age and injuries....The cats fed pasteurized skeletal changes, lessened reproductive efficiency, and their kittens present progressive constitutional and respiratory problems. ...Cooked meat (fed) cats commonly (have) heart problems,...infections of the (organs), inflammation ...parasites...abortions..." - Francis M. Pottenger, Jr, MD, author of 55 articles, Pottenger's Cats: a Study in Nutrition, c. 1983.


"...During the summer of 1978 in Rhode Island, 300 advanced...members of TM (Transcendental Meditation) split up into small groups to meditate...The entire state of Rhode Island benefitted. Statistics revealed: the state murder rate dropped 50%, traffic deaths decreased 48%, suicides dropped 45%, total deaths decreased 11%. Statisticians, state officials, psychiatrists...attested to the ...success of the experiment. Dr Charles Hill, President, Rhode Island Medical Society, admitted we can..." - Linda Clark, MA, editor, Linda Clark's Good Health Keeping Newsletter.


"...In the history of medicine and science, no chronic or metabolic disease has been cured by factors foreign to the diet, (or) to biological experience."

"The agent which cures prevents, and the agent that prevents cures." - Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. in Spotlight, 1978.


"According to recent ACS reports, the discovery of the anti-tumor properties of beta-carotene (nutrient "from which the body makes vitamin A") is one of the most important developments in cancer research of the past ten years, i.e., since the passage of the National Cancer Act. ...The NCI and the NIH...did not participate in the initial development or funding of the beta-carotene studies!...The NCI has promoted...retinoic acid and retinoids, chemically related peripherally to vitamin A...The chemicals were known by the NCI to be dangerous to...animals even before the NCI tests with the retinoids were initiated; however, these chemicals (retinoids and acid) were inaccurately represented as being less toxic or more efficacious than (Vitamin A and beta-carotene).....We have been applying to the NIH for grant support on (beta-carotene) since 1974. However, the NCI had consistently rejected both (the) grant requests and the concept of using beta-carotene, until the collapse of the retinoic acid studies. ...We found that beta-carotene increased the effectiveness of tumor therapeutic agents, whereas retinoic acid only served to increase the toxicity of the chemotherapeutic agents. ...When novel studies were proposed, the NCI seemed determined to stamp them out. They were so restrictive as to discourage the development of even one concept that did not conform to their dogma. ...The NCI and the NIH are...creating unnecessary confusion among scientific workers who were misdirected by the distortions...I fear that some members of important sections of the NCI may have been more concerned with service to themselves and their associates than to the public or the extramural scientific community, and repeatedly have made grievous errors. ...Your (legislative) committee might determine if these errors can be rectified, and procedures altered to prevent repetitions of grievous errors by the NCI and NIH." - Eli Seifter, MD, Professor of Surgery and Biochemistry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, (in letters to US Senators Orrin Hatch and Harrison Schmitt, 1982).


"Cancer politics: To suggest people eat less meat infuriates the cattlemen's association. To suggest people eat less candy angers the confectioner's association. To suggest people eat more fresh vegetables throws the canners association into fits." - Ross Hume Hall, PhD, principal cancer researcher, Roswell Park Memorial Institute and other credentials, "Cancer and Nutrition", En-Trophy Review.


"The hospital that feeds you refined sugar, white bread, canned soup, bouillon cubes, and frozen vegetables should be closed by the health department as a menace to the public health." - Dr. David Reuben, Everything You Always to Know About Nutrition, c. 1978.


"...The introduction of trans-trans-linoleic acid in the 1920's in margarines and refined vegetable oils was a main cause of the pandemic of myocardial infarction (coronary heart disease), and ...since 1960, orthodox medicine has been fostering (promoting) a cause of this disease as the cure." - Wayne Martin, "Margarine ("Not Butter") the Culprit?", Lancet, 1983.


"Avoid foods that don't interest you (:) ..cauliflower, corn, broccoli, beans..."

"Hints(:) ...add milk powder...Choose from: ...Angel food cake, Popsicles,...Hard and jelly candies...Use mixes, frozen ready to eat main dishes, and take out foods whenever possible. ...fry....Microwave oven..."

"Recipes...high in nutritional value(:)...non-dairy cream...condensed milk...soft shortening...chocolate chips...sugar...oil...baking soda...baking powder...salt..." - OCC (Office of Cancer Communications), NCI, Eating Hints..., NIH Publication 80-2079; January 1980.


