The Strange, Harrowing Journeys of Free Energy Activists

By Wade Frazier

Revised July 2014



Steven Greer’s Odyssey

The Adventures of Other Free Energy Activists





The human journey hangs in the balance today.  Humanity is very capable of destroying modern civilization and even most of life on Earth.  We are also quite capable of turning Earth into a heavenly place where we all live in beauty, peace and plenty.  The crux of the situation relies in great measure on real economics, and energy has always been the underlying basis for all economies for all time.  During my pursuit of alternative energy and healing the planet, I came to understand that free energy technologies have existed on Earth since before I was born.  Those technologies have been demonstrated to those close to me.  The general public has not been invited to those demonstrations because of some impressive forces at work.

My alternative energy efforts largely ended in 1988 when the people who run the world destroyed my life’s work and ruined many lives in the process.  The Global Controllers ("GCs") play for keeps.  While my alternative energy efforts largely ended in 1988, I have sporadically rejoined the effort. 

There is likely nothing on Earth today with more potential impact to humanity than free energy, and I will present the journeys of some of the field’s activists.  Critics have pointed to the idiosyncrasies and personal foibles of the activists discussed in this essay, but this essay’s primary focus is the reality that those activists have experienced, not their virtues or failings.  Learning the lessons of that field the hard way is not recommended, as the hard way usually means having the aspirant's life shattered if not prematurely terminated. 


Steven Greer’s Odyssey

The catalyst for writing this essay (first published in December 2006) was reading Steven Greer’s Hidden Truth – Forbidden Knowledge, which is the book version of a rendered oral history of his life.  I began following Greer’s efforts in the early 1990s, and helped stage the New Energy Movement conference where he spoke in 2004.  Greer’s journey saw him mount an impressive and dangerous attempt to make the reality of extraterrestrial ("ET") civilizations visiting Earth, today, officially acknowledged.  The logical extension of his ET efforts was the pursuit of free energy, because they are conjoined.

Most free energy activists that I know of began their journeys at a young age.  They may not have pursued alternative energy while young, but they all had personal qualities and youthful experiences that led them down paths that few travel, and such paths regularly lead to the energy issue, which is humanity’s root issue and always has been.  Those who have pursued free energy the longest and most successfully have had high personal integrity in common, largely because the perils and temptations are so great that personal integrity is probably the most important quality for continued pursuit.  Personal integrity is the world’s scarcest commodity, which makes those activists quite unusual. 

Nearly all of modern physics’ giants were, to one degree or another, mystics, which is true of most free energy activists and inventors that I have encountered.  Ken Wilber argued that the giants of physics became mystics due to science’s failure to explain the universe.  I am not so sure.  I have known minds that were arguably on par with Einstein’s and Tesla’s, and their mystical orientation seemed significantly responsible for their scientific and inventive insights, not a result of watching science fail to explain the universe in a satisfactory manner. 

As with Dennis Lee, Steven Greer had a challenging childhood.  Greer thought that his troubled family life helped make him stronger.[1]  Greer also had a keen appreciation of nature from a young age, which is common among those devoting their lives to healing the planet.  Greer had mystical experiences from a young age, partly due to being spared religious indoctrination, because religion is often spirituality’s worst enemy.  Greer’s mystical initiation began with a near-death experience at age seventeen.[2]  Dennis was in his early twenties when he had his mystical breakthrough.  My awakening happened when I was sixteen.  Brian O’Leary’s mystical awakening came much later, when he was almost forty years old.[3]  My first professional mentor began his mystical journey as a child, but had no framework for his experiences.  His startling mystical abilities were largely responsible for his ingenious inventions, similar to Nikola Tesla.  Others whose free energy efforts I respect had similar awakening experiences, usually in their late teens or early twenties.  Those experiences often led to radicalizing experiences, which usually meant leaving behind the conventional beliefs that the masses subscribe to.