"...Recipes...selected (:) cream...carbonated beverages...processed sharp cheese spread....sausage or hot dog...lard or shortening...sugar...soda...baking powder...all purpose flour...baking soda...salt...cooked or canned cream,, coffee substitute, carbonated beverages...bread (,) enriched white...pureed, baby, or whole cooked (..canned or frozen)...sweets as desired, hard candy,...jellies, jams..." - ACS, Nutrition, for Patients Receiving Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment, c. 1974.


"Allowed foods: Carbonated beverages...fruit flavored drinks...sugar cream...chocolate...cereals...refined...oils..pork...fudge...lollypops...crisp bacon..." - Diet, Nutrition and Cancer Program, NCI, Diet and Nutrition: a Resource for Parents of Children with Cancer., NIH Publication 82-2038, May, 1982.


"In..categories which make up about...eight % of the incidence, 5-year survival rates have actually fallen - those are cancers of the lip, penis, esophagus, vulva, and bone, and invasive cancer of the cervix (all where the prognosis is worse now than in the 1950's)." - Newsday, Jan 10, 1977, article submitted by Senator Robert Dole, into Nutrition and Cancer Research, Hearings, Subcommittee on Nutrition, US Senate, 1978.

"After approximately two decades and several billion dollars....Among the various types of cancer that account for 78% of the incidence..the upward trend in survival rates has not exceeded a few %....a far gloomier picture than has been generally conveyed to a hopeful public by our leading cancer research institutions...A generally passive lay press has been the means of transmission."


"Papanicolaou published for 15 years before anyone would listen to him, but now you find (the) ACS extolling the virtue of the Pap test." - Daniel S. Greenberg, (Editor, Science and Government report; columnist New England Journal of Medicine), "Cancer: Bad News", Washington Post, January 19, 1975.


"In many quarters, the superiority of combination therapy ("surgery and radio-therapy) is accepted as established dogma, and re-examination of treatment policies as heretical. Despite the confident air of this position, a life-sparing effect, specifically attributable to the radio-therapeutic component of combination regimens has not been proved." - Morrow and Di Sala, "The Role of Post-Operative Irradiation...", American Journal of Roentgen-ology, Aug, 1976.


"..This issue will explore..all forms of cancer therapies, even those frowned upon, and, in some cases, actively thwarted, by organized medicine."...

"The medical establishment would have us believe that before all treatment procedures become acceptable for general use, they are subjected to exhaustive studies which have proven both safety and effectiveness. This belief is reinforced by ('medics') criticism of the non-medical cancer treatments, the most damning is: 'They are unscientific.'"...

"...Surgical and radiation not lend themselves to double-blinding or use of placebo." ...

"According to JAMA, over 30 different surgical procedures have been introduced over the years for the relief of angina and myocardial blood supply, yet only two were subjected to the appropriate controlled studies." - Maryann Napoli, Editor, and Arthur Levin, Master of Public Health, Director, Center for Medical Consumers, and Health Care Information, Inc., Health Facts, "Cancer....", January 1979.


"It is often necessary to make a decision on the basis of knowledge sufficient for action but insufficient to satisfy the intellect." - Immanuel Kant (1724-1804).


"(The) percent distribution of persons with...limit in major activity...due to chronic conditions, under 17 (years old, in:) 1967 (was) 1.1%, in 1976 (was) 1.9%. - National Center for Health Statistics, Vital and Health Statistics.


"...Pathological states are the consequence of several determinate factors acting simultaneously...The manifestations of any given agent differ profoundly from one person to another. ...Each noxious agent can express itself by a great variety of different pathological states. ...Different agents can elicit similar reactions. ...The total environment and the (interior medium) constitute a multifactorial system..." - Rene Dubos, MD, Professor, Rockefeller Institute; Professor, Harvard Medical School (Mary) Lasker Award; Ways of Health.


"Most diseases can be detected only after symptoms appear....Repetitious annual exams of healthy individuals seem to be profitable only for the physician." - Dr. Richard Spark, Harvard Medical School, in George Berkley, PhD, Cancer....


"...One third of cancers found in Health Insurance Plan study were not felt by the clinician. ..Two-fifths of the cancers were noted by the surgeon, but not detected by the radiologist. In only one-fifth of the cases were the cancers found by both physicians." - Philip Strax, MD, Early Detection.


"The fact that a patient survives for five years after an operation does not imply that he is cured. ...The number of recurrences drops after five years only because the total number of survivors has dropped...In reality, the curves show that between one month and ten years, the rate of death remains constant." - Lucien Israel, MD, NCI consultant, French Hospital Director, Conquering Cancer, last four paragraphs in Cameron Stauth (many credentials), The New Approach to Cancer.


"There isn't one shred of evidence that early diagnosis does any good, except perhaps in the cancer of breast, cervix, and bladder." - Dr. James Peters, NCI Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention Director.


"Doctors...from the Office of Info. Tech. at Harvard U.(:)...Their appraisal of 46 surgical or anesthesia breakthroughs...suggested...only 13% were highly preferred (and) nearly half the cases the new therapy was no better than the therapy it replaced. ...About 12% of the innovations increased complications..."

"In 1971, the Joint Task Force of the USDA, in..An Evaluation of Research in the US on Human Nutrition...(concluded) that (in the US) a more fundamental (less "convenience food") diet...would result in 1.2 million fewer cases of heart and vascular disease each year, 64,000 fewer cancer deaths and 120,000 fewer cases of cancer each year, 49 million fewer cases of respiratory infections, 3 million fewer cases of birth defects, 8 million fewer cases of arthritis, 2 million cases of diabetes either avoided or improved, 3 million fewer cases of osteo-porosis, 16,200 fewer cases of blindness, 3 million fewer cases of allergies, and 2 and one-half million fewer mental health problems necessitating hospitalization." - Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Biochem, and a bunch of credentials, Your Health Under Siege.


"...Cancer patients are constantly being urged to go to their doctors as soon as the 'danger signals' appear...The implication is always that patients...with the shortest possible duration of symptoms, will have the best prognosis. The results of this study certainly do not support this." - G.H. Green, Associate Professor, School of Obstetrics and Gynecology, U. Aukland, New Zealand, "Duration of Symptoms and Survival Rates for Invasive Cervical Cancer." Australian and New Zealand OB/Gyn, Nov. 1970.


"Taking a biopsy often aggravates and stimulates growth - and does not indicate how many secondary tumors have developed." - Dr. Charles Mayo, (in Dr. Lynn Dallin, Cancer Causes and Natural Controls).


"...The resort to a biopsy is a confession of failure, due to clinical inexperience or lack of data from other methods of diagnosis." - Dr. Ewing, Beaumont Foundation Lecture, (in Boyd, Textbook of Pathology, (in Health Research, Is Cancer Curable? c. 1954.)).


"There seems to be little doubt that cancer can be spread from the primary site to distant tissues through..the numerous ways that surgical manipulations (e.g. biopsy, therapy) could be responsible for this phenomenon." - Vincent Vita, Director, NCI, and Steven Rosenberg, MD, PhD, Chief Surgeon, NCI, and S. Hellman, MD, Director of Radiation, Harvard Medical School.; Editors, Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology.


"...Establishing a diagnosis....'benign' or 'malignant' is not an exact science. In spite of the aura of infallibility..pathologists are human...(:) the super specialist (with) 'tunnel vision'...Histo-techs...make grievous errors...(:) proper patient...sample...injuries to the tissues...Pathologists are not omniscient...(; some) afflicted with such delusions. ...Trapped by semantics. ...A 'guessing game' when patients' lives are at stake." - Roger Terry, MD, "Pathology of Cancer", Clinical Oncology: A Multi-disciplinary Approach, ACS.


"...All too many...scientists...have forgotten that not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything counted, counts." - Denis Burkitt, MD, (of Burkitt's Lymphoma), in Judith Glassman, The Cancer Survivors.


"...Half or more of the numerical data published by scientists in their journal articles is unusable because there is no evidence that the researcher accurately measured what he thought he was measuring, or no evidence that possible sources of error were eliminated or accounted for." - Dr. Richard W. Roberts, Director, National Bureau of Standards, in Robert Mendelsohn, MD, Confessions of a Medical Heretic.


"It is not enough to show that drug A is better than drug B on the average. One is invited to ask, 'For which people ("& why") is drug A better than drug B, and vice versa? If drug A cures 40% and drug B cures 60%, perhaps the right choice of drug for each person would result in 100% cures." - Lancelot Hogben, MA, with five lines of medical credentials, Annual Review of Medicine, 1958.