Greer articulated an important concept quite well, writing:


“Most of the problems that we face in our world today, whether they be spiritual and religious or scientific, political and economic, are all because people are holding onto some perspective that has nothing to do with the truth but has to do with their own belief system and addiction to something that is outdated, and they can’t let go of it.”[4] 


That is another way of stating the integrity issue.  We humans tend to abandon the pursuit of truth and settle for self-serving beliefs, particularly in a world of scarcity, as those self-serving beliefs usually help justify our political-economic status.  Jesus described a similar phenomenon when he spoke about a rich man’s entering heaven and a camel’s passing through a needle’s eye.  That phenomenon is also alive and well in science.  It is possible that those self-serving delusions would largely disappear in a world based on abundance.  Greer wrote about receiving an angry, personal attack from a prominent scientist at one of his public talks.  After the talk, some of the scientist’s associates approached Greer and said that his public outburst was not due to his believing that Greer’s ET/UFO discussion was wrong, but because, “he thought that maybe it really was true, and it meant that everything he knew and has been teaching for sixty years of his career was rubbish!”[5]

Although witnessing ET craft in flight is easy to accomplish, denial is a common response from the public to UFO, ET, and free energy talk, and Greer noted how “normal” such behavior was.  Greer related an incident when an American military general invited Greer to brief him on the ET/UFO situation.  During the briefing the general noted that he himself had been stonewalled and ridiculed by the military establishment in his attempts to find out more.  He then related a poignant anecdote.  The general’s father had discovered ET/UFO cover-up activities within the USA's government and had run into the usual wall of silence and denial.  He told his son about the situation, but the future general thought that his father was crazy.  His father eventually killed himself (or, quite likely, was murdered and his death made to appear a suicide).  The general told Greer, “It wasn’t until I got into this position at the Pentagon that I realized that the old man was right!”[6]  If an ET/UFO whistleblower was thought a “kook” by his own son, what chance does somebody like Greer have with the general population? 

Greer has briefed officials from the White House, Capitol Hill, CIA, Pentagon, United Nations, Vatican, and other institutions, and never received a scoffing reaction.  Instead, the briefing’s recipients show deep concern and are troubled by the implications.  The most common reaction to his briefing again hinges on the integrity issue: virtually none of the briefing’s recipients has ever done much with the information.  They fear the people behind the cover-up, feel the job is too big for them, and leave the task of uncovering the situation to somebody else.  Greer was regularly told by insiders that because he was an outside agent (Greer was a hospital emergency room doctor by profession) that he had the freedom to publicly pursue on the ET/UFO issue.  Those insiders always wanted to stay inside and quiet.  Once Greer briefed a U.S. Senator, and they discussed why the sitting U.S. President (Bill Clinton) and others would not make the subject public, and the Senator said, “Well, I’m just a Senator,” and Greer retorted, “Well, I’m just a doctor!”[7]  Not long after Greer briefed the CIA’s Director, one of Clinton’s friends told him that they were afraid that if Clinton tried revealing the ET/UFO situation to the public, he would end up like JFK.[8]  That responsibility-refusing dynamic is typical of all humans, not just the elites. 

Sitting American presidents are out of the loop regarding the ET/UFO situation.  Clinton read Greer’s briefing materials at the White House and exclaimed: “I know this is all true, but God damn it, they won’t tell me a thing.  Not a God damned thing!”[9]  Jimmy Carter tried getting UFO information from George Bush the First, who was then the CIA’s Director.  Bush refused to give Carter the CIA’s information, and told Carter to get it from someplace else.  Carter soon fired Bush and persisted, and was eventually threatened with an abrupt end to his presidency, JFK-style, if he did not immediately cease his investigative efforts.[10]  JFK was also stonewalled as he tried investigating the ET/UFO situation.  Dwight Eisenhower was the last sitting president in the loop.[11]  During Greer’s journey, he was given a classified CIA report on the wiretap that they had on Marilyn Monroe’s phone.  Monroe told a friend that JFK had seen recovered ET craft, and Monroe was going to call a press conference to publicly disclose it.  Monroe “committed suicide” the next day.[12]  An FBI agent told Greer that he could be locked up almost indefinitely for publishing that Monroe document, but Greer did so.  People such as Laurence Rockefeller, Barry Goldwater, and even secretary generals of the United Nations have tried making the ET/UFO issue a public matter, but were thwarted.[13] 