"...To test new materials..., it was reasoned that the primary mouse cancer used should...respond the best to the then existing anti-cancer drugs. Accordingly, ...leukemia has become the standard for testing....This has resulted in the development of several drugs that are highly effective clinically against (A.L.L.) leukemia, chorio-carcinoma..., but of only limited effectiveness against the commoner (solid) cancers. ...There are anti-cancer agents with a high degree of effectiveness against a solid tumor ("melanoma") although totally ineffective against the leukemias. ...We suggest...each tested on...solid tumor regardless of its effectiveness...against the leukemias ("during initial primary screen")." - Dr. Roy Asplund, "Isolation of Anti-Tumor Poly Saccharide Fractions from Yucca..." Growth, 1978. (in John Hinerman, The Treatment of Cancer with Herbs, c. 1980).


"...I am told that I cannot discover anything more because I had discovered other concepts in the past and those are now regulations. ...I am the senior author of the randomized clinical trial. Now, I am told by the FDA that, if I don't do a randomized clinical trial, I can't do research. ...When I ask them where they got that dumb idea, they cite my publications." - Dr. Emil Freirich, head Developmental Therapeutics, MD Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute (in Pat McGrady, Jr., "The Cancer Patient's Quandry", Newsday, Sept 30, 1982.


"If a useful (therapy) became would be difficult to find an adequate number of experienced investigators to test it. The great danger might not be that a useless material was judged useful, but rather that a worthwhile one was rejected by inexperienced investigators." - Ernest Herrman, PhD (in Postgraduate Medicine, May 1964) (in Independent Citizens Research Foundation for Study of Degenerative Diseases), Is the Answer to Cancer Just Around the Corner?, c. 1964.


"In the early 1700's, two physicians...learned about pinkroot's efficacy from the Indians. The word soon spread to the general public, who praised this worm treatment, particularly against roundworms, for the next 200 years. Pinkroot fell into disuse in the early 1900's, simply because greedy herb dealers adulterated or even substituted shipments of true pinkroot with quantities of other plants..." - Michael A. Weiner, PhD, nutritional ethno-medicine, U of Calif, Berkeley, Earth Medicine - Earth Food,: Plant Remedies, Drugs, and Natural Foods of the North American Indians, c. 1972.


Extra material

There are some sections of my original medical essay that are not appropriate for my essay today, but are very good reading.  I refer to and link to these sections from my medical essay.  The first section has to do with Dr. Bruce Halstead.  The second has to do with Jimmy Keller. 

First, some Medical Dark Ages quotes about Halstead.


"...Adequate dosage by the most effective and least toxic route. ...('Laetrile') is about 44 times more toxic when given by mouth than by intra-muscular injection, and 21 times more toxic than intravenous injection. ...When the patient is on high doses of vitamin A, alcoholic beverages are absolutely prohibited."

"An excellent example of what not to eat is the nutritional program as recommended in the booklet published in 1974 by the American Cancer Society, Inc. under the misnomer of 'Nutrition.'" - Bruce W. Halstead, MD, author of several books.


"A little after 7 am...25 officers...and California FDA, raided Halstead's residence...The LA county DA's office charged Halstead (consultant to World Health Organization; commander, US Navy; director, World Life Resources Institute) with some 24 counts including 'conspiracy, 'grand theft', unlawfully selling drugs for cancer treatment, and 'fraudulently providing a treatment to arrest cancer.'...The DA took all of his cancer patients' records and refused to give him either a list or receipt for them." - Choice, 1984.


"The Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine...has filed a complaint with the United Nations Center for Human Rights, charg(ing)...'medical genocide' and accus(ing) the AMA and ... FDA...(this) complaint was spurred by the recent raid on the home and office of Bruce Halstead, MD..." - Medical Freedom Group takes Complaint to UN.", Spotlight, 1984.


Halstead may be one of America's most brilliant physicians.  His battles with the medical gangsters continue to this very day.  On The Winds web site is a recent interview with Halstead.  From their web site:


"A decades-long dispute between a highly respected physician/scientist and the State of California ended with the elderly doctor, Bruce Halstead, on criminal probation and stripped of his license to practice medicine.

"In light of this and other recent actions taken by state governmental authorities in cooperation with such U. S. institutions as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the government appears to be engaged in a concerted war against a domain of the healing arts known as alternative medicine. This war, ostensibly for the protection of American citizens from unscrupulous "quacks," has apparently moved into a new phase. The FDA's pursuit of medical "public enemies" is no longer restricted primarily to non-MD practitioners not trained at established medical schools--those the general public largely considers the unorthodox fringe of the medical world. These federal agencies are now engaging the force of the government's legal machinery in the prosecution of physicians practicing "conventional medicine"--those who have dared to recognize and even incorporate into their practices the efficacy of holistic natural remedies.

"Dr. Halstead is a graduate of Loma Linda University, a medical school which, to those in the field of the human physiological sciences, ranks as one of the more prestigious schools of medicine and scientific research in the world.

"The 77-year-old physician is currently on probation under the State of California, Los Angeles County, for his activities involving the prescribing of alternative medication, specifically for his cancer patients.  Dr. Halstead has been suspended from any form of medical practice.  "In fact," he told The WINDS, "I can't even talk to a patient about nutrition."

"When his home and clinic in San Bernardino County were raided by the Los Angeles District Attorney, "I challenged their legal jurisdiction," Halstead informed The WINDS, "since I had never lived or worked in Los Angeles County, but that did not matter.  I was a legal novice and had not yet learned that jurisdiction and venue were merely legal fantasies which have no meaning in actual fact for the alternative health physician." (Nor, apparently, does the constitutional doctrine of habeas corpus).

"Dr. Halstead was charged with twenty-eight counts of conspiracy, grand theft and violations of the Health and Safety Code, along with twenty felony and misdemeanor counts.

"The prosecutor wanted me to go to prison for eight years," he told The WINDS, "but the court ultimately reduced the sentence to 32 months. I was offered, on at least ten different occasions, the 'opportunity' of plea bargaining for a crime which I did not commit," Halstead explained. "My reply was 'not until hell freezes over.'"

"The assault upon alternative medicine "is not just against me," he said. "They're after everybody and everything" connected with the field.

"Perhaps something else Dr. Halstead revealed to The WINDS has played a part in the FDA's zeal to relegate him to the medical "scrap heap".  "We have been monitoring the illicit regulatory activities of the FDA and the cancer establishment, " Halstead claims, "and are in constant contact with a network of organizations and attorneys dealing with their illegal health activities in this country which are steadily driving up our national health costs."

"Is it not interesting how money keeps introducing itself into the mix?  Halstead concurs making the ominous assertion that, "Cancer is the sacred cow of the medical industry. More people make money by treating cancer than there are victims dying from the disease."

"Dr. Halstead, acclaimed as a genius even among his peers, has authored hundreds of books and research publications. Among them are benchmark works such as Poisonous and Venomous Marine Animals of the World which the U.S. Navy considers of such importance as to fund a project to put the entire three-volume tome on CD-ROM.

The WINDS obtained a copy of Dr. Halstead's Curriculum Vitae, the academician's equivalent of a resume. The following qualifications belong to a man whom the government deems dangerous to his patients, incompetent to practice medicine and academically inadequate to determine what is harmful or beneficial to human physiology:

- Eleven years teaching on the medical faculty of Loma Linda University.

- Specializes in global preventive medicine, tropical diseases and biotoxicology.

- Assistant Director on the School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine, Loma - Linda University, Loma Linda, California.

- Assisted in developing a global preventive military medical program at the U.S. - Naval Medical School, Bethesda, Maryland.

- Lectured on biotoxicology at the School of Aerospace Medicine, U.S. Air Force, San Antonio, Texas.

- Conducted Arctic expeditions for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and National Institutes of Health, studying poisonous and venomous marine animals, and potential drugs from the sea.

- Contributor to Dorland's Medical Dictionary and the Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th Ed.

- Engaged in marine scientific research with the Jacques Cousteau Society, traveling extensively with the Cousteaus for eighteen years.

Additionally, Dr. Halstead has been deeply involved in the study of the use of oriental herbal therapy on immune deficiency disorders.

After a 25-year effort into medical/biological research, "I was shocked," Dr. Halstead exclaimed, "to find upon my Rip Van Winkle return to clinical medicine that dangerous toxic drugs, all FDA approved, had proliferated to a frightening extent--over 1.54 billion prescriptions written in the U.S. per year.