Not long after Greer briefed the sitting Director of the CIA (James Woolsey), he was invited to meet with the people behind the ET/UFO cover-up and much more.  That group essentially runs the world.  They told him that the USA's president and CIA director, “don’t know anything, and they are never going to know anything.”[14]  Much of what Greer was told at that meeting seemed incredible, but Greer was able to later confirm virtually everything that he was told.  At that meeting, they told Greer that they had paid out $100 billion in quiet money over the years to prevent free energy, antigravity, and related technologies from becoming publicly used.  When I heard Greer say that in 2004, it made perfect sense, as I encountered those stories many times during my adventures.  I am sure that members of the same group offered Dennis a billion dollars to stop our pursuit of free energy.  As Tom Bearden said, those offers are their “benign” tactics.  Only when the “benign” and subtle methods fail do they begin playing rough, as they did with us.

The global control cabal has long been divided, and factions of the more “benevolent” half have demonstrated those technologies to a select few.  About half of the cabal realizes that the power plays by the darker half threaten to turn Earth into a cinder, and they favor bringing those technologies to the public (in 2009, Greer said that the proportion favoring the dissemination of those technologies became 70%).[15]  The darker half also has a plan to wipe out more than six billion people and turn the surviving humans into pliant slaves, but part of their motivation is to also reduce humanity’s burden to Earth’s ecosystems.  Ironically, with free energy, there does not need to be any burden to Earth’s ecosystems.  That global controlling organization is not one that many conspiracy researchers/theorists are familiar with.  That organization is the offspring of secret societies and elite manipulators going back thousands of years.  The favored grist for the conspiracy theorist mills - the Bilderbergers, the Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, the Trilateral Commission, the CIA/NSA and other alphabet soup federal agencies, defense contractors, European royalty and so on - are not in charge of that global cabal.  The cabal has penetrated and influences those organizations, and thereby limits what those organizations are capable of.  The rank-and-file members of those compromised organizations have little idea what is really happening or who is calling the global shots.  CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations that are involved in the global control paradigm and that have helped develop those exotic technologies are not in the loop either.[16] 

While I do not believe that names are important, Greer has mentioned some of the organizations involved with maintaining global control.  The Mormon financial empire is the most powerful member of the present group.[17]  Interestingly, Mormons stole Dennis’s company in Seattle, and the person who led the effort to destroy Dennis’s company in Ventura was a Mormon who was later arrested in a Mormon scam.  The Jesuit order is also a prominent member.  For the people who play at those levels, wealth is largely a means, not an end.  The end is power.  Controlling the world’s financial systems and keeping free energy and related technologies out of the public’s hands are simply the means to keep control over humanity.  People living in scarcity are easy to control.  People living in abundance are not.  Consequently, people motivated primarily by greed are not the most ruthless members of the global cabal.  Religious fanatics and Armageddonists are the most vicious foot soldiers of that global controlling group.[18]  They want to bring the world to an end so they can all float off to heaven together.  They have some strange bedfellows, and studying the spiritual path is important to understanding the situation.  The brethren of those religious fanatics are variously called negative masters, Satanists, the Dark Brotherhood, and other names.  They have made self-service a science and enjoy all the death and suffering that their efforts cause.  They help the religious fanatics and greedy hyper-capitalists keep control over humanity, but do it for very different ends.  Instead of destroying the planet and everybody ascending to heaven, they want to drag as many as possible into hell

The global cartel’s goals and means often align with the milieu’s smaller players.  Greed and a lust for power are not the sole province of that global cabal; they are simply its most accomplished players.  For instance, I doubt that the GCs were deeply involved in our Seattle eventsBill the BPA Hit Man may have worked for the cabal, but perhaps not.  The BPA and local electric companies may have simply been protecting their local markets.  Likewise, the Boston events may have had little GC involvement, but that first offer to buy us out was most likely a GC overture.  Most of what I saw with Dennis was probably just average people in the thrall of greed, fear, and a lust for power.  The GCs usually need not expend much effort to derail efforts such as ours, as our “allies” and the local energy gangsters unwittingly do their work for them.  We will probably never know who stole our technical material during the raid; it was undoubtedly for somebody in the energy racket hierarchy, but might have been a relatively local effort, at least at first.  Likewise, I am more than half convinced that Mr. Skeptic’s efforts regarding Dennis were performed of the behalf of some covert interest.  The human ego may explain the libelous “skepticism” that I have seen Mr. Skeptic engage in.[19]

Brian O’Leary was, along with Ed Mitchell, the most outspoken ex-astronaut on the ET/UFO issue, and had bizarre and perilous encounters with high-ranking officials, which shortened Brian's life.  The USA's military brass knows full well the reality of the ET/UFO issue, but their cover-up and disinformation efforts are probably more along the lines of their misguided “national security” ideals than it is consciously working on the GCs' behalf.  In fact, the GCs have faked and/or inflated an aspect of the ET/UFO issue to further their power goals.  Most of the free energy, antigravity, and other exotic technologies that I am aware of were likely at least partly developed by reverse-engineering captured ET craft.  Our reproductions of those technologies are relatively primitive.  If the ETs that visit Earth had primarily malevolent intent, humanity might not exist today.  The ETs have technology that could exterminate humanity in short order.  Just one of their tiny scout ships could easily defeat Earth’s combined military might.  However, an acknowledgement of the ET reality would immediately threaten Earth’s power structure, particularly the GCs' grip over humanity. 

For many years the GCs have planned a fake ET event whereby ETs are portrayed as the ultimate terrorist, and humanity will be duped into huddling under the GCs' “protection.”  It will be a global protection racket.  The ET “abduction” phenomenon is at least partly a GC operation to manipulate people into fearing ETs.  The good news is that the ET situation is largely under the control of the benevolently-intended ETs, but they operate under the Prime Directive (Star Trek is not all that fictional), and they cannot directly and openly intervene in human affairs unless enough humans ask for it or we are truly in danger of destroying this planet (something that humanity will not be allowed to do).  Because humanity is toying with its self-destruction, our ET friends may reveal themselves in undeniable fashion, which would end the dark ones’ megalomaniacal dreams.  The GCs may try to preempt the situation with a manufactured event that vilifies ETs.  If the ET card is played, the GCs plan to play it first.  They also know that if they play that card, they will ultimately lose their game.  We therefore are currently experiencing the biggest cover-up of all time.  Most Star Wars technology has been developed so the GCs can threaten violence against a benevolent public ET landing.  Among spirituality initiates, such malevolent motivation and activity is not difficult to comprehend. 

Steven Greer, Dennis Lee, and Brian O’Leary have all been subjected to life-threatening, cloak-and-dagger harassment by the GCs, and Greer perhaps the most visibly.  I had begun full-time research on the subject matter that became my website when Greer held his famous 1997 secret U.S. Congressional hearings on the ET/UFO issue.  Greer had about a dozen witnesses testify, and his co-chair for the hearings was Apollo 14’s Ed Mitchell.  Greer was trying to enter by the establishment’s front door, which I had seen Dennis attempt numerous times.  I watched from a distance, and it was no great surprise when Greer and members of his team came down with unusual forms of cancer soon after the hearings.  I sent information to Greer’s assistant, Shari Adamiak, on alternative cancer treatments.  Adamiak died in early 1998, as did others in Greer’s circle.  Greer was the only survivor of those unusual cancer cases.  In his book, Greer described the diabolical technologies used to induce their cancers.  Greer used his mystical abilities to fend off their attacks, even shaming his assailants into ceasing their efforts (by asking his god to forgive them).[20]  Not only do the GCs induce deadly diseases with their methods, but they also attack people’s minds.  Many inventors are paranoid, but Greer wrote that the electromagnetic technology the GCs use on inventors and others trying to bring free energy to the world induces or exacerbates paranoid tendencies.  I was part of at least one effort that may have come under similar attack, and I am revealing it for the first time on my site at this footnote.[21] 

Greer is still at it.  What may impress me more than anything else about people such as Greer is their persistence.  There are very few like them.