"I found," Halstead continues, "that many of these drugs destroy your immune system and are carcinogenic.  New and awesome medical technologies were also being spawned, mind-blowing in both their diagnostic capability and staggering costs to the consumer.

"However, in evaluating this new drug and health technology, I did not find a commensurate improvement in either morbidity or mortality statistics in chronic degenerative afflictions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.  Costs had increased, but not the overall health index. We had dropped to about 23[rd] position among the nations of the world in health care."

"This data, presented by an eminent physician/scientist, raises the logical question as to whether this may be a reasonable explanation as to why the strike by New York doctors several years ago resulted in a decline in the city's overall death rate.  "At this point in time," Halstead concludes, "I have the profound conviction that America is on a disaster course in health care both economically and therapeutically...A dangerous therapeutic mind set exists in this country that it is better to die in an orthodox fashion than to survive in an unorthodox manner."

"In reference to his implication that the government would rather allow an individual to die than to condone the application of "unorthodox" treatment, Dr. Halstead relates the following event he presented in his court trial:

"During my final oral argument I recounted the incident when defendant Alfred Dix and his wife had their home raided by the Los Angeles District Attorney. Mr. Dix had been using and selling the herbal drink." [The doctor is here speaking of a specific compound of Japanese herbs (ADS) from which a tea is made that many clinical trials, according to Halstead, have proven very effective in the treatment of cancer].

"Mrs. Dix had been diagnosed as having terminal abdominal cancer. She had had surgery, nine different types of chemotherapy, and over ninety different treatments of radiation, all of which had failed.  Her doctors told her that she had only 30 to 45 days to live.  She was bedridden, had given up hope, and was preparing to die.  She and her husband had even contacted a mortician to make funeral arrangements.

"Mr. Dix then came in contact with ADS [the herbal compound]. After taking ADS for about ten days, Mrs. Dix began to feel better, started doing housework, shopping, traveling, and started entertaining again.  I met Mr. and Mrs. Dix one day in the lobby of a hotel in Pasadena.  She was walking, mentally alert, happy and laughing, and stated emphatically that she was feeling great. No aches or pains - thanks to ADS.

"At the time of the raid at the Dix home, the D.A. confiscated all of her ADS. Her husband begged and tearfully pleaded with the D.A. to release enough of the ADS for his wife's use.  The D.A. refused to release any of the tea to her.

"The next time I saw Mrs. Dix was in the courtroom.  She looked pale, in a weakened condition, unable to walk, crestfallen and anguished.  A few days later she died - a broken woman, a victim of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

"What has happened to our national ideal of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?  Why has the prosecution denied Mrs. Dix the right to retain a cup of harmless adaptogenic tea which she purchased for her own cancerous condition?  What has happened to her civil liberties?

"I could not think of a single tyrannical country in which this scenario could have taken place."


And here is a first-person account about Jimmy Keller, his treatment, and how they took care of him.

“My wife Kathy had fully-metastasized ovarian cancer which had spread throughout her abdomen.  She had large and growing tumor masses basically everywhere below the diaphragm when we brought her to Jimmy Keller's clinic in March of 1991.  She was unable to walk fully erect, had hard masses in her stomach area, was very weak and suffering abdominal pains and digestive distress because of the growths.

”She had been earlier mis-diagnosed (rather reprehensibly so in my opinion) with fibroid tumors of the uterus.  Her cancer was discovered in a surgery (intended to remove her uterus and ovaries) on 5 February 1991, immediately upon opening her abdomen with a huge T-shaped incision.  A biopsy was taken and she was stapled-up immediately.  The surgeon returned his fee within hours, and we were left with a dismal prognosis.

”A longtime acquaintance who had experienced a near-miraculous and seemingly permanent recovery from an apparent brain tumor, recommended us to the Keller clinic.  We spoke to Jimmy and several others by phone and decided to attempt his treatment.

”Mr. Keller interviewed us upon our arrival at the Tijuana clinic, and detailed what we could expect.  He was guardedly optimistic, explaining that the surgery would have caused the cancer to spread aggressively (it had, in spades).  He said the fact Kathy had not undergone chemotherapy, and that she was young and basically healthy meant her chances were good of making dramatic progress.  He said the daily treatments would make her very tired and she must sleep long hours.  He said she would almost certainly experience "pulling" sensations in the areas of the tumors as the masses shrank.  He told us the process of recovery would involve a stringent diet which must be maintained indefinitely, as well as the treatments, and would require many months and repeated visits to the clinic.