The Adventures of Other Free Energy Activists

Dennis Lee’s alternative energy journey is obviously the one most familiar to me, and I present his journey and my role in it elsewhere.  Dennis is the Indiana Jones of alternative energy, as well as its P.T. Barnum.  I have never met or heard of another like him.

Brian O’Leary’s journey was also traumatic and wondrous.  He joined NASA just as my father was leaving it.  Brian was one of the first civilian astronauts and is still the only human being officially and publicly slated to visit another planet.  His Ph.D. was in astronomy, and he was a Mars specialist.  He was going to be the science specialist on NASA’s first manned voyage to Mars.  He was also one of the first astronauts to resign.  Brian wrote about those days in his The Making of an Ex-Astronaut

When Brian resigned from the astronaut corps in 1968, Carl Sagan recruited him to join the Cornell faculty.  Brian and Sagan were the world’s two most prominent Mars experts back then.  In Brian’s The Making of an Ex-Astronaut, there is ample evidence of the personality that eventually led him on his journey.  Brian still worked with NASA on its planetary probe missions and taught science in the heart of academia.  He was a political radical, at least as radical as an Ivy League professor could be, such as leading an academic protest to the Oval Office’s door during the Vietnam War, and he was the science and/or energy advisor for several Democratic presidential candidates (Brian eventually realized what a dead-end electoral politics was).  Dramatic events would lead Brian from the establishment’s fold.  When he performed psychically at a Lifespring class in 1979 that his awakening really began, and a paranormal experience during an automobile accident put irreparable cracks in his orthodox outlook.  That experiences opened new vistas of reality for him, and the dead, mechanistic science that he taught at his day job became increasingly meaningless.  Brian eventually left his comfortable academic life behind.  Brian later admitted that if he knew what he was in for, he would not have done it.  I have similar feelings about my journey.  Brian traded an easy life for a difficult one. 

Brian began exploring the frontiers of science, and those explorations are chronicled in his Exploring Inner and Outer Space and The Second Coming of Science, among other later works.  Brian became involved in the energy issue in the early 1970s, about the same time that Dennis and I did, and his mystical awakening led him on paths rarely traveled.  He visited holy men, free energy inventors, fringe scientists, and others across the planet.  Brian also kept at least one foot in the orthodox world for quite some time.  Brian once helped get Buzz Aldrin a job and shared an office with him during his gradual turn toward the unorthodox, and Brian’s last job for the Establishment ended when he refused to work on Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars program

Brian was also involved in controversies unrelated to free energy, such as the moon landings and the Face on Mars.  As with Dennis, I was Brian’s spear-carrier for some time.  Although I no longer have active involvement with Dennis and Brian is gone, they were great humanitarians, and being associated with them are among my life’s highlights.

Sparky Sweet was a famous free energy inventor with the goods.  He believed that the world would welcome his free energy technology, and instead came to a lonely and sad end.

Another fellow traveler is Adam Trombly.  Here is an interview that he gave in 2002.  When he said that his life turned into a “bad spy novel” when he began his free energy efforts in 1980, he was being modest.  He survived numerous murder attempts and was subjected to many cloak-and-dagger activities.  Trombly’s tale has several confluences with this essay and my work.  One is that his father’s work in reverse engineering ET technologies introduced Trombly to free energy as a teenager.  Trombly was well known to several of my associates.  I have heard some of his journey’s details, and they are mind-blowing.  Another connection is that Trombly was Bucky Fuller’s colleague.  Fuller was one of the West’s first “comprehensivists.”  Fuller saw the big picture and proposed big solutions.  Fuller is also perhaps the first to propose a practical abundance paradigm for the human journey, but his legacy has been co-opted and diluted.  I discovered Fuller’s work after I completed my site in 2002, and his work was revelatory.  Trombly has been reluctant to engage the public, partly because few can comprehend his journey.  I have had similar problems, and sympathize when those such as Trombly choose a low profile.  Americans have proven particularly obtuse, and American scientists and academics often prove to be the most naïve and irrational of all, which Fuller also mentioned

Another fellow traveler is Tom Bearden, whose old eyes have seen amazing sights.  He helped me better understand how free energy suppression works.  Not everybody mentioned in this essay belongs to the same drinking club.  I have seen and heard people, some close to me, wondering if Steven Greer, Tom Bearden, and even Dennis were not who they appeared to be, but were perhaps “honeypots” intended to misdirect free energy inventors and activists onto unproductive paths.  Discernment is crucial, especially in the free energy pursuit.  I am not endorsing any activist in this essay.  They all have their personal foibles, as do we all, but I know that Dennis is not a covert operative.  I cannot speak with certainty about Greer and Bearden, but I doubt that they are covert operatives, either intentionally or unwittingly.  To one degree or another, we are all deluded, which is a hazard of living on the dualistic physical plane of existence.  One heartbreaking aspect of the free energy field is watching those who should be allies maligning and attacking each other.  I have seen dozens of dishonest attacks on Dennis over the years, and from within the free energy field's ranks all too often. 

Virtually every activist mentioned in this essay has survived attacks that could have easily ended their lives.  Most have tried populist approaches to the free energy issue, with Dennis being its ringmaster.  They all know that bona fide free energy technology exists, but the GCs keep it under wraps.  They therefore have tried developing those technologies along independent paths, but that is an incredibly difficult undertaking, even if the GCs were not guarding the gate.  Dennis has been hurt more by his “allies” than by the “bad guys” (he finally admitted it to me in 2013).  Greer wrote about the innumerable betrayals that accompanied his journey. 

I wrestled with making this next disclosure, but it is important information for those planning to take the free energy journey: virtually every free activist that I know of has become disgusted with humanity at some point on their journeys.  If you play at the high levels, it is almost certain.  I have watched people enthusiastically embark on a mission to tell the world about free energy, and I have seen them engage the public, scientists, politicians, and others who they hoped would be interested.  Every earthly human will be profoundly affected by free energy.  I have also watched those activists openly wonder, several sobering years later, if humans are really a sentient species, as almost all they encountered were mental, spiritual and ethical cripples.  Finding people with the qualities needed to help overturn the current scarcity paradigm is like hunting for needles in haystacks.  Discovering that personal integrity was the world’s scarcest commodity was the primary lesson of my journey, and the lesson that I resisted the longest.  That is not a pleasant realization, and that reality makes it seem unlikely that humanity will thrive as a species without some kind of “divine intervention.”  When I have watched saintly people come to that same conclusion after years of gradual disillusionment, it has been painful to witness.  That reaction has also been privately expressed to me by some of the greatest “radicals” that I know of: people of international stature whom I greatly admire.  A memorable quote regarding that doleful understanding is: “So, who are we doing this for?”

Those activists still effective have escaped the potential trap of that sobering realization.  Sometimes their disgust lasted only moments, sometimes it lasted years, but the condition is debilitating and must be healed before an activist can progress further.  For those that conquered their despair, they seemingly responded by burrowing deeper into the human condition and peering into people’s souls, instead of our frightened personalities that live in a world of scarcity.  Those who have successfully delved deeper into the human condition have seen the spark of divinity in us all, and they have continued their efforts to uplift humanity, so that divine spark might be fanned into a flame.  That might be the most difficult task on Earth today.

The dark path initiates also have an uncharitable view of those whose primary motivations are survival and cultivating their vices, but want to keep the great herd of humanity readily exploitable, not uplifted from their condition.  Their attitudes and methods remind me of Hitler’s henchmen.  When places such as the Warsaw Ghetto and the concentration camps went into operation, Goebbels and friends filmed Jews in those settings for propaganda purposes.  By reducing Jews to seemingly subhuman states, the Nazis sought to retroactively justify how they treated them, and to justify treating them even worse.  Both the saintly and the vile see humanity's sorry state.  One wants to uplift humanity, and the other wants to keep us down and even drive us into the abyss. 