”The daily therapy consisted of a grab-bag of alternative approaches; Mr. Keller seemed to use every therapy he knew which had any chance of success. Kathy was given everything from pancreatic enzymes to Laetrile, in a constantly-varying daily routine.

”But it consisted of two very essential items which were never omitted:  an IV drip of saline solution containing a very large dose of Vitamin C; and an intravenous serum, normally added to the same saline solution, which we were
told consisted of amino acids and polypeptides.

”This last serum was the one totally unique aspect of their treatment, and it was to that which they attributed the lion's share of their success.  And success it was. 

”I will not detail their stories here, but we were surrounded with people whose tales of recovery were consistently heartening, and sometimes bordered on the incredible.

”A typical day at the clinic consisted of arrival at 9AM; an interview with Mr. Keller in which he used a technique (which I had never before seen) of body-response to his questions which led him to prescribe the day's mix of therapies.  Items and proportions changed daily.  Laetrile some days, not others.  More serum one day, less another.  All based, apparently, in a method of physical feedback where he pressed downwards upon the patient's extended arm as he asked questions or named medicines.  The arm's resistance to pressure seemed to vary and provided Keller his response.  Keller also seemed to examine his patients' outward appearance very closely, and asked searching questions about diet, sleep, how they felt, and so forth.  An assistant noted his comments on the day's therapy for each patient.

”We then sat upon chairs, arranged throughout the several rooms and hallways of the small clinic, and with about 40 to 60 other patients, were provided with the IVs, injections and tablets.  I assisted with some aspects of my wife's treatment, including needle "sticks" and IV "pushes."  Usually we were done by noon or so, then went "home," Kathy usually to bed-rest.

”As to cost, the various medicines involved specific charges for each; generally, as I recall, a day's treatment would cost anywhere from $150 to $250.

”I remained there with my wife for about a week, and attended all her visits to the clinic.  We set her up in a kitchenette -equipped motel room near the border.

”We bought her all the elements of the very strictly organic and vegetable-laden diet Keller had prescribed.

”I then returned to my work in Seattle, but stayed in constant contact with Kathy by phone.  As she had done from the beginning, she reported the "pulling" sensations predicted by Mr. Keller, and slept a large proportion of every day.  She was not very descriptive of her progress during this time; I later learned it was because she wanted to surprise me.

”The initial surprise, though, was not a happy one, when Kathy called to report the incident of Jimmy's abduction.  She had been there for about three weeks.  She was slated for just a few more days' treatment, then to be sent home for about a month before  another stint at the clinic.  Mr. Keller had no more told her this than he was assaulted and taken by force from the clinic by three armed men.  My wife physically fought one of them, and was threatened with a gun for her trouble.

”Upon her return, I was flabbergasted at what I saw.  She was utterly transformed to a state of emphatic *health*.  It was nothing less than amazing.  Kathy walked fully upright.  Except for a few small hard masses in the lower abdomen, all evidence of her tumors was gone.  She was more energetic and alert than I had *ever* seen her.  She had the complexion of a robust child, peaches and cream, rosy cheeks!  Never before had she had such an appearance.

”Though this triumph was overshadowed by the knowledge that the clinic was closed and no more treatment would be available, Kathy's wonderful condition persisted for months.  She woke early and slept light.  She practically bounced out of bed, something she'd never done before. 

"Her energy was remarkable.  It required about four months before she began to experience the symptoms of digestive distress again, and several more before the growths became as strongly evident as before.

”Our tale from there is much like those of many another sufferer of that cancer.  Other efforts to duplicate Keller's treatment, on which we spent thousands, were unsuccessful.  We were finally left with nothing but surgery (a colostomy, finally necessary to keep Kathy alive) and the usual spiral of chemotherapy.

”Kathy died, a remarkable three years after her diagnosis, on 16 March 1994, of liver failure.  But for an almost-successful attempt at killing her with Taxol (which weakened her terribly and after which her doctor recommended euthanasia to our horror), Kathy would probably have lived many months longer.  I am convinced Kathy would have lived a fraction of that time without Jimmy Keller's amazing treatment.


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