Critics of the free energy milieu point to activists who may well be frauds, who are deluded, who are strange and “unbalanced,” and so on.  There is plenty of chaff amongst the free energy field’s wheat.  That is simply one aspect of the dynamic, but people such as Mr. Skeptic and friends try convincing the world that it is the only dynamic in the “free energy” milieu, and the mainstream media eagerly feeds at their trough.[22]

Who knows?  Maybe you will try your hand at making free energy a public reality and transforming the human journey, and your timing will be impeccable and bringing free energy to humanity will be laughably easy.  I pray that you have such success.  As Isaac Newton said about his discoveries, if you reach those lofty heights one day, you will be standing on the shoulders of giants, some of whom are discussed in this essay.



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[20] See Steven Greer’s Hidden Truth – Forbidden Knowledge, pp. 156-176. See also this account of several other deaths of high-profile UFO advocates during those days. 

[21] In early 2003, soon after the USA's invasion of Iraq, Brian O’Leary asked me to join the board of the New Energy Movement ("NEM").  In retrospect, I should not have joined, partly due to the fact that I was in poor emotional shape to assist such an effort.  I was invited into other efforts at about the same time, and I joined some before I realized that I was stretched too thin and quit all of them.  I helped found and fund NEM until I resigned the day after NEM’s September 2004 conference.  In late 2003, on NEM’s original website I read an article by Eugene Mallove on promising free energy approaches, and one of them was the exact technology we were pursuing when the GCs dropped the hammer on us in 1988.  Brian introduced me to Mallove and we had some email exchanges about Dennis, our efforts and the heat engine/heat pump combination we were pursuing.  Mallove was a former academic (at MIT) who had yet to really sail the rough waters of free energy activism.  Mallove quit MIT in protest after he discovered that MIT scientists had fraudulently manipulated their data in order to dismiss cold fusion.  MIT is one of the world’s largest research institutions that researched hot fusion, so their data manipulation was a case of conflict of interest.  I tried telling Mallove about the big carrots and sticks that were used on us, and he was skeptical about the billon-dollar bribe offer that Dennis received (it was the largest he had heard about).  To Mallove’s credit, however, he was at least willing to listen (which is unusual in and of itself).  I sent him technical information on what we were pursuing, and he promised to reply in the coming spring.

In early May 2004, we had an NEM board meeting at Brian’s house and began planning our September 2004 conference.  Mallove agreed to be a conference speaker, partly because several board members knew him.  The week after our board meeting, I began to pay for professional assistance for NEM.  I resumed my career a month after I joined NEM, I was working twelve-hour days at my stressful day job, and there were some hiccups in getting the professional help aligned with NEM’s needs.  An NEM board member had a tantrum during that week over the hiccups.  The outburst seemed disproportional to the problems, and I had a very stressful week trying to calm the waters and getting us back on track.  By Friday of that week, May 14th, all was well and Brian O'Leary sent me a conciliatory email, and further stated that we might be under psychic attack, the kind that Greer later wrote about in his book.  As Brian was sending me that email, Mallove was dying from being bludgeoned.  We heard about his murder the next morning.  Because of that bizarre “coincidence,” I will always be skeptical that Mallove’s death was a random murder.  It was frustrating to try educating Mallove on the methods the GCs used on activists like us, to instead receive his skepticism.  Mallove may have learned of their more extreme methods in fatal fashion.  Mallove was engaging in activism in Washington D.C., and Greer, Paul Wilcher, Danny Casolaro, and others discovered the hard way how dangerous radical activism and investigation can be around the USA's capital city.  At the NEM conference, Greer said that Mallove’s death might well have been due to what the GCs sometimes do to their more nettlesome gadflies.  We may have also been subjected to similar technologies during my days with Dennis.

[22] Dennis has been the subject of numerous media reports since 1996, on national and local television and radio, and in the print and Internet media.  Virtually all have been hatchet jobs, and Mr. Skeptic is often featured.  Other than Dennis’s site, there is not a more in-depth account on the Internet of Dennis’s efforts than my writings, and few people on Earth know Dennis better than I do, but none of those media organizations has ever attempted to contact me to provide any insight or information on the issue.  Instead, Mr. Skeptic became a media and “skeptical” darling, with his dishonest “research” on Dennis receiving prominent coverage.  That situation is simply more evidence of what a propaganda machine the mainstream media is.























































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